Top UpComing ICO in 2019

Top 8 Upcoming ICO in 2018 to 2019.- Bitcoin news board

Top Upcoming ICO we can think of investing in 2018-19, which in turn bring us the good ROI on the ICOs.
Considering investing in the best upcoming ICOs in 2019, we should also analyze that market values of every single cryptocurrency coin. Now the market is 13 months low.

Key Notes to be considered while investing in ICO
Whitepaper: This explains the ICO details such as project, roadmap, hard cap, soft cap, ICO launch details.
Road Map: Roadmap explains us the milestones of the project. The objectives scheduled to time-bound.
Team: The best team can make the best ICO project. Note they have good experience in their previous ventures.
Media Partners: Note the ICO has got a good reputation among the crypto industry. They should have appeared in top media.
ICO review: There are experts who make the reviews on the Up Coming ICOs. wish you take a look at them before investing.

Top 8 Upcoming ICO List in 2019

1.Nation Pure Escrow:
Natiman pure escrow is the pure decentralized escrow provider services. Built on blockchain and their aim is to provide the best escrow services with less service charge. sure it will bring revolution in the escrow service providing industry.

Co Trader is a world’s first blockchain based investment funds marketplace, it resolves the hectic for the traders and fund investors. Where you get everything in one will bring revolution in the way of funding.

A decentralized social media built on the blockchain technology. especially it helps everyone to, monetize their business and the revenue tracked on the blockchain hub. They aim to achieve the transparent monetizing social media.

The name itself tells a compact top level blockchain based software which analyses the multiple coins and helps the user to simply his tasks. a much-needed software which lessens the manual analyzation.

A blockchain based real estate software which allows us to fund, invest, rent property, property maintenance, and sales. The success of this ICO depending on the establishment of this software . also the transparency might be an issue.

6.433 Token
A platform that brings football stars and fans together. Raging the gap between the football stars and the fans also with the young talents. This works to bring them together with greatest transparency

7.Rise ICO
German-based software company aiming to develop an algorithmic trading technology.
Built on the technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning language.

8.Smart Trip Platform
. A platform to bring travelers and the travel services providers to bring together. This software enables travelers to choose the best hotels and the trips online. This built on blockchain technology revelry of Goibibo and MakeMyTrip