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World WI-FI provides free wi-fi in the crypto world

Everyone is not ‘addicted’ to the internet, but one my say that all the errands and businesses are now run through the internet and the internet gives a lot of reach. Wi-Fi has become the main source of the internet now. We can see the progressive enhancement of the virtual world now taking a step into cryptocurrency. This idea has led to a unique development of a blockchain called World WI-FI which is a project on a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network. It is based on private routers that are typically residential routers. Now, the personal and individual router owners can share their excess Wi-Fi capacity and allow guests t connect and in this process, the said owners can earn cryptocurrency for his sharing capacity.

World WI-FI has three main players in this chain. First is the main individual router owner who would provide the secure access to the internet. Second is the guest owner who would use the internet access by the individual router owner and view the ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Finally, the third player is the advertiser who would deliver their ads to their target audience through the individual router owners for which they would pay to the router owner is cyptocurrency. World WI-FI is not going to build an actual hotspot(s), but will offer router owners an opportunity to act as a service provider and earn additional revenue by sharing the internet access capacity.

World WI-FI saw many problems that the layman faces in accessing the internet. Mainly with the difficulty to use mobile internet, the users usually find private locked Wi-Fi networks which are impossible to connect to. World WI-FI overcomes this issue by enabling maximum area of residential housing using home routers and stimulate distribution of free internet. The second challenge faced by the people are the cost of the internet access. The blockchain project will enable FREE wi-fi access worldwide as the guest user would just have to view a small ad of 10 – 15 seconds as pay for the internet access. The last challenge is the lack of financial resources. Almost everyone likes to make additional money, especially if it involves sharing an asset that they already own. World WI-FI provides accrual of tokens for ad views and hence, the said user earns and earns.

The token of WeToken would be sold for its Initial Coin Offering. With the rate of 1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in World WI-FI = $0.1 USD. The token sale starts on the 18th March, 2018 and a total number of 600,000,000 WT will be issued. Out of the said tokens, only 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase.