Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) protocol REMME has released its sidechain testnet demonstrating the strongest use case for enterprise blockchain.

12 of September, 2018: REMME, developer of the blockchain-based access management solutions, announced its sidechain testnet open for public testing by enterprise and developers. REMME testnet is giving businesses the taste of the benefits blockchain bestows in regards to security and transparency.

Since completing token sale this February, REMME development team has been focusing on perfecting its proprietary REMChain for distributed Identity and Access management (IAMd) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) requests. The release of sidechain testnet means REMME technology is ready for testing in a full-scale business environment.

Commenting on the milestone, REMME CEO Alex Momot admitted: “The interoperability of the public blockchain and sidechains brings the unique synergy to shape the future of enterprise adoption for the technology. The sidechains that we have developed enable businesses to store key (certificate) data in a decentralized manner, eliminating single points of failure and allowing for integration with the existing enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, Accounting software etc.), while public REMChain assures authenticity and high-level security protecting the data with strong consensus algorithm Proof-of-Service.

As a result, enterprises enjoy the multiple benefits of blockchain technology, still working within the framework they are accustomed to. We now look forward to demonstrating the efficiency and security of this system for storing keys (certificates) data as we introduce a community to sidechains.”

A pilot program receiving applications since October 2017 has attracted interest from almost 300 global enterprises seeking to trial REMME PKId protocol and passwordless authentication system. Applicants are ranged from small IT companies to fintech firm with more than 500M users and a telecom company with 640M customers. REMME now encourages the op-dev community to join and contribute to the open source REMME Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol further development and implementation.

The testnet version has a number of features including the REMchain block explorer for checking block and transaction status in real-time, REM tokens to perform operations within the testnet, REMChain node monitoring connected to five nodes all over the world, and REMME WebAuth demo application. The next phase of development to be introduced in Q4-2018 implies the public REMChain powered by a network of master-nodes operating under a custom Proof-of-Service consensus algorithm.

The culmination of intensive R&D by REMME development team, sidechains are the clearest sign to-date that distributed PKI and access management systems will be successfully adopted by businesses. Blockchain will act as a network of trust providing a viable alternative to the password-based systems.


REMME is an enterprise-grade distributed Public Key Infrastructure and Access Management platform that replaces traditional access approach based on passwords with digital certificates. It utilizes different PKI standards/protocols (e.g. SSL/TLS, x.509, etc) and blockchain technology to protect the entire channel from attack and to help IoT, financial infrastructure, MedTech, and blockchain companies address the problems associated with access security failings.

REMME Key components are: REMChain, REMME’s public blockchain with a Proof-of-Service consensus algorithm, and decentralized applications (DApps) built on top of it and incentivised by REM token.

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Rockz, bnb


The Swiss company Alprockz AG announced the development of a new financial and technical tool, powered by the Ethereum blockchain-based platform to provide financial services by issuing ROCKZ stable coin. The Alprockz platform will allow users to benefit from a stable coin used for fast and economic monetary transfer around the world. Among the key features will be the conversion of cryptocurrency into a reliable & stable fund in real time, along with opening up limitless opportunities for market makers to switch to a new base currency.

ROCKZ (RKZ) is the stablecoin, backed by a national currency the Swiss franc (CHF), which will be issued at a ratio of 1:1. At the same time, the company-issuer ROCKZ AG will store 90% of its reserve funds in CHF banknotes in high-security Swiss bank storages. Another 10% will be placed in storage in various Swiss banks to ensure coin’s liquidity. This will give to the issuer credibility, and when it comes to Rockz holders — confidence that the digital asset is backed by fiat money.

Thus, ROCKZ eliminates the main shortcomings of the cryptocurrency industry and solves two major issues: forming a reliable bridge between digital assets and the traditional economy, by recording profits, while they remain in the crypto market. The main difference between ROCKZ and, for example, Tether is the absolute transparency of financial reserves. It reduces the risks of the counterparty’s default.

The Alprockz platform will allow users to benefit from a stable coin used for fast and economic monetary transfer around the world.

ROCKZ сryptocurrency is fully backed by Swiss franc and is compliant with national and international legislation following the cryptocurrency regulation. Alprockz AG is registered in Zug, owned by Swiss investors, and is audited. Monitoring and confirmation of the fiat-backed concept of ROCKZ will be carried out monthly with the publication of a report. A list of financial intermediaries and bank vaults providing stability to Rockz is available at any time.

