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Construct a policy, not a product is the method taken by Otcrit

Construct a policy, not a product is the method taken by Otcrit

Several companies are unsuccessful when they emphasis all their effort and expansion on one single product or a service. Every single market is altering quickly and trying to be good at only one thing is not sufficient for the highly challenging customers. The problem comes when a good product misses its acceptance or the customer base has substituted to an entirely new trend.

Subsequently, the markets are touching faster than we can respond, the time it takes for any association to design and progress an innovative approach frequently means losing too much money and clients. In today’s extremely competitive space this can mean the end of any company. This very much applies to the crypto-market as well but on a much lighter scale.

A very considered marketing approach plus a compact suggested board often leads to huge gains and ICOs funded in seconds. What we’ll see trendy in 2018 and the years to come is the achievement of the productions that are constructing ecosystems, not a single product. People don’t want to just purchase books from Amazon, they need to purchase anything they can think of – and in the meantime why not add a streaming service that you can control from your AI assistant. This is why Otcrit is not constructing a product, but a platform. A place where clients will be obtainable with a range of services that they frequently don’t see coming from one company. They are directing to be an all-in-one solution for traders and investors while keeping the ecosystem harmless from projects that are here only for the rapid drive.

All that is trendy in the cryptocurrency market is completely normal for such a new space, but the group is looking at the better picture. Otcrit is constructing a policy that will last as long as this market happens and offer the community with apparent and operative business model. Shortly we will see the commencement of the second wave of effective blockchain projects – the ones that actually reach some sort of acceptance and provide a working product.