Bitcoin price rises $500 in 24 hours

The price of bitcoin has shot up by almost $500 over the last 24 hours, causing a market-wide cryptocurrency resurgence that has seen ethereum and ripple cash surge in value by between 10 and 20 per cent. It’s latest gains come one week after bitcoin bucked months of steadily decreasing prices by rising more than $1,000 in the space of one hour. The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency has since consolidated its gains and is now heading towards $9,000 for the first time since March. At the time of writing, the price was $8,516, according to CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin’s turn-around in fortunes appear modest when compared to other top-performing cryptocurrencies, with ethereum rising by 10 per cent since this time yesterday and ripple shooting up by 19 per cent.

Bitcoin cash, an off-shoot from bitcoin that is now the fourth most-valuable cryptocurrency, rose by 15 percent to take its market cap above $18 billion.

The latest price rise follows positive news in the cryptocurrency space in April. Last week, an Islamic scholar declared bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies halal under Sharia Law, potentially opening up the market to 1.8 billion Muslims around the world.

On Monday, IMF boss Christine Lagarde wrote a blog post in which she detailed the benefits of bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology. Following last week’s unprecedented gains, The cryptocurrency analysts and experts predicted the cryptocurrency could see further gains that could take it to the levels it experienced at the end of 2017.

In December, It’s price peaked at close to $20,000 following a year of remarkable gains that saw its value increase more than 20-fold.

“I believe that we will see a comeback to the height achieved at the end of 2017 this year,” Olga Feldmeier, CEO of fintech firm Smart Valor.

So far, Litecoin has advanced around 6% since Wednesday, but Poloniex is yet to produce an explanation for the market freeze, which has since ended

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Peur: A Reliable Solution to E-commerce Problems Launches their Token Event

 Peur, a decentralized e-commerce platform announces impending token event. Peur is a marketplace which provides a wide-array of products at lower costs with quality assurance.

13th April 2018. Perth, Australia: In the era of digitalization, none of the forum is prevented from adopting the e-commerce measures and all the sectors are leading towards the virtual marketplaces and payment gateways. But one question raised by users creates hindrance in the path of e-commerce shaping new economic trends. It is the safety and security of the e-commerce platforms. To resolve this issue, Peur, an Ethereum blockchain-enabled decentralized platform that facilitates the trusted marketplaces and payment gateways, came into picture.

What Exactly Is Peur?

Peur is not just a platform which acts as a marketplace but a cryptocurrency which can be paid for various transactions on digital platforms. Peur marketplace provides a wide range of products at lower costs with assured quality. Peur seems to provide benefits to all the market players i.e. customers, merchants, service providers etc. The 100% reliable, transparent and fast processing of transactions is guaranteed by Peur developers.

Even, users can get the benefit of exchanging either their fiat currency or cryptocurrencies using mobile devices. Peur wallets which are encrypted through Finger Scanners, Google Authenticator, and Barcode are another attribute of it.

The trend of e-commerce platforms is increasing nowadays and people are enthralled to use this for transactions. The long authorization processes, unreliable processing systems, and high operating costs are the major concerns of both the customers and retailers faced commonly on e-commerce platforms. To overcome all the flaws, Peur as a decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based platform is created which address the issues of the clients.

It is marketplace which offers extensive and ample products. In fact, Peur has launched its own currency to enable the payments in a reliable and faster manner. It appears to be the biggest advantage for all the market sections as the platform is facilitated by smart contracts which ensure its transparency and stability.

Peur community is among the best ecosystems for token holders where they can participate in other projects launched by Peur and get engaged in trading of products, voting as well as usage of services offered at the platform.

Pre-Sale Event Launch

Token Generation Event, commonly known as ‘TGE’ is an event which allows participants to acquire cryptocurrency tokens, which can act as a digital asset that enables the selling of equity funds in a public mode. It enables the companies to raise the money for the project and achieve the full potential of the cryptocurrency. Watch it here!

Peur currency is generally denominated as ‘PURC’ tokens. The tokens derive their value from underlying assets or properties. PURC tokens are considered as cryptocurrency which can be traded and used for several kinds of investments, sending or receiving payments, and also as payroll money. PURC tokens can be stored in ERC-20 standards wallets.