ROCKZ AG will work with regulated trading counterparties, mainly based in Switzerland. ROCKZ holders have to pass the standard KYC process. Financial reserves that serve as ROCKZ provision can not be invested or used otherwise to generate additional income.

ROCKZ team, which includes large financiers and IT developers, expects that the new fintech service will be in demand in the following niches:

  • E-commerce: ROCKZ can be a convenient method of payment, along with payment services like PayPal and Webmoney in view of the stability of the underlying asset and low commissions within the network.
  • Investments: ROCKZ can be a store of value asset.
  • Money transfers: ROCKZ can become a reliable tool to facilitate cross-border transfers in view of low commissions and low volatility in the market of $ 65.7 billion (excluding corporate transfers).
  • Banking: Based on ROCKZ, you can create a large number of financial instruments: loans between platform users, bank deposits, etc.

ROCKZ stable coin backed by Swiss Franc — the most stable currency in the world should become a more attractive financial tool than its competitors — Tether, TrueUSD or Dai, all backed by the US dollar.

The ROCKZ monetization model, proposed by the developers, includes not only commission fees for the conversion of ROCKZ to fiat, but also the issuance of partner licenses to market makers, which turns the platform into a full-fledged financial service, in contrast to competing financial intermediaries.

As a result, ROCKZ receives not only financial stability based on the Swiss franc, but also protection from exchange rate manipulation. This fact can make it the most reliable and predictable cryptocurrency.

Alprockz AG will launch an ICO in Q4 2018 to develop further the company and the platform. The platform which has been built to develop ROCKZ will be able to host further financial products in the future. The company plans to add other stable coins backed by EUR and KRW in 2019.

As a service provider Swisscom (listed on the Swiss Exchange, ticker: SCMN), will provide the digital identification services of ROCKZ users. This will allow ROCKZ AG to conform to strong Swiss regulations. Furthermore, Swisscom’s daughter company Swisscom Blockchain AG supports as the technical provider of the tokenization. It provides the infrastructure to onboard the participants in the token sale (launchpad, compliance process), the smart contract and the infrastructure to issue the token.

As the founder of Alprockz Alexey Borichev stated: “The reason for choosing a Swiss provider is in the regulatory aspects, which we must respect, as a corporation registered in Switzerland and launching a token sale.”

More details about the Alprockz platform can be found at

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Images courtesy of Alprockz, Shutterstock.


One Million TMTG Giveaway after IDCM Lists TMTG Token for Trading

A wonderful opportunity for the TMTG traders has arrived through the hands of IDCM! TMTG traders using the IDCM platform have the chance of accumulating more TMTG tokens from 14:00 August 29, 2018 to 14:00 September 7, 2018 (HKT). The traders who have accumulated Buy volume of 1,333 TMTG or more will receive TMTG tokens that amount to 1% of their accumulated Buy volume. The traders on IDCM can receive up to 333 TMTG tokens.

IDCM or International Digital Currency Markets is an active exchange that combines the positive aspects of centralised and decentralised exchanges to offer a unique secure trading platform. The Alliance members are enjoying higher trade volumes with the amalgamation of encryption technology, profound among the banks and AI security systems. IDCM exchange, a subsidiary of IDCG is the first to come up with the idea of a consensus mechanism and implement it.

The Process of Listing the Tokens on IDCM

IDCM does not list all the tokens on their trading list. Tokens that have passed the voting protocol are welcome to join the trading list of IDCM. The IDCM exchange alliance group takes part in the voting and the process does not allow one single exchange to have complete authority. It is based on a consensus mechanism such that the traders are prevented from being the victim to pump-and-dump of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

TMTG was put on the list of IDCM on 1st August 2018 on 23:00 (HKT) to allow the crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors to make TMTG deposits, withdrawals as well trade the TMTG/BTC pair.

An Introduction of TMTG on IDCM Exchange

The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG) has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain to experiment and transform the infinite possibilities of gold, a real value asset, into a cryptogram. The TMTG project focuses on implementing blockchain technology in an ecosystem where the transaction of real goods can be done through TMTG and MDG (electronic certificate). Through this platform, virtual money can be exchanged for fiat currency and tangible goods. The Digital Gold transactions will be done through the TMTG tokens and the user can dispose the purchased gold bars anywhere.

