Idea Number 5

The Microsoft Company has established a partnership with the NewsGuard service, which grades the news websites by many criteria in order to provide the users with more information about the news’ accuracy.

The plug-in highlights the whole website red, yellow or green and does not give any information about the confirmation or denial of certain news’ accuracy.

The MintPress portal has done a research, according to which the NewsGuard tries to maintain its image of candid and objective arbitrator of truth and reliability in mass-media, but has founders and financial supply from people, who are pretty close to the USA government structures. 

Idea Number 4

Facebook announced a total fight against the fake news.

By Tessa Lyons, Product Manager:

Over the last year and half, we have been committed to fighting false news through a combination of technology and human review, including removing fake accounts, partnering with fact-checkers, and promoting news literacy. This effort will never be finished and we have a lot more to do. Today, we’re announcing several updates as part of this work:

•Expanding our fact-checking program to new countries
•Expanding our test to fact-check photos and videos
•Increasing the impact of fact-checking by using new techniques, including identifying duplicates and using Claim Review
•Taking action against new kinds of repeat offenders
•Improving measurement and transparency by partnering with academics

Despite that Facebook representatives declare successful attempts of fighting the fake news, many users still get blocked without any justified reasons, and fake news gain more and more popularity at the Facebook platform. Being a monopolist at the fake news market can lead to bad consequences.

Idea Number 3

YouTube hasn’t found a unified method to fight the fake news and decided to allocate 25$ million as grants for other people, so they could find the proper way to fight the fake news.

The company is planning to cooperate with news agencies and experts. Authoritative news sources will also get the financial support. YouTube decided to fight conspirators with the help of video-hosting users’ content interference. So, YouTube will add links for corresponding articles on Wikipedia and other accurate sources. 

Idea Number 2

Brazilian project Comprova – has joined many journalists and also has gotten support from the biggest social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

In Brazil, we’re building on that work with the launch of Comprova, is a collaborative reporting effort to verify disputed news online and share verified information back to the public during Brazil’s presidential election season. The initiative will be a joined collaboration with the First Draft, a project of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School, Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism), Projor (Institute for the Development of Journalism), Associação Nacional de Jornais (National Newspaper Association), and 24 newsrooms and organizations. The work is crucial to the efforts of our recently launched Google News Initiative, which works alongside news organizations around the world to elevate quality information and combat misinformation.

First Draft has built technology specifically for this project so that newsrooms can monitor misinformation networks and collaborate online in real time. This will make it easier for newsrooms across Brazil’s massive land area to work together on an unprecedented scale. They will produce visuals, like sharable images, gifs and short videos designed specifically for smartphones, to be published on the main Comprova site and partner websites.

Idea Number 1

The Notm project is already at the ICO stage and to date it’s one of the best ideas, realization of which will help to fight the fake news efficiently. 
The main idea of the Notm project is that creating, editing, confirming or denying the news is available for every user, who is in the location where the event happened. In this way, the final version will be accepted by the majority of people, who were the witnesses of an event.

The Notm platform can be compared to Wikipedia, but the authors also have to confirm their geolocation. The project has announced 2-step location checking – with GPS and LBS. It’s very important for the modern world to get the accurate news, that’s why the Notm platform phenomenon is an essential thing. Notm can become a leader in the news section and the main competitor of Facebook when implementing the roadmap plan.


Bitcoin Recovers as market hits $7 billion!

The Bitcoin price spiked from $3830 to $4030 by around 5 percent the sudden increase in the price of BTC led to the other major crypto assets to spike in value. Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS and Stellar recorded gains in the range of 3 to 12 percent on the day, demonstrating solid momentum over the last 24 hours. 

With a $7 billion increase in the combined value of cryptocurrencies, the market has initiated a decent short term price movement. But, as the ccryptocurrency trader with an online alias said, the valuation of cryptocurrencies would have to break out of the major resistance levels in the range of $160 billion to $180 billion to call for a convincing short term rally.

For three months, the market has hovered between $100 and $140 billion. As seen in the yearly chart below, short term volatility in a low range doesn’t present a proper accumulation period. Many traders anticipate an increase in market capitalization to $180 billion as a potential catalyst for a mid-term rally. Even a recovery to $200 to $250 billion range could still leave the market vulnerable to a future additional drop in value. There exists several catalysts in the likes of the schedules launch of Bakkt, the US SEC’s decision on the VanEck BTC exchange traded fund (ETF) filing, and the development of Nasdaq’s BTC futures market that may contribute to a potential rally of cryptocurrencies in the 1st quarter of 2019.

