Idea Number 5

The Microsoft Company has established a partnership with the NewsGuard service, which grades the news websites by many criteria in order to provide the users with more information about the news’ accuracy.

The plug-in highlights the whole website red, yellow or green and does not give any information about the confirmation or denial of certain news’ accuracy.

The MintPress portal has done a research, according to which the NewsGuard tries to maintain its image of candid and objective arbitrator of truth and reliability in mass-media, but has founders and financial supply from people, who are pretty close to the USA government structures. 

Idea Number 4

Facebook announced a total fight against the fake news.

By Tessa Lyons, Product Manager:

Over the last year and half, we have been committed to fighting false news through a combination of technology and human review, including removing fake accounts, partnering with fact-checkers, and promoting news literacy. This effort will never be finished and we have a lot more to do. Today, we’re announcing several updates as part of this work:

•Expanding our fact-checking program to new countries
•Expanding our test to fact-check photos and videos
•Increasing the impact of fact-checking by using new techniques, including identifying duplicates and using Claim Review
•Taking action against new kinds of repeat offenders
•Improving measurement and transparency by partnering with academics

Despite that Facebook representatives declare successful attempts of fighting the fake news, many users still get blocked without any justified reasons, and fake news gain more and more popularity at the Facebook platform. Being a monopolist at the fake news market can lead to bad consequences.

Idea Number 3

YouTube hasn’t found a unified method to fight the fake news and decided to allocate 25$ million as grants for other people, so they could find the proper way to fight the fake news.

The company is planning to cooperate with news agencies and experts. Authoritative news sources will also get the financial support. YouTube decided to fight conspirators with the help of video-hosting users’ content interference. So, YouTube will add links for corresponding articles on Wikipedia and other accurate sources. 

Idea Number 2

Brazilian project Comprova – has joined many journalists and also has gotten support from the biggest social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

In Brazil, we’re building on that work with the launch of Comprova, is a collaborative reporting effort to verify disputed news online and share verified information back to the public during Brazil’s presidential election season. The initiative will be a joined collaboration with the First Draft, a project of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School, Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism), Projor (Institute for the Development of Journalism), Associação Nacional de Jornais (National Newspaper Association), and 24 newsrooms and organizations. The work is crucial to the efforts of our recently launched Google News Initiative, which works alongside news organizations around the world to elevate quality information and combat misinformation.

First Draft has built technology specifically for this project so that newsrooms can monitor misinformation networks and collaborate online in real time. This will make it easier for newsrooms across Brazil’s massive land area to work together on an unprecedented scale. They will produce visuals, like sharable images, gifs and short videos designed specifically for smartphones, to be published on the main Comprova site and partner websites.

Idea Number 1

The Notm project is already at the ICO stage and to date it’s one of the best ideas, realization of which will help to fight the fake news efficiently. 
The main idea of the Notm project is that creating, editing, confirming or denying the news is available for every user, who is in the location where the event happened. In this way, the final version will be accepted by the majority of people, who were the witnesses of an event.

The Notm platform can be compared to Wikipedia, but the authors also have to confirm their geolocation. The project has announced 2-step location checking – with GPS and LBS. It’s very important for the modern world to get the accurate news, that’s why the Notm platform phenomenon is an essential thing. Notm can become a leader in the news section and the main competitor of Facebook when implementing the roadmap plan.