Handcash wallet released Cashport: Software Developer Kit

The inventors of Handcash wallet have announced a free Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the programmers who want to include the Bitcoin cash network into applications and websites. This SDK is named as ‘Cashport’.

Cashport is an open source BCH based micropayments system for android operating systems and web typescript that can be integrated to large variety of services. It will allow the programmers to utilize Bitcoin cash micropayments. It is basically a payment rail and connects to company’s Handcash wallet. It provides all services like, cash collection centres, wallet top ups, payments to distributors and organisations, odd hour hassle free solutions, pay all loans and utilities, local cable and internet payment, SIP and loan and mortgage payment, government subsidies and scheme payment etc.

It is the service partner to organisations, discount coupons, money transfer, insurance, e- wallet, government subsidies, and all utility bills.

Cashport offers one click on boarding with Handcash wallet users without any fees for the services, except the standard BCH network fee. Moreover, the application or the web service never holds users funds, meaning it work in a non-custodial fashion.

Apart from all this Cashport are also a mobile apps and games. The main aim is to create an ecosystem where your money is always available through thousands of apps and games. There is only one account. All the services are tied to owner’s Handcash wallet.

SDK can also be used for developing games and mobile applications. Also, as the tool works silently without any hurdle, the user can concentrate on the API and user interaction.

Cashport system is an excellent component to monetize user interactions with Bitcoin cash. The programmers can now focus on quality content. It facilitates the developers to Cashport website, obtain some API keys and implement the SDK.

At present SDK is available for Android and web Typescript system, and both are open source on Github under the open standard MIT license.