However, the probability of the three events materializing within the next two months is slim. Bakkt is already delayed the launch of its futures market. Hester, a pro-crypto commissioner, said the investors should not wait on the approval of the ETF as it could be days or years.

The Estonia based exchange is making headlines as it gears up for its imminent launch on January 7th. Also on day one, the platform plans to offer tokenized stocks backed by real shares of 10 of the biggest companies on the Nasdaq: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla etc. The digital stocks will be based on the actual shares held by MPS MarketPlace Securities and holders will be entitled to the same cash dividends. Traders will be able to buy and sell the digital stocks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sidestepping the traditional open and closed nature of the stock market. The platform will give foreign investors a new way to enter the US market. The exchange will launch will zero trading fees and says 500,000 people have pre-registered to start trading when it goes live.

Summary: Challenges Ahead for crypto!

The market need more than a short-term rebound. While positive it doesn’t have to alter the ongoing trend. Cryptocurrency needs to reach its November levels. That’s $230 billion in valuation and around $6000 for Bitcoin. Until then, it’s a unique challenge to declare a trend reversal or an end to the bear market.

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Coinone Transfer launches Cross, Ripple powered payment app.

Coinone Transfer which is a subsidiary of the Korea based Crypto exchange Coinone has launched the country’s first mobile payment application powered by Blockchain known as Cross. It utilizes Ripple’s cross border payment technology xCurrent.

xCurrent helps in lowering the cost and increasing the speed of transfers to Thailand and Philippines.

This app is a kind of remittance app and is the first which is powered by advanced technology for quick remittances catering to almost two million immigrants of South Korea. This app is available for Cross customers with a Thai bank account and they can receive payments directly within few seconds by providing them with link to PromptPay. It provides a safer transaction service with reliability and transparency. It is unlike the traditional banking.

Coinone Transfer uses Ripple’s Blockchain network, RippleNet, which is a connection formed between Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) based in Thailand and Cebuana Lhuillier based in Philippines. It helps in an improved, efficient and cost effective payment services across countries.

In near future Coinone Transfer plans to expand the service across Southeast Asia.

As South Korea has large number of immigrants, there was a need to provide the people with better remittance solution. This initiative by Coinone transfer will ensure cheaper and faster transaction.

bitcoinnews board

Neufund partners with Ledger to create security token platform

Neufund has entered in to the partnership with Ledger to launch a secure Blockchain Platform which will facilitate users to manage their real world security tokens. The security tokens are generally the digital assets that are backed by real assets such as artworks, shares, bonds, etc. those who holds these tokens get paid on the basis of the performance of their underlying assets.

Neufund is a Germany based end- to end security token platform. It enhances the real world assets with legally enforceable security tokens on the Blockchain, while Ledger is a France based manufacturer of hardware wallets for Cryptocurrencies.

This partnership will integrate the Neufund issued digital assets based on ERC20 with a developing ledger application. It will enable users to manage real world assets on the Blockchain and create the safest user experience for investors. ERC 20 integration will be in Ledger’s new desktop application, “Ledger Live”, which will allow users to manage any tokens issued using Neufund’s protocol and platform. Users can manage their Neufund account through ledger wallets. Currently the ledger hardware wallets are the safest way to set up and manage investments conducted through Neufund’s set of protocol.

This functionality will target high level investors.

Both these partners are also looking forward to organize an “open legal technical hackathon” in Paris to explore even more solutions for managing tokenized crypto assets.

Neufund will also be launching its own security token offerings (STO) in December itself.

bitcoin news board press release

Cryptocurrency Press Release – Bitcoin News Board

The cryptocurrency press release is a service offered by the bitcoin news board or any other Crypto news provider. The press release itself tells it is an official press statement released by the company, firm or any other unions.

The cryptocurrency press release has the ability to change the market value of any cryptocurrency product.

It will hugely have an impact on both fall and pump of any coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

What is the use of  Cryptocurrency press release

The primary importance of Cryptocurrency press release is Latest updated news on product/project/ coin directly from the company. Since it is genuine news it has the ability to turn the value /price of any product.

Investors, buyers or sellers will always be Much alerted about press releases because they have the greater chance of making a profit or about future investment plans.

 Which are the top Cryptocurrency websites

There are many cryptocurrency websites, they release the official press statement of the company. In that only few are genuine and have the credibility of users and they are in the industry from past two years and plus. NewsBTC, Cointelegraph, CCN, Altcoinlalerts, bitcoinnewsboard etc. They will provide top class news and Listings. Having an enormous crypto industry experience, worked with the most successful ICOs.

