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BORA, ENP GAMES, UNIT5, and WISEPEER Partner to Accelerate the Development of Blockchain-Based Services

BORA’s development of blockchain-based services accelerates with the collaboration of companies such as ENP Games, UNIT5, and WISEPEERBORA works with Klaytn, Kakao’s block-chain project, to expand their blockchain ecosystemBORA’s CEO states, “We’ve been focusing on technology development and partnerships, and we’ll be introducing a variety of real-world services applied with blockchain technology this year.”

On January 18th, blockchain-based digital content platform BORA (CEO Lee Seung-hee) announced that a collaborative project applying blockchain technology to partner services is on track.

BORA has been working with various companies to integrate blockchain technology with their services and has ramped up development efforts to move forward with each release.

ENP Games, the company that operates game portal PUPU Games, is currently developing a new DApp release with BORA called “Wall Break Puzzle: Ball-Bader,” provided through Google Play. In the new blockchain-based version, users will be able to purchase items using BORA tokens and earn BORA tokens as compensation for winning games in battle mode.

UNIT5, winner of two gold medals at the 2017 Google Play IndieGames Festival and “Best Casual” category at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, is also looking at new markets through use of the BORA platform. UNIT5 is working with BORA to launch a new service and casual lineup in 2019 called Cubie Adventure. Through their partnership, the company will add rewards, achievements, and ranked battle services. Users will also be able to purchase and collect items using BORA tokens. In the future, UNIT5 plans to release a new genre of games in cooperation with BORA that expand the current capabilities of blockchain technology.

WISEPEER, famous for music streaming service Monkey 3 Music, is currently developing a new streaming service called ‘Momople’ which utilizes BORA’s blockchain technology. WISEPEER will implement functions that link playlists with BORA tokens. This feature will allow users to send BORA tokens through community activities to friends along with their own playlists. Receiving users can enjoy the playlists according to the conditions set by the tokens.

Through partnerships, BORA is actively working to expand technical capabilities and develop a strong, blockchain-based digital content ecosystem. As part of these efforts, BORA has recently signed an official partnership with Klaytn, Kakao’s blockchain project, and is working closely with their team in areas such as service operation and technical development. In addition, the two companies will continue to work together to maximize the capabilities of their platforms, and it is expected that more DApps will follow in the wake of Klaytn’s Ethereum-based BORA services.

BORA CEO Lee Seung-hee said, “So far, BORA has focused on developing technologies for building blockchain ecosystems and partnerships with companies in various fields that can utilize them… With full-scale collaboration with our partners, we will introduce real-world services applied with blockchain technology to the market this year.”

To learn more about BORA, please visit the links below:

BORA Lagoon testnet 

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World WI-FI provides free wi-fi in the crypto world

Everyone is not ‘addicted’ to the internet, but one my say that all the errands and businesses are now run through the internet and the internet gives a lot of reach. Wi-Fi has become the main source of the internet now. We can see the progressive enhancement of the virtual world now taking a step into cryptocurrency. This idea has led to a unique development of a blockchain called World WI-FI which is a project on a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network. It is based on private routers that are typically residential routers. Now, the personal and individual router owners can share their excess Wi-Fi capacity and allow guests t connect and in this process, the said owners can earn cryptocurrency for his sharing capacity.

World WI-FI has three main players in this chain. First is the main individual router owner who would provide the secure access to the internet. Second is the guest owner who would use the internet access by the individual router owner and view the ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Finally, the third player is the advertiser who would deliver their ads to their target audience through the individual router owners for which they would pay to the router owner is cyptocurrency. World WI-FI is not going to build an actual hotspot(s), but will offer router owners an opportunity to act as a service provider and earn additional revenue by sharing the internet access capacity.

World WI-FI saw many problems that the layman faces in accessing the internet. Mainly with the difficulty to use mobile internet, the users usually find private locked Wi-Fi networks which are impossible to connect to. World WI-FI overcomes this issue by enabling maximum area of residential housing using home routers and stimulate distribution of free internet. The second challenge faced by the people are the cost of the internet access. The blockchain project will enable FREE wi-fi access worldwide as the guest user would just have to view a small ad of 10 – 15 seconds as pay for the internet access. The last challenge is the lack of financial resources. Almost everyone likes to make additional money, especially if it involves sharing an asset that they already own. World WI-FI provides accrual of tokens for ad views and hence, the said user earns and earns.

