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Kryptovault bitcoin mining firm receives bomb threat over rising noise levels

After a week receiving bomb threats, Kryptovault now has to face another difficulty with another threat forced by the local authorities living in that area.

According to a local editor of a newspaper, the bitcoin mining facilities that Kryptovault runs in Norway is at a huge risk of being shut down by the government and municipality as their following noise pollution complaints from residents living in that area. The people staying in that locality say that the huge fans that are required to cool down make too much of noise it takes 9,500 mining rigs at Kryptovault facility in Hønefoss to cool down.

As the relentless noise is continuous in that area, some of those living in the neighbourhood have had to avoid sleeping in bedrooms which are located near the facility. Others have decided to keep their windows shut in the hot summer months.

“The sound of the factory comes each minute, 24 hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Our summer has been spoiled totally because of that sound,” said a resident named Trond Gulestø told to the editor of the local newspaper.

The noise complaints have been made frequently besides that the local media reports also shows that the bitcoin mining facility has been running illegal operations and does not possess the requisite permissions.

“Arne Hellum, is the person who is responsible and handles all the construction cases for the nearby Ringerike municipality and other small area said that the government might now order Kryptovault to temporarily shut down in Hønefoss until it receives the required permission,” it was reported in the local newspaper.

Stig Myrseth present CEO of Kyprovault, has however pointed out that the firm had been informed that it had all the necessary licenses to do the work before it started operations. Stig Myrseth also added that the company had filed applications for the permission it does not already have.

Kryptovault is taking steps and new equipment to reduce the noise-pollution level from the current 60 decibels to reduce it under 45 decibels. The bitcoin mining facility of Hønefoss occupies a lot of hosting space and needs more of electricity power to do the work it needs approximately 4,200 square meters and uses 40MW of power.