The total PURC tokens in circulation will be 200,000,000. The total tokens being held for sale is 130,000,000 i.e. 65% of the total token money. However, at first;

Timeline: – It will start on the April 24th – April 30th
Number of Tokens to be Sold: –    24,000,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH=  8,000 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 1 ETH Bonus Whitelist : 5% Tokens, Bonus Pre-Sale : 10% Tokens
Accepted currencies: – BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH

Token Generation Event Disclosures

The token sale is open to general public, it is termed as ‘Crowdsale’. It is performed to get the capital for the firm’s operations and also to facilitate users to transact on digital platforms using tokens.

PURC tokens which are kept for Crowdsale is 106,000,000. The hard cap and soft cap are $25 million and $2.5 million respectively. The crowdsale will be carried out in four phases.

First Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 8th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 6,400 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.1 ETH
Bonus: – 5% Tokens

Second Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 16th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 5,440 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.05 ETH
Bonus: – 3% Tokens

Third Phase:
Timeline: – It will start on the 24th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 4,890 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.05 ETH

Fourth Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 32nd day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
ICO Base Price:1ETH 4,650 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.01 ETH

As soon as the token event ends in April, the tokens will be listed on exchange platforms within next three months.

Peur is a viable solution to all the e-commerce problems that open the fronts for increasing online retail websites. It has approached all the market players and the team is focused to provide robust as well as a flexible framework for online transactions.

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Havven Launches eUSD, Its First Stablecoin

Australian based cryptocurrency, Havven, has launched the first iteration of its stablecoin, called eUSD. Havven is a decentralised payment network, and eUSD is the initial version of the nomin token, backed by ether, which seeks to keep a stable value of USD$1. eUSD is directly redeemable for ETH, and its release will allow Havven to observe and extract data that will assist in the rollout of the network.

Havven executed the largest token sale by an Australia-based cryptocurrency in February, raising USD$30 million. eUSD is currently able to be traded against ETH on IDEX and Radar Relay, as well as at the Havven website. The other token in the system, the havven token (HAV), is already trading against ETH on KuCoin, Qryptos, CoinSpot, and several other exchanges.

The founder of Havven, Kain Warwick, says this release is an important milestone in their roadmap for 2018. “After any token sale, it is vital for a project to prove that they can deliver quickly on the product they promised. The launch of eUSD demonstrates that we are committed to releasing a working version of the platform as soon as possible, to meet the need of a decentralised payment network and stablecoin.”

eUSD can be used for remittance and payments of all kinds, and Havven will soon be launching an eStore to demonstrate its viability as a payment method for everyday transactions.

eUSD is currently backed by ether, but later iterations of nomins will be backed by the value of the havven token. Havven-backed nomins are currently planned to initially be released by June, 2018, with a peg to USD. Havven-backed nomins that are pegged to other currencies—such as EUR, AUD, YEN, and GBP—are planned to be released by the end of 2018.

How Havven works

The Havven platform uses two tokens to achieve stability. The value of the havven token, which was sold in the token sale, provides the collateral for the platform. The nomin token is a stablecoin backed by the value of havvens, and is issued by havven holders who lock up their havvens as collateral. Any transactions operated with nomins distribute fees to havven holders, who are rewarded for controlling the supply of nomins to provide a stable value of $1. As more people use nomins for transactions, the value of havven tokens will increase due to the higher fees generated.

For any further information on Havven, please contact: 
Garth Travers | | +61 438 691 817

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AirChain Network Introduces Mobile Application to Make the Air Freight Sector Transparent, Safe and Flexible Like Never Before

AirChain Network , a blockchain powered ecosystem designed especially for the air freight sector, is all set to revolutionize the industry by addressing long standing  problems such as transparency, safety, and flexibility. The platform’s mobile applications are currently available for download via the App Store and Google Play.

Warsaw, Poland April 16, 2018

AirChain Network is pleased to announce the official launch of their mobile application via the App Store and Google Play. The company reveals that the beta version of AirChain Network has also gone live recently. This blockchain powered ecosystem has been built by a team of experienced developers and blockchain experts with the intention of making the air freight sector more efficient by bringing transparency, safety, and flexibility.

The global air transportation industry is a huge sector that plays an important role in people’s lives as well as industries all over the world. However, the constant increase in fuel price in the recent years has led to a situation where the air cargo is often beyond the financial capacity of an average individual, business or enterprise. At present, many companies are also reconsidering the use of air freights because of the rapidly rising security issues. Making things worse, this industry has always lagged behind in terms of transparency and the adoption of innovative technologies.

