Melbourne’s Nauticus Blockchain Announces ICO And New Crypto Exchange

  • Up to 30 percent bonus for early backers of the Nauticus Coin
  • Can be traded on the new Nauticus crypto and fiat exchange at the conclusion of the ICO
  • Six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions with one coin

Melbourne fintech company Nauticus has announced its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will launch on March 31, the first stage of the company’s bold vision for six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology.

Pre-registration is now open, with early supporters rewarded with 100 free coins.

Unlike most new cryptocurrencies, ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Coins immediately on the Nauticus cryptocurrency and fiat exchange. The Coin users will be given a 50 percent discount on trading fees on the exchange, which will drive the adoption, use and price of the coin.

The exchange and payments platform is in development and due to launch mid-2018. It will initially offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR) but within 12 months the exchange will offer 300 cryptocurrencies, putting it alongside the top ten exchanges internationally. Nauticus will also expand to offer trading with 16 fiat currencies.

Around $30 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies are traded each day. This figure will only grow into the future and yet there are only 170 active cryptocurrency exchange platforms taking advantage of this explosive growth worldwide.

This will also establish a sustainable, large-scale blockchain mining center in 2019 that will provide revenue, and a sizeable amount of server capacity, to ensure ultra-fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy.

Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of a low-cost eCommerce marketplace, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payments. These new platforms will be underpinned by the Nauticus Coin, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet.

The company will also offer ‘one and done’ Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and create an ICO community, which will provide resources and services for new ICOs as well as a quality verification system. For more details please refer to the white paper on the website.

It has just launched pre-registration for its Initial Coin Offering.

The presale begins on March 18 and the ICO itself runs from March 31 to May 18, 2018.

ICO backers who register on the website now will be rewarded with 100 FREE COINS. There are many more free coins on offer through our referrals program.

The  Coin will underpin six global banking and eCommerce solutions and can be traded on the Nauticus Exchange at the end of the ICO period.

Early supporters of the Nauticus ICO will be provided a BONUS OF UP TO 30 PERCENT FREE COINS.

For more information and to read our white paper, visit this site.

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iP2PGlobal Announces Its Pre-ICO Crowdsales For Its TWQ Token On Feb 19

All that is about to change with iP2PGlobal Personal Financing Platform (iP2PGlobal).

The problems in the current P2P lending landscape include borrowers and lenders being limited to the same country and not worldwide as well as financing details and payments are managed by a platform provider rather than an open visible platform.

With the latest technology advancement in smart contracts development and the high security and transparency of de- centralised network due to blockchain technology, iP2PGlobal has been formed to cut through red tapes and time to reach a far wider market as well as improve the distribution of capital on a single worldwide platform.

“After conducting meticulous research to study the current P2P lending landscape, we have identified several gaps in it that we strongly believe should be addressed to make personal financing accessible to all. This pressed to us the importance in creating iP2PGlobal to fill the void and to create a single platform that would be a game changer in personal financing,” said James Loy, iP2PGlobal Management Team’s Chief Executive Officer.

Another unique highlight of iP2PGlobal is that the financing products offered are based on Sharia principles.

Although sharia financing products are sought after by Muslims, non-Muslims will also be attracted to what the platform has to offer.

Sharia finance principles are closely related to ethical values of fairness, equality and morality in finance, which resonates with everyone, no matter their religion and creed.

The TWQ token

The TWQ (Tawarruq) is an ERC20 token that confer the right to the token holder to submit an application for a personal financing based on a Commodity Tawarruq Trading program, through the iP2PGlobal platform and have it listed in the platform for prospective lenders to view and choose to finance.

The TWQ Token is a pure utility token and does or will not provide any other rights and functions to its holders.

Some 10TWQs are needed to apply for a personal financing of up to 5ETH.

A larger financing amount will need more TWQs to be submitted.

If the token holder fully repay the financing, the TWQ tokens will be returned to holders for future financing applications.

