EPOS –fool proof and profit making cryptocurrency blokchain

Everyone has been trading in the crypto market in the past few years, and since this has become a trend, everyone looks forward to not just trade and earn in this market but to make profits as well. But it is not always possible to make profits in an investment as there is not surety of the returns. But at EPOS, the brains behind this was such that the team has been working in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies since the very beginning. It launched a project in July 2016 called the EPOSoftware which is a special high frequency trading program that allows almost every person on the network to make a profit in the crypto market.

Every investments includes huge risks, but at EPOS, the chances to make profit are definitely higher. It is convinced of the powerful influence from the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and are already benefitting from it. But one may wonder how it is different from other trading blockchains. One thing that stands out at EPOS is that it has high sustainability. It takes care of long term investments, so if the crypto market drops, It has the potential to support the entire investment and increase it through discounts.

The EPOSoftware does the main effort of trading for us. The blockchain technology will increase the revenue automatically on the coin exchange floors and due to innovative new methods, EPOS can provide remarkable results. The software not only gathers the information from an exchange’s ledger, but also combines it all in order to make the most accurate predictions for future price fluctuations. This innovative method can bring the profit to reach about 48% per month in 2018 and aims to increase by 2019.

Here are EPOS, you can earn from lending your tokens to others on the same platform. Lending is a method for passive investing. You can receive daily returns from the administration with the maximum interest rate at 47%. The token name is EPOS-Token represented by the abbreviation EPOS. A total of 20,000,000 EPOS tokens are available but only 12,400,000 EPOS tokens are for the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The pre-sale of the tokens will be from the 18th February, 2018 to the 19th February, 2018, with a maximum of 1.2 Million EPOS-Token for sale at $0.04 each. Now, the distribution of the tokens and the clients is to be done fairly. So, 6% for Pre-sale, 10% for Marketing, 12% for Development, 5% is Reserved, 11% for Bounty and the remaining 56% for the Final Sale.


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