The One Million TMTG Giveaway

The TMTG traders trading the token on the IDCM platform during activity time will be given a ranking. The ranking of the TMTG traders will be based on the trading volume that is calculated by

Buy volume + Sell volume – Self-Trading volume

The traders who make it to the top-50 list will receive the following rewards:

#1: 20,000 TMTG

#2: 10,000 TMTG

#3: 5,000 TMTG

#4-10: 2,000 TMTG

#11-20: 1,000 TMTG

#21-500: 500 TMTG

To be ranked in the top-50 list, however, the TMTG traders on IDCM will need to have a trading volume of at least 1,000 TMTG. And, for the top-3 traders, the individual trading volume should score above 50,000 TMTG.

Another Opportunity on the Bay for the Traders on IDCM

The traders using the platform of IDCM are more than welcome to invite their friends to trade on IDCM. If they do so from 29th August to 7th September, then they can enjoy up to 30% of the trading fee commission.

The traders can invite their friends to sign up on the IDCM exchange platform through their exclusive QR code or invitation code. They will be rewarded with 20% of the trading fees they generate at the time of trading tokens as commission.

The traders will get an additional 10% as commission if their friends invite their friends (second-tier friends) and they register on the IDCM platform. The traders who had invited their friends first receive 10% of the trading fees their second-tier friends pay while trading, as commission.

Rules common for Both the Activities

  • Time to take advantage of 14:00 August 29, 2018 to 14:00 September 7, 2018 (HKT).
  • The traders from all the alliance exchange group, all the IDCM users can participate in both the activities.
  • The participants in both the events will receive the allotted rewards within 7 working days after the completion of the events.
  • If the activities of any user are found suspicious and are cheating, then the IDCM team will strictly disqualify them from the events. Moreover, their accounts will be frozen.
  • IDCM reserves the right of final interpretation of the activities.

Media Contact:

For business inquiries:

IDCM Hong Kong office: Room 1206, Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR



DINNGO Hybrid Exchange Announces Bluetooth Integration Between Cold Wallets and Mobile Devices to Change the Way we Trade Digital Currencies

28th August, 2018, Singapore, Malaysia – When it comes to trading digital currencies, the need for security is always front and centre. Many users waste countless hours connecting offline wallets to slow and inefficient decentralized exchanges, just to feel their money is safe and secure. DINNGO removes the hassle – and will be the first exchange in the market to offer seamless bluetooth integration between offline (cold) wallets and mobile devices. This means that users will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on their exchange securely, and at the click of a button – wherever they are.

The DINNGO Solution

CEO Hsuan-Ting Chu, a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple VC funded businesses, and his experienced team, are building an exchange which will provide a customizable interface, address long-standing customer support issues associated with major exchanges, and increase efficiency in the way we trade crypto.

‘We see an obvious gap in the market with what is currently on offer to crypto investors and traders. We want to provide a secure, efficient and reliable exchange that can deliver all the peace of mind that comes with a decentralized exchange and the user experience of a centralized exchange. The way our mobile app integrates with our cold wallet is unique, and we think it can change the way people trade crypto’ – Hsuan-Ting Chu, DINNGO CEO.

Alongside Hsuan-Ting are COO, Blake Ho and Chief Blockchain Officer, Ben Huang. Blake brings with her years of experience working in operations and marketing at Citi Bank and Ben was the core developer of Gcoin and DiQi. With an experienced team behind them, DINNGO aims to launch the BETA version of their exchange in Q4 2018, before their official launch in early 2019.

DINNGO Private and Public Sale

To raise funds for the effective marketing and deployment of the revolutionary platform, DINNGO will be conducting a token sale of their DGO token, split over two rounds. The private pre-sale is nearly 70% sold out, with some big name backers coming onboard. YK Chu, managing director of WI Harper(Venture Capitalists) has invested in the project alongside other exciting partners. For nearly three decades, WI Harper have backed visionary entrepreneurs in both the US and Greater China regions, having invested in over 350 companies and have seen more than 100 successful liquidity events.

The DINNGO token sale will open up to the public on 16th September 2018 and the whitelist is currently open. The DGO token is a utility token which supports the DINNGO ecosystem. Holders will not only enjoy a 50% discount on transaction fees, but will receive premium trading functions on the DINNGO exchange and access to numerous Airdrop campaigns.