Pre-ICO kicks off

iP2PGlobal Personal Financing Platform is offering a total 155,000,000 TWQ tokens for subscription for its pre-ICO, starting from 19th February, 2018 (OO:OO UTC) to 15th April, 2018  (23:59 UTC).

The pre-ICO will be done in five stages at different periods as shown in a table below (Refer to TWQ PRE-ICO AND ICO TIMETABLE below).

Meanwhile, the ICO crowdsale starts on 16th April, 2018 (00:00 UTC) and ends on 30th April, 2018 (23:59 UTC).

The price being offered for the tokens is 0.0002 ETH for 1 TWQ during pre-ICO and ICO crowdsales.

To sweeten the deal further, large purchase bonus for individual subscriptions above 50ETH will be entitled to a 10% additional TWQ tokens.

Loy said the team is confident in reaching the targeted hard cap of 47,000 ETH of the ICO.

This is attributed to the unique nature of financial products the platform will offer and that iP2PGlobal will be the first platform to offer financing products offered based on sharia principles, built upon blockchain technology.

“We are positive that this will appeal to the general public who can appreciate that we provide a strong alternative to the current traditional personal financing landscape,” he said.

Stage Date Maximum amount of TWQ for subscription Bonus
Pre-ICO 1 19 February to 4 March 2018 31,000,000 30%
Pre-ICO 2 5 March to 18 March 2018 31,000,000 25%
Pre-ICO 3 19 March to 1 April 2018 31,000,000 20%
Pre-ICO 4 2 April to 8 April 2018 31,000,000 15%
Pre-ICO 5 9 April to 15 April 2018 31,000,000 10%
ICO 16 April to 30 April 2018 31,000,000 0


iP2PGlobal brings together best practices of traditional banks and the world of cryptocurrency into one peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform. It connects borrowers and lenders from across the globe on a single platform in a trusted, fast and easy manner. This is powered by its newly introduced utility token, TWQ, which is based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 Smart Contract Platform. iP2PGlobal is the solution in Re-Shaping Personal Financing.

For more information on TWQ and iP2PGlobal, visit

For media enquiries, email Ms Mei Wong at

Company name: iP2PGlobal

Company site:

Company contacts: James Loy, Chief Executive Officer


Tel: +60197268208


With Using Bitcoin a British Man was Charged to Launder 11.5 Million Euros

According to NL Times, the laundered money is supposed to have come from several dark web dealings in unlawful goods. The man accused is a 38-year-old British man living in Amsterdam. It’s unproven that he was accountable for cleaning over 11.5 million euros during the years he was active. It’s thought that he received Bitcoin from traders of narcotics and other contraband items and sold them using his own bank account. He then removed the funds in local currency and refunded them, minus a cut for himself, to the creative party.

The Public Prosecutor declares that the man took an unusually high percentage of the funds. It’s thought that he charged between five and eight percent for carrying some of the burdens of risk for his clients.

Along with the charges of money laundering, the suspect is also thought to have been formerly calming cannabis unlawfully.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have long been related to money laundering. Though, just because something illegal is possible using a certain tool doesn’t mean the tool must be incessantly tarred with that brush. It’s likely to murder someone with a lump hammer.

Critics of Bitcoin love to play the money laundering card at any time they can. The fact is there are plenty more examples of money laundering that takes place using other forms of currency. Newly, US Bankcorp were forced to pay a hefty fine for the very same crime. Also, one of Bitcoin’s fiercest naysayers, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, has continually specified that crypto is only good for criminal use. This comprises money laundering. Just weeks after making his well-known fraud remarks JP Morgan they were charged with money laundering. Evidently, existing money laundering laws are failing and it’s a cop-out to blame an innovative form of currency for their limitations.


Free Bitcoins? Error in Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Japan is seen having a tough and rough time with these Bitcoins, and company. Yet another glitch occurs at Zaif, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. It happened on 16th February 2018, where for 20 straight minutes, Bitcoins were available for zero yen. I repeat, zero yen. For free. Yes, for free.

