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Silicon Valley Elite Duran Liu Uses Atlas Protocol to Break Blockchain’s Marketing Value

“There must be a marvelous business model, like the one of internet search advertising, that will be born during the wave of blockchain revolution” this is one of the most impressive statements from Duran during the interview. Duran Liu is the co-founder of Atlas Protocol, the head of Nebulas Labs, and a former senior engineer […]

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Ripple XRP is not a real cryptocurrency but a Digital fiat – says Expert

Ripple’s (XRP) journey from $3.40. back down to today’s price of $0.49 could soon see it ring-fenced from other competing cryptocurrency, with concern over its centralisation potentially excluding Ripple (XRP) from entry into a price boosting regulatory framework. It was seen in the last week that the rival bitcoin recruited another billionaire believer from the […]