New cryptocurrency index CRYPTEX20 has been launch

A team of investment managers from Russia, Yekaterinburg, led by Vasiliy B., Dmitry K and Nikita Kutsenko have launched the website that indexes cryptocurrency market. The main goal of the building this kind of  index is to create indicator, by which private investors, cryptocurrency funds and traders could to describe the general direction and speed of digital tokens rocess. CRYPTEX20 could become a benchmark for funds, which accumulate investors’ money to buy the most liquid tokens. It also would enable passive investors to put their money in funds that follow the index, and get financial results corresponding to the dynamics.

Due to this work format, investors will be able to get a diversified portfolio and to avoid all risks by incompetent managers , that are always have, in case of active management funds. Investors will be able to compare the profitability of their investment with average dynamics of the cryptocurrency market for the evaluation of efficiency and expediency of the choice of one or another cryptocurrency fund.

“CRYPTEX20 uses the world practice of building S&P500 index based on the greatest assets capitalization that help provide usability, objectivity and transparency for all stakeholders: investors, funds, managers, media, etc.”, – say index creators.

The index is built on the basis of TOP 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, using the website And it contains a binding accounting rule of trading volume, which provides to include in the currency index trading volume that must be exceed trading volume of 30th currency on capitalization for the last 7 days.
The base value of the index has been selected number 100, it is easy to be read, if the growth of the cryptocurrency market over $ 1 trillion.

“The index is a living organism, so it will be updated and improved constantly. Soon we are going to switch the index on update data mode every second, and integrate the widget that allows any outside website easily connect charts and the value index at its online resource”.