Features as listed below:

  • A glitch at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif allowed some users to buy Bitcoins and other digital currencies for free.
  • Seven people bought some digital currencies for zero yen but six of those transactions were voided.
  • Zaif is one of the exchanges registered with the government. Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges are looking to create a self-regulating body.

Hence, it was possible to buy cryptocurrencies for free on the Zaif exchange for about 20 minutes on February 16th.

Learn more about it here:

Later, the exchange reportedly revealed the problem to reporters on Tuesday.

The report stated as under:

“Zaif, a government-registered exchange run by Osaka-based Tech Bureau Corp, said on Tuesday that a system glitch had let seven customers buy bitcoin with no yen value during a 20-minute window last week.

The exchange voided the trades after discovering the error, which happened on Feb. 16 – though it was still trying to resolve the issue with one customer who tried to transfer the knock-down bitcoins from the exchange.”

That doesn’t sound so bad and could’ve been much worse. Everything mostly worked out, but there’s still one customer that’s putting up a fight over their heavily-discounted purchase. How much did they try to pull out?

According to a source, one customer apparently purchased  2,200 trillion yen worth of bitcoin and proceeded to try to cash it out. That’s about $20 trillion.

If we consider the fact that Bitcoins has a market cap of just over $183 billion, that sell order really must have confused some traders for a bit. Isn’t it?

Zaif notified the public that this glitch had occurred four days later on Feb. 20. It told users that transactions had returned to normal. Zaif also took the opportunity to apologize to its customers and tell them that this would have no impact on other purchases.

The registered exchanges will form a self-regulatory body from April. They had originally planned to merge two existing industry bodies representing both registered and unregistered exchanges.

The body will set out rules on issues like exchange security and advertising, and will lay out penalties for members who don’t follow the policies, the Nikkei business daily reported on Wednesday.

Can Japan get over crypto-mess?

Steven Seagal/bitcoinnewsboards

Steven Seagal gives a thumbs-up to cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you heard it right. Steven Seagal himself, endorsing cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen.

It is one of those times when you think things couldn’t get more interesting in the crypto world, but then it does. Steven Seagal is now a part of the up-and-down world of Bitcoiin and its cryptocurrency. The 1990s action movie star is officially endorsing the Bitcoiin2Gen cryptocurrency.

The actor hasn’t had a hit in 20 years and is currently known for churning out straight-to-DVD action films.

Seagal noted his new role as ambassador for the Bitcoiin2Gen cryptocurrency with a Tweet. Apparently, the worldview and ideology of Seagal mesh perfectly with those developing the new virtual currency.

For Bitcoiin2Gen, the choice of Zen Master, Steven Seagal is obvious as brand ambassador, this extends our long-term commitment towards the community.

Bitcoiin2Gen aims to make a superior or more advanced version of Original Bitcoin. Bitcoiin2Gen is a self-sustaining cryptocurrency that provides at launch its own ecosystem, its own wallet, its own mining machines and the ability to exchange the coin to popular altcoins or FIAT currencies.

Know more about this virtual currency here:

The official announcement was as follows:

“As a Buddhist, Zen teacher, and healer, Steven lives by the principles that the development of the physical self is essential to protect the spiritual man. He believes that what he does in his life is about leading people into contemplation to wake them up and enlighten them in some manner. These are precisely the objectives of the Bitcoiin2Gen to empower the community by providing a decentralized P2P payment system with its own wallet, mining ecosystem and robust blockchain platform without the need of any third party.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission previously issued a statement warning people about the dangers of celebrity-backed ICOs.

It says, “Celebrities and others are using social media networks to encourage the public to purchase stocks and other investments,” the SEC warns in a statement in November 2017. “These endorsements may be unlawful if they do not disclose the nature, source, and amount of any compensation paid, directly or indirectly, by the company in exchange for the endorsement.”

There are 34 days left in Bitcoiin 2Gen’s ICO.

It’s also important to highlight warn potential investors that ‘Bitcoiin 2Gen’ isn’t actually part of Bitcoin. The spelling with an extra ‘i’ is intentionally dubious as it attempts to ride off the back of the successful Bitcoin name when it in actual fact is a token based the Ethereum blockchain.