Please visit the DINNGO website and read the whitepaper for more details on key features, the token sale, and the team.

Check out the DINNGO Website –
Chat on Telegram –
Read the Whitepaper –

Media Contact Details
Contact Name: Star Fan
Contact Email:

Jubiter / PR

Jubiter lets anyone with a credit card easily step into the world of crypto

Jubiter is proud to announce the launch of a free and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Following extensive research, investors can now buy crypto with just a credit card, put their crypto to daily use with Jubiter’s native debit card, and enjoy an enhanced sense of security every step of the way. 

What can you do with a Jubiter wallet?

With a Jubiter account you can buy up to 500 (USD, EUR, GBP) worth of Bitcoin or Litecoin. We also got rid of the sluggish identity verification process, so anyone with a credit card can easily step into the world of crypto.

Our value-added services are fully aimed at optimizing each investor’s customer experience. We implemented the most advanced security measures and we keep 97% of all cryptocurrencies in cold storage by default, so you can rest assured that your digital assets are invulnerable to malicious attacks.

Our coming-soon native debit card will enable holders to put their crypto to real-world use, whether it’s daily transactions or ATM withdrawals.

We’re all about making crypto available to all, so we encourage users to invite friends to benefit from Jubiter’s unique services through the Jubiter referral program, and enjoy privileges like better commissions.

Jubiter is incorporated in Estonia and fully regulated by the Estonian financial authority. It is a fully-licensed cryptocurrency-to-fiat currency exchange service, as well as a virtual currency wallet service. It has an SB status in FinCen and its services are available to the U.S., the E.U., and to an additional 161 countries.

We understand that our most valuable asset is you, the user. To ease your entrance to the crypto sphere, we’ve set up an exceptional customer service that is available to you via toll-free phone numbers, live chat, email or social media. Our support team is available from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM until midnight EST.


Contact: Richard Brockhume,

Argyle , PR

Argyle Coin Becomes the First Cryptocurrency Ever to be backed by a Performance

Bond and Fancy Colored Diamonds Worth $25 Million 

Argyle Coin, a blockchain based platform to buy and sell fancy colored diamonds, will protect its investors by two measures viz. a performance bond and $25,000,000 worth of fancy colored diamonds. It will also be the world’s first ever cryptocurrency designed specifically to execute smart contracts for efficient online trading of fancy colored diamonds.

August 25, 2018

Following the recent announcement of its blockchain and token (RGL), Argyle Coin has now emerged as the world’s first ever cryptocurrency that backs the investors fully with a bond as well as fancy colored diamonds worth a whopping$25,000,000. The objective of this platform is to create an efficient online marketplace for financing, trading, and paying for valuable diamonds, leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Diamonds have always been extremely popular amongst the wealthiest of investors across the globe. However, the industry has suffered due to the lack of a global currency capable of facilitating these multi-million-dollar international transactions at the desired speed. Argyle Coin is all set to overcome this limitation of the industry with their blockchain powered online marketplace complemented with a proprietary wallet, coin exchange, and multilateral financing facility.

Argyle Coin also has the distinction of being the first ever cryptocurrency to be designed specifically for the purpose of facilitating smart contracts for superfast online trading of colored diamonds. In addition to normal sales and purchases, these smart contracts will also pave the way for fractional ownership of the most expensive fancy colored diamonds.  This will undoubtedly broaden the global diamond market with the inclusion of interested retail investors and collectors that are not able to afford an entire multi-million-dollar diamond.

Argyle Coin’s RGL token stands out from its competitors by backing the value of its tokens by something tangible, fancy colored diamonds worth millions of dollars. To be specific, $25 M purchased by the principals and 60% out ICO Funds in fancy colored diamonds will be held by Malca-Amit’s, a leader in vault administration. Storage and access to these diamonds will be audited by an independent auditor that will publish a biannual access report and a yearly insurance statement.

In the near future, Argyle Coin plans to create the company’s own Coin Exchange to ensure convenient and secure online access to RGL tokens for the clients. The users will also have their digital wallets to interface with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. By building a comprehensive trading infrastructure, Argyle Coin is looking to deliver a robust, always-available, global trading market for fancy colored diamonds.

Based on the Ethereum network, Argyle Coin token (RGL) is ERC-20 certified, and utilizes a new blockchain based on Ethereum Code to develop smart contracts. In order to provide the initial inventory for smart contracts, Argyle Coin has recently joined hands with renowned fancy colored diamond dealers such as H. Siegel Fine Auctions, Rare Colored Diamonds, and several others.