Since bitcoin news board offers the best news and the listing services in the industry also the offers services like ICO calendar, ICO Listing, ICO press release, banners, they provide the best Crypto news in the industry.





Incent and Gfinity brings Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to esports.

Incent (INCNT) is the Cryptocurrency start-up. It has partnered with Gfinity Esports Australia, which is currently building a competitive framework within Australia esports. This partnership will bring Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to live esports broadcasts.

New as well as existing Australian people or fans who will now watch Gfinity Elite series will now be rewarded for their time and levels of engagement with Incent token known as INCNT tokens. These tokens are built on top of the waves (WAVES) Blockchain.

Incent’s general Crypto reward which offers reward for the shopping is already occupied by 5000 individuals members with over 400 merchants. But as of now the company is integrating esports into the platform with an embedded stream already in live.

Esports and Blockchain are a great combination, both fans and players will be able to interact and share value in an entirely new way. Players get the popularity/fame and fans get the reward in form of tradable tokens for watching them.

Also, as esports is a fast growing, global phenomenon which sees large number of crowds tuned towards watching the games online, this partnership between INCNT and Gfinity will yield a great result. The partnership will also see the companies build the world’s first live broadcasting rewards platform powered by Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

About Incent (INCNT):-

Incent is a Blockchain technology company from Sydney Australia. It is Australia’s first Cryptocurrency. This currency is used as the reward value for any action. These rewards are for engagement and interactions with the brands and people they love. This facilitates the connection between customer and business in a meaningful way.

About Gfinity Esports Australia:-

Gfinity Esports Australia delivers Australian gamers and fans a clear and structured competitive framework within Australian esports


Bitcoin Latest News

Bitcoin Bullish News

Technically, BTCUSD is ranging and down 0.1% in the last day. But this has been the case over the last couple of weeks. At spot price, BTC is down 75% from the 2017 peaks and combined with an expectant market, chances are Bitcoin prices could recover. The neutral stand is because despite the attempts of higher highs in the last 3 months, prices are still confined within a tight $1500 trade range with clear resistance and support. We retain a bullish outlook, thanks to the strong support trend line of the last four months.


Cryptocurrency startup Bakkt, heralded by many as the gatekeeper to wider cryptocurrency adoption, has announced that it will bring its BTC futures trading into operation from December 12, 2018, subject to regulatory approval. The Bakkt platform has investors in a feverish state because of the tangible impact it could have in opening up the market. This supports market integrity and differentiates effort from existing futures and crypto exchanges which allows margin, leverage and cash settlement. The company is being backed up by Intercontinental exchange’s proving that the Bakkt’s secure global platform will connect investors, merchants and consumers, making it easier and use digital assets.

Fidelity Custody

Fidelity investments has announced the launch of a new company dedicated to providing cryptocurrency services including custody and trade execution, The services will be available to institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices and market intermediaries. The services offered are in the 3 areas, institutional grade custody, trade execution and dedicated client service. Fidelity stated that its solution consists of vaulted cold storage and an access to control system which was described as multi-level physical and cyber. $7.2 trillion in client assets, and they have announced a new and separate company called Fidelity Digital Asset Services.

CoinBase Custody

CoinBase Custody’s mission is to make a digital currency investment accessible to all financial institution and hedge fund in the world. It has pioneered leading crypto storage techniques and is responsible for the custody of more than $20 billion in crypto assets. The unique features include on-chain segregation of crypto assets, split, offline private keys that require a quorum of geographically distributed agents using cryptographic hardware to sign transactions. Also supports multiple layers of security.


ETF’s are exchange traded funds whose shares track the price of an underlying asset. One of the main advantage of commodity backed ETF’s is allow investors to not worry about custody of the underlying assets, as the ETF take care of the custody. A BTC ETF would create a new investable asset class for many institutional market participants.


A new crypto platform aiming to compete with Bakkt by offering regulated crypto custody solutions to retail and institutional investors. The platform is backed by TD Ameritrade, Digital Currency Group, CBOE and others. ErisX aims to capitalize on a similar niche as that of Bakkt and allows users to trade BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. Future contracts traded on this platform will be physically delivered.


