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PinkDate is the first anonymous escorting platform with a Tinder-like interface combining screening, verification, booking, and payments on a single platform.

Similar to the popular dating apps, PinkDate clients can browse and swipe through thousands of available escort profiles. The escorts profiles feature photos, description, availability, and rates, allowing clients to filter their search according to various criteria including city.

PinkDate’s interface

PinkDate solves some very big problems in the escorting space. Working independently and finding clients is a time-consuming, risky and difficult process for escorts. PinkDate’s quick and secure process reduces the time spent on verifying clients and arranging a date, time and place by about 70%. As a result of the PinkDate advertising and marketing, the platform will have thousands of pre-verified clients who are interested in escort services.

An escort using the PinkDate platform will enjoy a much lower cost of advertising and cost of client acquisition.  And, because the clients are pre-verified, the escort spends much less time and effort, making this platform a much safer, more secure and a lower-cost solution compared to working independently or using other optional services.

Using PinkDate also enables the escorts to have greater visibility – profiles are visible to anyone, but only clients who sign up and verify their identity can contact an escort. This saves an enormous amount of time for the escort.

While escort agencies charge 40% as booking fees, and middlemen may charge much more, escorts who use PinkDate pay only 20%. This provides an immediate and substantial boost to the escort’s income while saving an immense amount of time previously lost in scheduling.

PinkDate will be available first in Toronto and a few weeks later in Montreal and then in larger US cities followed by immediate expansion internationally. Payments are accepted in cash and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, zCash and possibly Verge and PumaPay. For anyone paying in cryptocurrency, this ensures that the transactions are secure and anonymous.

Power of the Block Chain Used for Investor Transparency

Investors in the PinkDate PDP token share will earn dividends every three months, paid from 50% of the profit. To keep an accurate record of the revenue generated, each date transaction generates a digitally signed code that contains the amount of PinkDate’s share of the transaction. Another block is released, that contains a tree of all the codes issued in that particular month.

This allows the investors to keep a track of PinkDate’s revenue. Any missing code can be checked as these codes and blockchains are verifiable.

The laws and regulations for such platforms differ based on the country. However, PinkDate is run by an anonymous core team, uses super tight opsec procedures and runs over Tor and encrypted infrastructure, with no servers in North America. That’s why PinkDate can operate in any jurisdiction, even if the local government is not friendly the the business.

It’s important to note that PinkDate a very valuable service to the industry in the form of fighting human trafficking. The company is very serious about verification of the escorts to make sure no trafficking is involved and that no underage persons are involved.

The PinkDate verification procedures for escorts are exceedingly thorough to ensure that  no new-to-the-industry or underage person is a part of this platform.

The PinkDate ICO – PDP token share

PinkDate will issue about 115 million PinkDate Platform [PDP] tokens are security tokens, not utility tokens. PDP token shares comply with the standards of ERC-20 and will be transferable on the Ethereum blockchain.  The PDP token share – a security token – will be tradeable on exchanges soon after the ICO offering period ends. The Pre-ICO or ICO tokens that are not sold will be removed from circulation aka ‘burned’.

PinkDate founder, Brad Anderson, is expecting high demand for the token shares offered in the ICO. There is an early bird bonus schedule that rewards anyone registering before the ICO start, and who buys token shares early on.

PinkDate ICO schedule

Interview with the Founder of PinkDate

AMBCrypto conducted an interview with Brad, the CEO of PinkDate about his vision for the company and the technology involved.

Q: What led to the creation of PinkDate?

I had noticed the value that darknet markets had created and realized the same model could be applied to other industries. I asked myself: What would it look like if all legal barriers were removed and a VC put several million into an escorting app?  Then, with cryptocurrency financing, the last block fell into place … equity funding via an ICO. With PinkDate, a customer can hear about it and sign up instantly, book an escort in minutes and have an amazing date later that same day.

Q: Why is the PinkDate team anonymous? Does that make people question the genuineness of the platform?

Well, at first, this was a concern some people did have. However, what was seen as a negative was soon realized as genius.

That is, our anonymous strategy was proven correct when the USA passed draconian and strict laws known as SESTA and FOSTA, ostensibly to fight sex trafficking. Those laws make it a criminal act to do any business associated with the escort industry, including advertising, verification sites, hosting websites or running an agency. The unintended consequences is that escorts now have no safe way to advertise their services, verify their clients or safely conduct business.

Due to those laws and issues, people  realize that anonymity is not just good, but mandatory for a sex worker project. The USA will not play fair in enforcing their laws. Simply locating as company such as ours in another country will not be enough. Our deep anonymity is the only way to last. What’s exciting is that investors are suddenly noticing that PinkDate is the only solid platform in this $157B industry.

Q: What are the measures taken for the safety of the escorts? How is the client information protected?

PinkDate reflects the same best practices as escorts currently use in their business. In short: We verify client information and ban abusive clients.

PinkDate streamlines things, making verification quick and easy. To protect client data we not only use Tor hidden services for the backend but also encrypt user data with a user-controlled key that we delete regularly. This ensures that all personal date is secure and encrypted so that  an Ashley Madison style attack is simply not possible. We do not even store emails or phone numbers in plaintext. More details here.

Q: How will PinkDate fight sex trafficking?

PinkDate views sex trafficking very negatively. It is morally wrong, harms the innocent and is simply very bad for business because of public opinion. Early on, we decided first and foremost to protect those who may be unwilling or underage participants in this industry.

PinkDate uses a strict process to verify the legal identity and age of escort before allowing them join the platform. We also require proof that an escort has been active in the business for at least three months; no newbies or wannabes allowed. In addition to this, we will use blockchain analysis and device analysis to work to detect when one person, account or entity is controlling multiple escorts. In such cases, we will ban those users.

Q: What counter-measures do you have to combat governments’ potential actions?

We leverage Tor hidden services so that none of our key infrastructures is available on clearnet. Our configuration makes sure that the SSL certificates are only available on our hidden servers: There is nothing for LE to seize. Our domains are held via other entities in multiple jurisdictions that have previously proven difficult to take down.

Q: What is your vision for PinkDate? Where do you see the firm in the next 5 to 10 years?

Our vision is to be the definitive platform for finding and booking escorts. I expect PinkDate to enter the vernacular to some extent as in, “Oh I decided to just get a PinkDate instead.” In 5 to 10 years we will be an example of how to properly compensate cryptocurrency investors. From our ICO and onward, we expect to be in the “top 9” of ICO successes with sustained and growing value for our PDP token share investors.

Q: You mentioned in an interview that PinkDate is not decentralized. Could you elaborate on that?

Unlike some crypto projects, PinkDate first and foremost focuses on the business and client experience. We were not a solution in search of a problem — we solve real and current problems.

Reputation in decentralized systems is not a solved problem and may not be solvable. Escorts need to reliably know who clients are and ban them in an effective manner.

To achieve this, PinkDate was created with the discipline and structure of a traditional company. We are a high-tech company in terms of how we utilize global infrastructure, and our anonymity and security technology. But we aren’t looking to use buzzwords to pretend to be something we are not.

But in a sense, we are not using the buzzword “a blockchain company’, except that we use the blockchain for auditing revenues so as to be transparent to our investors.  And we are related to the blockchain industry iin that we raise money via cryptocurrencies.

Most of all, investors, escorts and clients quickly realize that we deliver a valuable service by solving real problems, and, we compensate investors via the time-honored method of dividends,

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