The token of WeToken would be sold for its Initial Coin Offering. With the rate of 1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in World WI-FI = $0.1 USD. The token sale starts on the 18th March, 2018 and a total number of 600,000,000 WT will be issued. Out of the said tokens, only 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase.

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South Korea has no plans to ban cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide, the cryptocurrencies are increasingly into the spotlight. South Korea is nothing that has refrained from commenting. The country has also come up and announced its views, happenings, regulations on cryptocurrencies. Here goes:

Recently, the country has thrown down the gauntlet on cryptocurrency speculation. In the initial days of this week, the country’s Financial Services Commission enacted a series of rules that it hopes will reduce room for cryptocurrency transactions to be exploited for illegal activities such as crimes, money laundering, and tax evasion.

Learn more about South Korea’s problem of illegal activities here:

In the country, a defense sector did come into the picture:

  • The Defense Ministry has reportedly warned soldiers against trading cryptocurrencies.
  • The military may view cryptocurrency trading as a form of gambling as crypto exchanges have gone largely unregulated in the country.

Earlier this month, the government proposed banning all cryptocurrency trading. The move set bitcoin prices plummeting and caused mass panic. But finally, a disclosure is out which concludes that the country has no plans of banning cryptocurrencies but will closely regulate them.

The announcement follows reports earlier this month that the country was considering shutting down trading because of tax evasion (as mentioned above), which led to massive disruption on trading platforms around the world. However, the government does plan to tighten regulation and crack down on illegal practices within the area.

It’s not yet clear exactly how the government plans to tighten regulation, although it has now imposed new rules that stipulate only real-name bank accounts can be used for trading, which it hopes will help tackle money laundering and other crimes.

The FM’s exact words were, “There is no intention to ban or suppress cryptocurrency” and highlighting that the government’s immediate task is to regulate exchanges.

Reinforcing Seoul’s intent to tighten the screws on a market widely seen as opaque and risky by global policymakers, the country’s customs earlier this week announced it had uncovered illegal cryptocurrency foreign exchange trading worth nearly $600 million.

Therefore in conclusion: Rules in South Korea that tackle anonymity and money laundering in the cryptocurrency space take effect this week.  The rules bring greater legitimacy to the cryptocurrency markets and are positive in the long term, market participants say. Plans to introduce regulations in South Korea had spooked investors earlier this month.

Let’s see whether or not South Korea well with the crypto-world.


What is Canada’s say on cryptocurrency?

In Canada, cryptocurrencies can essentially be treated as money, a commodity, or even income. This makes things quite difficult. According to a report by a law firm, the current regulations on cryptocurrencies are not enough and people are struggling to figure out how they should be reporting these transactions.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau said his country isn’t planning on making changes to existing tax code to deal with cryptocurrencies. Rather, the main focus will continue to be on “making sure that we understand what’s going on underneath that market, to make sure that we aren’t introducing any risks into our economy, whether they be risks like money laundering or terrorist financing.”

Right there, in Canada, decade-old tax rules with no specific provisions for cryptocurrencies are being applied to a fast-changing online technology that presents its own complications. The existing system generally considers Bitcoin a commodity, and profits can be either a capital gain (half of which is taxed) or fully taxable income, like a salary. Really, it depends on the facts and circumstances of a particular taxpayer.

On the other hand, the Canadian governor warns people to stay away from virtual currencies saying, “Buyers should beware, it’s much closer to gambling than investing.” He said regulations will eventually come and they will be developing regulations around this space in due course while they’re being careful to do here is to not stifle innovation.

Read the talks with Poloz here:

Meanwhile, news like these are running the errands: Fried chicken chain KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin – for a limited time and for a cryptocurrency-themed bucket of chicken, that is. The limited-time marketing move sees the Canada-based chain advertising “The Bitcoin Bucket” complete with a Facebook-based live-tracker of the standing price for the product, which works out to roughly 20 Canadian dollars depending on the exchange rate with bitcoin.

Also, the Canadian government has launched a trial to explore the use of blockchain technology in making government research grant and funding information more transparent to the public.

It has been noted that Canada may soon be able to count itself among the world’s prime cryptocurrency mining destinations. Canada might be able to solve Bitcoin’s energy problem, as cryptocurrency mining becomes more prevalent, mining operations increasingly use more energy.

Let us wait to watch the picture of Canada with cryptocurrencies.


How are cryptocurrency markets and Stock markets Different

We have heard a lot about the Cryptocurrency market which is in the trend, and we keep a-wondering how it is different from the normal money market. Everyone wants to invest in some form or the other, earlier before the virtual world introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies, people were head over heels for equity and shares. Now, the investors have more exposure and ideas where they can put their money.

Both the cryptocurrency market and stock market run on the simple ideal of the demand and supply theorem. The prices are determined by demand and how much people are willing to pay for the share of any company. In the case of equity markets, you actually get hold of a share and know how much the total market capitalization is but this is different from the crypto market. In the crypto market, a person invests in the technology or the currency in the manner they want to see it, but they never really get to be a part of the ownership of the company. The stock market allows a person to trade securities, but the cryptocurrency market is much wider and includes both currencies and assets.

The cryptocurrency market is much much younger than the ideal stock market. In the crypto market, new competitors can enter very easily which brings down the life mortality of the old currencies. The old currencies die much faster than the old businesses die in the stock market. There are higher risks of security in the cryptocurrency market because everything is virtual here. Nobody really knows what is happening behind the screens and how everything is being dealt. Yes, it may seem easy but is it really that secure? Hacking and phishing is one of the main threats and the loss of data goes side by side along with it.

Now to speak in numbers and data, equity markets globally continue to outperform the cryptocurrency market. Hang Seng Index, one of the top equity market set up in Hong Kong is advancing 2.8%. In the case of equity, Ethereum (ETH) is 1.4% higher than what it was in the previous week. Overall, the whole cryptocurrency market remains with lower vitality and therefore, its price is less predictable.

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Construct a policy, not a product is the method taken by Otcrit

Construct a policy, not a product is the method taken by Otcrit

Several companies are unsuccessful when they emphasis all their effort and expansion on one single product or a service. Every single market is altering quickly and trying to be good at only one thing is not sufficient for the highly challenging customers. The problem comes when a good product misses its acceptance or the customer base has substituted to an entirely new trend.

Subsequently, the markets are touching faster than we can respond, the time it takes for any association to design and progress an innovative approach frequently means losing too much money and clients. In today’s extremely competitive space this can mean the end of any company. This very much applies to the crypto-market as well but on a much lighter scale.

A very considered marketing approach plus a compact suggested board often leads to huge gains and ICOs funded in seconds. What we’ll see trendy in 2018 and the years to come is the achievement of the productions that are constructing ecosystems, not a single product. People don’t want to just purchase books from Amazon, they need to purchase anything they can think of – and in the meantime why not add a streaming service that you can control from your AI assistant. This is why Otcrit is not constructing a product, but a platform. A place where clients will be obtainable with a range of services that they frequently don’t see coming from one company. They are directing to be an all-in-one solution for traders and investors while keeping the ecosystem harmless from projects that are here only for the rapid drive.

All that is trendy in the cryptocurrency market is completely normal for such a new space, but the group is looking at the better picture. Otcrit is constructing a policy that will last as long as this market happens and offer the community with apparent and operative business model. Shortly we will see the commencement of the second wave of effective blockchain projects – the ones that actually reach some sort of acceptance and provide a working product.


New cryptocurrency index CRYPTEX20 has been launch

A team of investment managers from Russia, Yekaterinburg, led by Vasiliy B., Dmitry K and Nikita Kutsenko have launched the website that indexes cryptocurrency market. The main goal of the building this kind of  index is to create indicator, by which private investors, cryptocurrency funds and traders could to describe the general direction and speed of digital tokens rocess. CRYPTEX20 could become a benchmark for funds, which accumulate investors’ money to buy the most liquid tokens. It also would enable passive investors to put their money in funds that follow the index, and get financial results corresponding to the dynamics.

Due to this work format, investors will be able to get a diversified portfolio and to avoid all risks by incompetent managers , that are always have, in case of active management funds. Investors will be able to compare the profitability of their investment with average dynamics of the cryptocurrency market for the evaluation of efficiency and expediency of the choice of one or another cryptocurrency fund.

“CRYPTEX20 uses the world practice of building S&P500 index based on the greatest assets capitalization that help provide usability, objectivity and transparency for all stakeholders: investors, funds, managers, media, etc.”, – say index creators.

The index is built on the basis of TOP 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, using the website And it contains a binding accounting rule of trading volume, which provides to include in the currency index trading volume that must be exceed trading volume of 30th currency on capitalization for the last 7 days.
The base value of the index has been selected number 100, it is easy to be read, if the growth of the cryptocurrency market over $ 1 trillion.

“The index is a living organism, so it will be updated and improved constantly. Soon we are going to switch the index on update data mode every second, and integrate the widget that allows any outside website easily connect charts and the value index at its online resource”.