AirChain Network has built a simple yet comprehensive ecosystem that provides access to the sophisticated tools and techniques of the freight industry without the stress and price. They are creating business opportunities for the investors by providing them free and direct access to a huge range of offers that were previously available only to the institutional investors. The goal of the network is to help the business and logistic companies deliver goods and services efficiently, while the use of blockchain technology removes duplication, ensures distribution and enforces transparency. The investors and businesses using AirChain Network are able to exchange goods and services for fiat or cryptocurrency in a transparent, tamper proof and immutable distributed ledger.

“Let us assume that Tom is flying from Berlin to Seoul and has 5kg of portable luggage available. Maria, living and working in Berlin, wants to send her friend in Seoul a 5kg gift parcel. If Maria sends her parcel by conventional means of transport, the cost will be quite high and the waiting time will be long. AirChain ecosystem allows Maria and Tom to meet and exchange their needs,” explains a senior spokesperson from AirChain Network.  “Maria’s package arrives at his friend’s place for the best cost, safely and quickly. Tom, on the other hand, earns an income without any effort due to the sale of his empty baggage.”

The use of the just launched mobile application from AirChain Network involves the following simple steps.

  • Choose location: Customer selects the arrival and departure of the package.
  • Start a conversation: After selecting the most appropriate traveler, the customers can start a conversation and finalize the deal.
  • Check the package: Traveler receives the package and starts the trip
  • Delivery of the package: The customer receives the package.

Using this mobile application, it is possible to track the parcels, goods and services sent over the network. The users will also be able to add friends, family and others and easily send and receive coins from people on the friend list. The app’s encrypted chat function allows the users to chat with their contacts.  There is also a 100% secure wallet to wallet chat function. The review history of all users can be seen, helping them build credibility on the ecosystem.

The ANK token is the proprietary utility token of AirChain Network that allows the community members to send parcels on the ecosystem and make more income. Using the ANK token, it is possible to pay for parcels fee and exchange parcels and income on a peer to peer level without intermediary or regulatory fees. Before a contract, the sender and receiver are required to go through a KYC/AML process conducted by a reputable third party.  Once the order is accepted, smart contact for both sides is executed by the ANK application and committed by the ANK token. The senders receive the ANK tokens in their wallet after the recipients receive their package and confirm the same.

To find out more about AirChain Network, please visit

About AirChain Network: AirChain Network is a designed especially for the air freight sector. Its blockchain powered ecosystem addresses the most critical problems of the industry such as transparency, safety, and flexibility. AirChain Network has recently introduced their mobile application in two different versions for the Android and iOS versions.


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Kali Digital petitions HC against RBI’s crypto ban on banks

Ahmedabad-based crypto firm Kali Digital Eco Systems, which runs a cryptocurrency exchange platform named CoinRecoil, has approached the Delhi High Court filing a petition against the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recent guidelines which have banned banks from dealing with Indian cryptocurrency purchase/exchanges.

In the first week of this month, the RBI had released a statement directing all regulated entities, including banks, e-wallets, and payment gateway providers, to stop dealing with individuals and businesses in the partially banned cryptocurrencies.

The crypto firm states that the central bank guideline violates Articles 19 (1) (g) and 14 of the Constitution. Under Article 19(1) (g) of the Constitution, citizens enjoy the right to carry on any occupation, trade or business, while Article 14 prohibits discrimination between equals and Article 14 relating ‘Equality Before Law’ states that the State shall not deny any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India, prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

While the respondents, in this case, are RBI, the Indian government and the GST Council, the next hearing is on May 24, 2018. The writ petition states, “On account of the impugned circular, the petitioner will not be able to avail banking services to operate the cryptocurrency exchange ‘CoinRecoil’. Such banking services are imperative for the business of the petitioner. Consequently, the business is stillborn,”

Mohit Singh, CEO of, which acts as a legal advisor to many cryptocurrency players, said, “With this RBI restriction on banks to transact with cryptocurrency traders and exchanges, Article 301 of Indian Constitution also gets violated,”

According to Article 301, the freedom of trade and commerce is guaranteed throughout India. Singh said that in order to prevent banks from dealing with cryptocurrencies the government needs to ban the entity first, without which such a move from the central bank could be running in contravention to the law.