Swiss Alps , BNB

Swiss Alps Energy Project

Swiss Alps Energy AG is the ONLY company with a revolutionary answer set aside to half of its power costs by utilizing mining cubes only by a sustainable power source and ORC recuperation of waste warmth from the mining equipment. This represents an answer for a worldwide issue for a global problem facing the industry. The lowest boiling point of water at high altitudes where the mining cubes are situated makes energy recuperation significantly more productive. This makes mining essentially more gainful, secures Swiss social legacy, and saves energy.

What Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) Entails?

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a distributed ledger-based energy supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are expected for long-haul stationary use. Consequently, SAE preserves unused buildings in the Swiss Alps and utilizes them sensibly without impedance with either assembling structure or the earth.

Swiss Alps Energy AG is Swiss Alps Mining and Energy working business. Individuals from the group originate from fields, for example, blockchain innovation, cryptocurrency mining and hyper-ledger applications designers and pros, and in addition structural specialists, framework architects, and energy experts. The group has effectively created and propelled a few items, arrangements and applications dependent on the blockchain innovation. The organization is as of now experiencing the application stage with the end goal to wind up an individual from a Swiss self-administrative association (SRO).

The Idea Of SAE

Out of its extraordinary position as an accomplished Swiss supplier of blockchain innovation and hyper-ledger-based business applications, Swiss Alps Mining and Energy endeavours to:

  • advance blockchain innovation and its uses to the general public
  • be an electricity supplier using the distributed ledger technology
  • give customers/outsiders the decentralized framework to develop their own blockchain-based activities
  • address natural issues related to crypto mining around the world
  • bolster the nearby economy in Swiss alpine territories and encourage the advanced change in these regions

The SAE Mining Modular Cubes

A complex particular modular framework permits Swiss Alps Energy AG to manufacture and execute pre-assembled dust-secured mining segments nearby.

SAE potentials

Switzerland, a protected country with high ecological benchmarks set up, is developing into the focal point of blockchain innovation. Because of a decent and modest supply of sustainable power source, Switzerland is an exceptionally alluring area for mining offices as beneficial mining is conceivable.

SAM Energy

Swiss Alps Energy AG utilizes sustainable power source only. Long haul entire deal buying understandings and the administration of the organization’s own little hydropower plants take into consideration an exceptionally productive task of the mining offices. This is particularly noteworthy since energy costs represent a noteworthy piece of the aggregate expense of crypto mining, and conventional mining facilities prevalently utilize grimy fossil energy sources. We are persuaded that the up and coming age of power matrices will be shrewd and adaptable. Through the decentralized framework, they will be encouraged by private sustainable power source suppliers also.

The Future Of SAE

Swiss Alps Energy AG gives the establishment to numerous future-arranged applications: money related resource authority and exchange, item following through blockchain and IoT in coordination and transportation, electronic records in social insurance, and character administration to rearrange the KYC procedure for any possible industry are only a few precedents of how circulated record innovation can be utilized. Moreover, SAE has built up a practical idea to address the crumbling of social resources in Alpine territories, while in the meantime supporting their economy and advanced change.

Swiss Alps Energy needs to utilize void structures in the Swiss Alps to make financially savvy and eco-accommodating mining focuses. Bitcoin mining devours monstrous measures of energy. It requires more energy than the Republic of Ireland and produces 20 megatons of CO2 discharges, or, in other words, the effect of one million transoceanic flights, as per The Guardian. The carbon impression of this energy escalated process and its developing power bills are considered among the hardest issues looked by the digital money network. Diggers around the globe are looking for arrangements that would make the business more economical and guarantee its long-haul improvement.

Considering that, Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) has conceived an arrangement to convey mining gear in a great many void premises over the Swiss Alps to lessen both power utilization and mining costs. The imaginative framework created by the organization permits introducing blockchain foundation in deserted old structures once utilized for cultivating. The adaptable particular mining squares – the purported Swiss Alps Mining (SAM) Mining cubes – are built from pre-created structures and are associated with a focal stage that screens their execution and characterizes ideal parameters for augmenting benefit. SAM blocks are independent and can run consequently.

At high altitudes, the boiling point of water is much lower, which implies the mining cubes will expend less energy. Another good perspective is low outside temperatures, so this common cooling alternative will make extra cooling frameworks superfluous. Aside from that, the organization offers the imaginative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) framework, which will produce power from the waste warmth of modern procedures and mining itself. These variables will permit an extraordinary decrease in energy utilization and enhance mining benefit.

There is another motivation to convey mining offices in Switzerland. This nation is popular for its open-arms way to deal with blockchain advances and computerized resources. Also, Switzerland has a long custom of utilizing hydropower. It is an inexhaustible, modest, and dependable wellspring of energy, accordingly ideal for mining forms. As of now, there are more than 1,400 little hydropower plants available to be purchased in Switzerland. By acquiring these offices, SAE will make a decentralized power supply framework and turn into a distinct advantage in the mining business.

