Cedex – “Advancement in Diamond Industry”

For the first time, general investors could get the opportunity to invest in diamonds as they would in other traditional assets. Diamonds resemble various precious metals as a steady store of value, which shows there are a few significant issues that would continue to prevent diamonds from being an option for the average investor. Previously, there weren’t any practical solutions to these issues, and it seemed that the diamond market would remain mostly untouched. Therefore, it is important to understand the issues that the diamond industry currently facing such as, lacks of transparency, lack of liquidity, and lack of standardization. The diamond business has a prevalent “closed shop mentality” which makes it just impossible for anyone who is not “in the know” to understand how a diamond is valued and determine its true worth. This results in lack of transparent pricing, hindering the ability of general investors in purchasing diamonds with confidence. It is important to note that diamond pricing has a complete lack of standardization. Each diamond is unique, and its value cannot be determined from any one metric on its own. People interested in investing in this certified diamond exchange can visit the website cedex.com. There are many options available like investing in a single diamond, a basket of diamonds, or buy shares of the high-value stone. Buyers, investors, and sellers can trust the absolute transparency of the platform because as it is built on the blockchain technology. This website uses smart algorithms to give accurate ratings for the asking price of a diamond. This rating system is referred to as DEX. It allows anyone, even a person with no knowledge of diamond ratings to invest in diamonds freely

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