With this recent clampdown by the RBI, the cryptocurrency exchange platform within the country have been seeing really tough times as to if they should even keep their business continued or move overseas. With this petition filed against RBI, tables can turn and cryptocurrency purchases may be authenticated again via banks.


Bitcoin ‘Bubble’ May Be Around for A While

Earlier, Shiller had completely denounced the cryptocurrency market and said that bitcoin was the best example of bubble happening currently.

Talking to CNBC, the economist who correctly predicted the housing crisis in the US suggested that cryptocurrency was more a psychological experiment than an instrument of serious investment.

“I’m interested in bitcoin as a sort of ‘bubble.’ It doesn’t mean that it will disappear, that it’ll burst forever. It may be with us for a while,” Shiller, professor of economics at Yale University, said on Thursday.

“To me, it’s interesting as another example of faddish human behaviour. It’s glamorous,” he added.

Earlier, Shiller had completely denounced the cryptocurrency market and said that bitcoin was the best example of bubble happening currently.

“The best example right now is bitcoin. And I think that has to do with the motivating quality of the bitcoin story. And I’ve seen it in my students at Yale. You start talking about bitcoin and they’re excited! And I think, what’s so exciting? You have to think like humanities people. What is this bitcoin story?” he had said in September last year.

The writer of best-selling book Irrational Exuberance on market manias around the world then had said that bitcoin bubble will burst very much like the Tulip mania of the 17th century.

Tulip mania was the first recorded speculative bubble of the world when rates of Tulip bulbs in the Netherlands had climbed to astronomical heights only to collapse in a couple of months.

In last five days, the price of this has surged by over $1,000. At the time of writing this piece, it was trading at $8,018.45 with market cap standing at over $136 billion.

According to him, there is a “part” of the cryptocurrency “fad” or “bubble” that is political, as people that don’t trust their governments may be tempted to invest.

In September of last year, he went on CNBC’s Fast Money with Brian Kelly to speak along the same lines about crypto, saying that “it’s the quality of the story that’s attracting all this interest.”

On Friday, April 13 Brian Kelly said in an interview that he supports investor Tim Draper’s prediction that Bitcoin’s price could hit $250,000 by 2022


Alibaba Subsidiary Taobao Bans few Cryptocurrency and ICO Services

Taobao previously had a ban on the sale of Cryptocurrency Miners and offering Mining Tutorials. In addition to that, they have now banned any product or service that makes use of the Blockchain. The new rule prohibits Cryptocurrency related services which include ICO Consultancy, White Paper Writing Services, smart contract deployment services and other crypto related technical services. This also prohibits the sale of blockchain based virtual assets like CryptoKitties and their numerous clones. These new rules will be valid from April 17th.

Taobao has cited recent bans from People’s Bank of China behind the crackdown. In September last year, PBoC banned all ICOs and early this year, they banned Cryptocurrencies itself. Though there is no ban on mining yet, most miners are looking to move their services outside the country.

Taobao considers breaking these new rules as serious violations and has a penalty system in place to penalize those who fail to follow. After PBoC banned ICOs last year, most of the advertisers have been able to circumvent this ban by changing the spellings. For example, they write ICO as IC0 where they change the ‘O’ to ‘0’(zero).

Though China has been extremely hostile towards Cryptocurrencies, most of the traders are optimistic about a change in stance in the coming months. In fact, PBoC’s new head Yi Gang said “Bitcoin is a currency that provides freedom to anyone that uses it,” and emphasized that the cryptocurrency is transparent.

Though Taobao has banned all Blockchain related services, there is no ban on Blockchain in China. In fact, the Chinese government has been extremely optimistic of Blockchain technology. A $1 Billion Blockchain fund was just launched which is backed by the government to invest in Blockchain startups. Also, PBoC filed the most number of Blockchain patents in 2017.

A considerable punishment will be imposed on the stores that violate the new regulations by turning a blind eye to them, said the statement.

In September 2017, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) imposed an indefinite ban on ICOs.

Surprisingly, a large chunk of individual sellers remained active on the Taobao platform with services related to ICOs even after PBoC’s ban. Some of these went to the extent of drawing up ‘white papers’ with fake information to help ICO projects.