SAE will enable people and organizations to purchase or lease SAM solid shapes. Obtained units can be conveyed and worked either in the Swiss Alps or somewhere else. The organization evaluates the potential profit for ventures at 360% out of three years of activity. SAE clients will gain admittance to the SAM Smart Mining system or SamaiX – an AI-based arrangement that tracks mining results and ceaselessly distinguishes the coins most beneficial to mine. The framework influences proposals to diggers so they to can modify their activity likewise.

SAE set its first SAM cubes to work in February 2018. At present, the organization is searching for empty houses to begin leasing mining cubes in the coming months. Toward the year’s end, the units will be accessible available to be purchased.

ICO subtle elements

The organization propelled the private deal in May. General society introductory coin offering begins in June, with 311 million SAM tokens to be issued. They will be perfect with the ERC20 standard and accessible for buy with BTC and ETH. The hard top is set at $96 million overall crowdfunding stages. 2nd stage of Bounty campaign is currently on.

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RealAtom, BNB

Top Blockchain Applications Making Waves in Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is comprised of many different types of service providers, including property management, brokerage firms, banks, and other types of lenders. When a CRE transaction takes place, there are various operators involved, requiring extensive sharing of official property documents, and financial information which need to be validated. The requirements for validating all information across all parties slows down the speed of each transaction, which can take weeks and months to complete. Many CRE firms have turned to blockchain to speed up execution times, decrease error and increase transparency in each transaction.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a way to store and transfer information in an encrypted manner by distributing data instead of copying it in a central location. Blockchain does so through a cloud, peer-to-peer network that eliminates the need for a third party, which ultimately reduces transaction fees. A digital ledger is then created and updated with each financial transaction in blocks.

There are plenty of benefits to making transactions and transferring data using blockchain as the technology is not controlled by one central entity, such as a central bank. This means that breaching these blocks is extremely difficult, maintaining the sanctity and transparency of its transactions and data.

Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which offer speedy and low-cost ways of sending and receiving money.

Faster Transactions

One of the most exciting ways blockchain is disrupting the CRE world is in the form of smart contracts. The industry currently relies on an inefficient system of old-school verification of property ownership by conducting research to ensure the property belongs to the party who is selling it.

Blockchain can reduce the speed in which the chain of custody regarding CRE properties takes place as a property’s title would be stored on a public ledger. This would remove the need for another central repository, thus reducing transaction, state, city and legal costs. The same principle would apply for leases that would be recorded via blockchain.

More Transparent Deals

Blockchain can also ensure that real estates assets are more liquid and the terms of the agreement are fully understood by both sides as every piece of data regarding a property would be stored publicly. This includes data surrounding former owners, construction done on the property, past maintenance costs and records regarding former inspections.

Having all this information available would give the investor a more comprehensive idea of the property they are investing in. Blockchain essentially ensures that everyone is on the same page and both sides are fully aware of what they’re getting into as every piece of information is out there for anyone to access.

Digital Paper Trail

Another challenge with the CRE industry is the fact that public records can be outdated, unreliable or not available. Following a property’s paper trail can be time-consuming and frustrating as a lot of this information is lost due to poor organizational skills from industry workers and legacy systems that lose data when updated.

With blockchain, every piece of information on a property would be available in the same place rather than in multiple physical and digital domains. Blockchain would also help to eliminate the type of fraud that sometimes exist in the industry as deeds and titles can be counterfeited easily.

Buying Property With Cryptocurrencies

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain to complete financial transactions online in a matter of seconds. Some investors and real estate firms have started adding Bitcoin to the industry, including Ivan Pacheco, who bought a two-bedroom condominium in Florida for $275,000 in Bitcoin.

In the residential space, you can buy a condo on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Bitcoin. Meanwhile, some apartments in New York City are allowing their tenants to pay for rent using Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have been historically volatile and they’ve been on the decline since peaking in December 2017, but some investors believe that the future of real estate will be closely tied with Bitcoin and other digital coins.

Nevertheless, blockchain’s role in the CRE industry is becoming more prevalent each day. The technology’s potential to speed up transactions with smart contracts, its ability to add transparency to a deed or title and the fact that it dramatically decreases the chance for fraud suggest that more investors will flocks towards firms that use blockchain for CRE transactions.

This article first appeared on RealAtom.