Argyle Coin Corp is the brainchild of Jose Aman, an international financier with over twenty-five years of experience in the diamond industry. He was introduced to the crypto currency in 2013 by his now Chief Information Officer Anthony Eusebio. Argyle Coin was born out of Jose’s need to increase the e-commerce footprint of the diamond industry and vision to offer a stable cryptocurrency based on fancy colored diamonds.

Expressing optimism about the future of Argyle Coin, Jose said, “I see a future with Argyle Coin flourishing as an e-commerce token used online and in the real world not only for diamonds, but for every possible scenario where tracking, escrow, investments, buy and sell will be done efficiently.”

To find out more about Argyle Coin, please visit

About Argyle Coin: Argyle Coin is the first cryptocurrency to offer the public an opportunity to be directly buying and investing in the growing fancy colored diamond market. The company is in the process of creating a new platform to buy and sell fancy colored diamonds through a secure, effective and fast system. It is an end-to-end solution with its own token and systems of verification, trading and tracking of diamonds.


Anthony Eusebio –

fetch / bitcoin news board, crypto news


22 August 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom – The team of Fetch.AI, Machine Learning and blockchain developers who are creating a brand new environment for Autonomous Economic Agents to autonomously exchange value, today announce their intention to hold an ICO during the second half of 2018 and opens the whitelisting process for the ICO.

The ICO will be carried out by Fetch.AI Foundation Pte Ltd, Fetch.AI’s Singapore subsidiary, The whitelist for the ICO has now opened and eligible participants can sign up at Contributions for the ICO will be collected in ETH only via a secure, user friendly, online widget.

The total hardcap for both the public and private aspects of this fundraising round is set at $30 million for 20% of Fetch tokens.

Overall, the total number of Fetch tokens to be minted is set at 1,152,997,575. A large number of tokens are required to enable large numbers of micro-transactions taking place within the Fetch.AI network.

The Fetch token is the key method of value exchange on the Fetch network. It is required for all network exchanges and autonomous economic agents use it in order to perform certain tasks on the network. For example, Fetch tokens allow agents to access the digital world and are used to fund tasks such as data processing via AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

This announcement comes two days after Fetch.AI’s first code release of its scalable ledger concept – see blog post: Another milestone passed: the first code release. This code release focuses on the Remote Procedure Call infrastructure and transaction processing which is core to the ledger and is a critical building block of the Fetch.AI protocol.

The proceeds of the Fetch.AI ICO will be used to fund:

  • The development of the Fetch.AI system, comprising its unique and highly scalable Smart Ledger, its massive decentralised Digital World and Autonomous Economic Agents.
  • Building a team of leading AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Computational Economic talent. Fetch.AI has already grown its team to 30 experts drawn from academia and leading technology companies. Fetch expects the team to reach 60 outstanding minds over coming months.
  • Academic partnerships. Fetch.AI has already partnered with the University of Cambridge and Warwick Business School, in addition to forming relationships with UCL London and Imperial College. Adding to this and strengthening existing academic partnerships will help Fetch accelerate the development of its network.
  • Corporate partnerships. Fetch.AI is already part of the MOBI consortium of major automotive manufacturers representing 70% of the world’s auto manufacturing capacity. Investing in proof of concept deployments of Fetch with major corporations is a key priority for Fetch.AI.

Details regarding individual caps for whitelisted participants, more detailed token metrics and a thorough explanation of the Fetch token’s utility within the network are available, within a new paper. See

For more details on the announcement please visit:
Join the official Fetch.AI Telegram channel for the latest updates:


Fetch.AI provides the next-generation, digital trading platform where AEAs representing individuals and their assets, product manufacturers and service providers can find each other, interact and execute unsupervised economic transactions. They operate in pairs or as collaborative, multiple parties to construct solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s complex problems.

Adaptive, self-organising Machine Intelligence is at the heart of Fetch.AI’s decentralised network. It delivers the proactive search for solutions and the promotion of supply or excess capacity with actionable predictions and constantly-evolving trust information. It enables friction-free, autonomous value exchange to make consumers’ lives easier and to optimise product & service provider operating structures.

Powered by innovations such as the world’s first ‘Smart Ledger’, Fetch is the missing, critical infrastructure for emerging market places and future economies.