As of today, searching for the term ‘white papers’ in Mandarin still redirects to stores that offer white paper copywriting services for the banned ICO activities

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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Sells out ICO Round 1 of Dietbitcoin in Just 1 Week, Starts ICO Round 2

Pablo Escobar’s biological brother, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, has just sold over 300,000 dietbitcoins, selling out Round 1 of the Pre-ICO in just 1 week. Round 2 is now live at the website and currently discounted to only $3.50 per coin. “My coin will sell out completely, of course. All of my early followers will thank me in the end. When my coin becomes very valuable. It will. When you wait, you lose. I do what I say. I am a man of action. I created dietbitcoin for the people.” Says Roberto Escobar, Founder of Escobar Inc.

Dietbitcoin (DDX) is a new completely decentralized cryptocurrency, a hard fork of the Bitcoin network, essentially a faster and lighter version to Bitcoin but with centralized management of Escobar Inc and Roberto Escobar to fully support the coin growth and progress.

“Everyone should listen to these news, go to the website and buy as many dietbitcoin’s as you can afford, the value will be very high as we are identical in numbers to Bitcoin, except we are 2000 times cheaper right now” says Daniel Reitberg, Chief Operating Officer of Escobar Inc.

Roberto Escobar, alongside his brother Pablo, belong to one of the most successful businessmen in history, having made over $100 billion dollars in profit during his career. “I made over $100 Billion Dollars in profit throughout my career. That’s more than any other company in the world has made in profit, ever.” says Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, Pablo Escobar’s brother in his new book “Pablo Escobar’s dietbitcoin: After making $100 billion dollars, Roberto Escobar launches the dietbitcoin “DDX” cryptocurrency”.

“Why would anyone on the planet buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency where there is no real team behind it? Our team of staff at Escobar Inc are committed to support the cryptocurrency dietbitcoin fully and are managing the day-to-day operations of this new currency.” says Escobar Inc Chief Executive Officer Olof Gustafsson.

The new cryptocurrency is currently available for sale for only $3.50 per coin (2000 times cheaper than Bitcoin) at the website. Only a very limited amount of 1 million coins are for sale.

Escobar Inc

Escobar Inc is a private holding company based in Puerto Rico, USA and Medellín, Colombia. Founded in 2014 by Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, brother of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, Olof Gustafsson and Daniel Reitberg. The company has registered the Successor-in-Interest rights to Pablo Escobar in all the states in the US where such registration is available, including but not limited to California. The company also owns all trademark and all copyright rights for Pablo Escobar. In addition, the company owns several subsidiary companies, including but not limited to Angel Empresas SA, dietbitcoin SA and The FridX quantum annealer.

Supporting Link

Company name: Dietbitcoin ICO

Company site:

Company contacts: Olof Gustafsson Chief Executive Officer Escobar Inc.

Tel: +1-415-851-0033

Company email:

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Investors Can’t Get Enough of BunnyToken as Pre-Initial Sale Soars in the Cryptoworld

BunnyToken which is well into its pre-initial token has sold more than 75 million bunny tokens to more more than 5000 investors from across the globe. The token which took over the crypto world with its distinctive image and great potential for success has proven that all the hype was not just temporary excitement.

The BunnyToken project surfaced at the beginning of the year as a blockchain based payment method aime at the adult industry and quickly became one of the most popular upcoming crypto projects with large expectations from critics, experts and investors.

Unlike many ICOs which gain a big hype at the start but fail to deliver in performance BunnyToken has excelled. The company has announced 50,000 registrations on its official website so far and the number is only growing.

The payment method is designed to allow fast and secure transactions for adult industry related businesses and individuals and so far the company has secured partnerships with more than a dozen industry websites. Following the token sale it is in talks with even bigger partners who are ready to jump on the bandwagon and secure their place in the future of payment methods.

BunnyToken not only solves a great and existing problem which gives its token real-life value, it has also fascinated the cryptoworld with its concept, brand and mascots. Never has any investment projects gathered a following for its character and always exciting interaction with its viewers.

The Bunnies from the project have become an independent success and a part of the crypto culture. They have done an Irish riverdance for St. Patrick’s Day, gone viral on YouTube with their very own video clip and become stickers on chat rooms. In addition BunnyToken has united the porn industry by gathering its shiniest stars as advisors. This only goes to prove how confident this company is with its own brand which is a trait found only in the world’s largest corporations.

The BunnyToken pre-initial token sale ends on the 24th of April and will be followed by an initial token sale on the 25th of April. Interested investors can register on the website.

Company name: Bunny Software Limited

Company site:

Company contacts: