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Robotina: An electrical Revolution of empowering consumers.

As we all know the electric network is very old and inefficient. Rates catch peaks due to constant demand and supply shortage. To overcome the problem of rising in electricity bills we have to manage our electricity consumption either by investing in energy efficient appliance or turning them off when not in use. These things are managed manually.

To resolve this problem, Robotina an AI and blockchain technology came into play.

Robotina is the European organization with 28 years of experience. It uses the Robotina, smart technology which remotely manages your electricity consumption. It can save up to 30% of your electricity bills, take pressure off the grid and help the environment by reducing energy waste and even makes your money.

This technology has made a lot of contribution & opportunities in electricity markets. For instance, when the prices rise in times of shortages the platform can sell a surplus of energy back to the grid.

In 2018, the stage will encounter its first significant redesign, adding blockchain innovation and ROX to tokenize the stage and stage commercial center. By 2019, the group will gain noteworthy income, and together with another representative will start accumulated transactions with the partners of energy networks (makers, wholesalers, and end clients). By 2020, the stage will extend to non-vitality efficient wellbeing, protection, security, medicinal, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How the technology works:

It starts with H(Home), E(Energy), M(Management), S(Smart).Robotina customers install HEMS, a smart device that keeps track of individual appliances & overall energy consumption. Once HEMS is installed it starts communicating with Robotina’s platform. The system uses AI technology, weather forecast, and energy price data to predict individual’s energy behavior and optimize the consumption accordingly.

Robotina’s smart grid platform also enables aggregated data sales, group buying, power trading, smart brokers & crowd financing. The key to all this is robotina’s utility token (ROX).

ROX is the universal token of robotina’s platform. It is built upon the ethereum blockchain. This token represents earnings which users get by providing their connected assets or by adhering to economic initiatives. This allows giving the value of the cooperative network back to the community.

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