The SEC urges caution when investing into cryptocurrencies that feature celebrity spokespersons, like what Bitcoiin is doing. It further advises that consumers should do a large amount of research on the subject before investing and that relying on the word of celebrities may not the best investing advice.


Bangladesh police hunts for Bitcoin users in the country!

What an average cryptocurrency investor worries, in the countries of Europe and North America, is about exchange rates, whether to sell off or hold and the prevailing ups and downs in the prices of these virtual currencies. Such is not the case in Bangladesh where the police are hunting Bitcoin users. At least, in the rest of the countries, we do not have to worry about the police coming down and knocking on our door, why? Because we have engaged in cryptocurrencies.

The officials of the central bank have warned all other commercial banks in the country to be wary of bitcoin users.

The Foreign Exchange Police Department and some other departments are being considered to be monitors of the currency, and a report will soon be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding cryptocurrencies, said a high-ranking official of Bangladesh Bank.

Investigators from Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) have already begun to look for bitcoin traders, and even the BTRC are involved. Officials from the aforementioned three organizations have already held four meetings on the matter.

Since Bitcoin is traded through an open source cryptographic protocol, negating the need for any financial organization or ban, there is no governing body for the currency anywhere in the world.

Previously, the government has warned people not to make any transactions with bitcoin. According to Bangladesh Bank, bitcoin is neither accepted nor considered legal tender anywhere in the world, and it is risky to use this currency. The trading of this currency might cause infringements of laws regarding money laundering or funding terrorism.

Amongst the statements we have:

An official of BFIU said: “Banks and other financial organizations of the country have been ordered to maintain a strict vigil on cryptocurrency trading. A circular will soon be sent out detailing the matter. There is no way to purchase these currencies legally through banking channels. Cybercrime investigators are working on the matter.”

At a recent seminar called “Digital World 2017” conference, advisor to the Bangladesh Bank S K Sur Chowdhury said, “A combined committee will be formed with officials from the central bank as well as government and non-government financial organizations. It will figure out how to create and implement Bangladesh’s digital currency.”

Catch the circular and related news here:

Even though it hasn’t been accepted as a currency yet, the popularity of bitcoin continues to rise meteorically. As a result, the central banks of many countries are beginning to implement policies to control it.

But the bottom line is simple: Law enforcement must prioritize better. Before we start worrying about digital currency and its merely suggested potential for crime, let us fix the actual crimes which continue to plague our nation.


Liberland – A Recently Designed “Nation” Successively On Cryptocurrency

Vit Jedlicka has formed a virtual state, called Liberland, that runs on cryptocurrency contributions and will launch its own token in the upcoming months. Half a million people have applied for nationality to the nation – which sits on a sandbank stretching 7km next to the Danube River,10km south of the Hungarian border.

Liberland state-business is directed over email, WhatsApp, and Skype, allowing the 100 like-minded Liberland representatives across the globe to stay in communication. The nation is in the progress of initiating its own legal system on blockchain technology. And will create allocating its own coin, Merit, on April 13th — which coincides with Liberland’s third anniversary. All those who pay taxes will, in turn, receive Merit, successfully allowing donors a stake in the country.

The country obtains Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum donations to run its economic processes, and the state economical is circulated between nearly a dozen cryptocurrencies. Putting yourself at the compassion of a possibly unstable asset might sound like a strange idea.

Liberland’s slogan is “live and let live,” but right now it’s not that modest for Jedlicka, who jokes that his present home is “on a plane.” Jedlicka is continuously roaming the globe promoting his scheme and meeting with representatives in addition to other parties involved in creating similar libertarian-minded living spaces in Africa and Central America.

Presently, Croatian police are involved in a game of cat and mouse with early Liberland “citizens,” who are frequently detained and forcibly removed: Around 100 people have been prevented since the announcement of Liberland in 2015. “We were indicted for leaving Croatia and the Schengen zone illegally,” he says. But that’s not all bad, as, according to Jedlicka, “That is matter-of-fact confirmation that Liberland is not part of Croatia.”


Unibright – the one in all blockchain

With the increase in developments and upgradation in technology, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not new. We expect the world to empower and slither into virtual on screen networks rather than the real world data. Unibright is a blockchain that brings forth the first ever unified framework for blockchain based business integration. Unibright aims to use blockchain for not ONLY for the purpose of exchanging cryptocurrencies but want to bring it to the next level for business professionals.

People may wonder what really does Unibright mean by making the first ever “blockchain based business integration”. Business integration basically means the implementation and optimization of IT based business processes beyond the walls of the organization of the company. In simple terms, it means put of the box ideas. Some may see the challenge of blockchain technology changing so fast that they wouldn’t know which implementation to take. But here, after business integration, the work is done by automated Smart Contracts for different blockchains. The Unibright Contract Interface (UCI) will serve as the main platform for smart contracts in various blockchains, meaning that various xyz blockchains would be connected and used through UCI.

To be part of the blockchain infrastructure (peer to peer network), one must be a part of the blockchain, meaning interacting with a blockchain node. Unibright does not reinvent anything new here, but adapts various parts of different concepts for using them in blockchain related projects. UCI is the brain and backbone of this project. It automatically implements and recognizes smart contracts as part of the Unibright ecosystem making sure that all relevant information can be found, maintained and connected.

The token sale will distribute 150 million Unibright tokens (UBT). Unibright Token is the only way of payment for additional services and only registered contracts can be published and maintained. The token sale starts on 10th April, 2018 and will last for 4 weeks, ending on 10th May, 2018 (or when all the tokens are sold, whichever comes first). The first quarter of tokens will get a 10% bonus, the second quarter will get 5% bonus and finally the remainder gets none. The tokens will be distributed as 67% for the public token sale, 9% to the investors, 6% to the team, 6% for legal purposes and 12% as cold storage liquidity reserve.


Game maker Atari join hands with crypto-world!

Atari remains one of the legendary game maker with Pac-man and Pong being some of the games in their makings. So what’s its next plan? Cryptocurrency. Entering the crypto-street. Launching its own cryptocurrency. Yes, you heard that correctly, Atari is launching its own cryptocurrency called the “Atari Token.”

It is taking a stake in a company that’s building a blockchain-based digital entertainment platform and, as part of that agreement, it will create its own digital currency called Atari Token. The company is also expanding its online casino-gaming partnership with Pariplay Ltd. to allow gambling with digital currencies.

Here’s its CEO Fred Chesnais speaking about this idea: “Blockchain technology is poised to take a very important place in our environment and to transform, if not revolutionize, the current economic ecosystem, especially in the areas of the video game industry and online transactions. Given our technological strengths with the development studios and the global reputation of the  brand, we have the opportunity to position ourselves attractively in this sector. Our objective is to take strategic positions with a limited cash risk, in order to optimize the assets and the brand.”

He also says, “The second project in progress is the strengthening of the partnership with Pariplay, Ltd in the launch in 2018 of casino platforms allowing players to bet either in real money or with most crypto-currencies currently outstanding. These casino sites will offer many Atari games. To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Token available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second Token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites. The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon.”

We also note that it isn’t the only company benefiting from the crypto boom. Two days after announcing it would partner with a blockchain company, Eastman Kodak Co.’s stock jumped 245-percent too.

Few things to note are:

  • Despite the lack of details, shares in Atari SA are up around 60 percent since the announcement.
  • The same happened in the market for similarly vague crypto-related announcements from Kodak, the Long Island Iced Tea Company, and a Hooters franchise.
  • This excitement seems undamped by the recent plunge in the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • If the name “Atari Token” sounds familiar, it might be because previously the firm used that name for its own cross-platform reward points system. This system could be used to fuel in-game microtransactions.
  • The company will actually launch two separate currencies: The Token, to be used on digital gaming platforms, and the Pong Token, for online casinos.

Read more about this news here: