Multi-Million Dollar Grants to Ethereum Projects

Through a grant allotted by the foundation, designers can keep working on their projects. There is a lot of investigation and expansion that goes into every single development. Authorizing these innovative developers in any way likely is what the Ethereum Foundation targets to attain first and foremost. Collaboration is critical in the way of blockchain technology and any feature consequent from it.

For the community, these grants moreover play a large part. The results made by the Ethereum Foundation highlight projects worth keeping an eye on. No network is complete without looking at the scientific implications from all different sides. Numerous key aspects of the Ethereum network require more sustenance. With these grants, it becomes a bit stress-free to address those areas and support the people who effort to advance the network as a result.

In terms of usability, scalability, and safety, there is still room for developments. The Ethereum Foundation will continue to issue grants to set all of these different parts advancing. It is significant to note support projects have no ICOs, token sales, or anything along those lines. These are all projects intended to make Ethereum improved and stronger.

The “Lucky Winners” of the First Grants

A few projects productively received a grant. We see numerous projects emphasis on hackternship. Which tackle Geth, Solidity, and Deterministic Web Assembly. Scalability is also a main area of work currently. L4 Research, Prysmatic Labs, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Turbo Geth, and Plasma Taiwan Dev all received grants of many sizes. These projects emphasis on sharding, state channels, Plasma, and so forth. All of these developments will be quite positive for Ethereum once they go live on the network.

It is obvious there are still a lot of enhancements to come to Ethereum. The Ethereum Foundation supports all winners with practical advisory, a platform to share their work, and the non-dilutive funding. With L4 Research pocketing $1.5m, it seems state channels study is of the most interest as currently. The Casper contract formal confirmation by Runtime Verification also obtained a $500,000 grant. Casper is Ethereum proof-of-stake operation, which should come to market comparatively soon.





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