This does not constitute an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any tokens contemplated herein. The offering for sale or purchase of any of the tokens described herein has not been approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or any other regulatory authority. Individuals in certain jurisdictions may be restricted from purchasing tokens pursuant to other terms and conditions associated with any offering of tokens.

Cointelligence / bitcoin news board

What Does It Take to Create a Good ICO Rating?

Some things are easy to rate. If you go to a movie, you can make a ruling on how good it was based on your own enjoyment of the film, and perhaps on how good the cinematography and acting were. However, some things require some real work to rate accurately. ICOs are one such thing. Let’s take a look at what goes into developing an accurate and reliable ICO rating.

First, You Need an ICO List

In order to rate ICOs, you need to have a list of ICOs awaiting ratings. An ICO list on its own is a valuable tool for the cryptocurrency community, as it collects ongoing and upcoming ICOs in one place so potential investors have a great place to start their research. Especially given the difficulty of advertising an ICO, thanks to ad bans on most major platforms, it could be hard to find new ICOs to invest in without a list.

Maintaining a list of ICOs requires having reliable web hosting, a well-designed website, and some method of updating your list, whether via inviting ICOs to submit themselves to your list, using a web crawler, or manually searching and adding ICOs that interest you. If you use user-generated or bot-generated content, you need to have a human on your team overseeing it in order to avoid the sort of sloppy, embarrassing errors that can occur without fact-checking.

Then You Need a Panel of Experts

For an ICO rating to have merit, it needs to have been created by someone with the credentials to judge the trustworthiness of the project. You could have a single expert do all of your ratings, but the staggering number of ICO projects out there might prove a daunting task for one person. Plus, if you have only one rater, they are only drawing on their own knowledge, and the ratings may also be influenced by their own biases.

Ideally, you should have a panel of experts, drawn from several industries. Knowledge of cryptocurrency, business, law, and investment could all be beneficial for an ICO rater. Additionally, you might want to have some people on your team who are skilled at research and have a love of fact-finding, as it may take some digging to find all the details about an ICO’s team.

When choosing your panel, it’s imperative that you vet them thoroughly. Be sure that they actually have the experience and expertise that they claim to have. Only hire people who are suitable for the job. Resist the urge to give a job on your expert panel to an old friend or favorite cousin who needs work. Remember that when you make someone an expert on your site, you are vouching for their knowledge. It could reflect poorly on your site if you employ so-called “experts” who proceed to make uneducated comments about cryptocurrency on social media, or use their position at your company to get speaking engagements or jobs for which they are not qualified.

There are two approaches you can take to having a rating panel. One is to share the identities of everyone involved, in order to showcase their expertise. The other is to keep your rating board anonymous, in order to protect them from bribery and harassment. Both are equally valuable, and you may want to discuss with your potential raters what they would prefer before making a final decision.

You Need to Establish Your Criteria

To bring it back to the movies, different genres are judged on different criteria. You would judge a comedy on how funny it was, but that’s not really a concern for a documentary. ICOs, on the other hand, should all be judged by the same criteria, and an ICO rating site should apply those standards evenly.

Some sample criteria include the quality of the ICO’s team, the merit of their idea, and how realistic their goals are. A rating might also take into account marketing and social media engagement. While many industries might consider a receptive online audience to be nice but not always necessary, an ICO’s audience says a lot about them. If the project has been received well by the cryptocurrency community, it speaks well to its potential success. On the other hand, if a project appears to only be gaining traction with crypto-newbies who are convinced they’re going to get rich, it may not be a trustworthy ICO.

Your criteria should be clearly displayed and explained, so users of your site understand why a particular ICO has been rated as good or bad. After all, different potential investors will be more or less risk-averse, and some may see certain criteria as less important than others.

You Need to Research, Research, and Research Some More

Remember that team of experts you hired earlier? They’d better enjoy researching, because there are so many things that need to be investigated before rating an ICO.

Just considering an ICO’s team, you first have to determine if the people who are listed as being involved in the project are actually involved in it. If they don’t list the project on their LinkedIn profiles, are they not actually affiliated with the program, or are they ashamed of their involvement? Either one is a definite red flag.

It’s not enough to just discover if someone actually works for an ICO, though. You also have to follow up and see if they actually have the experience and skills they claim to have. Are they qualified for their role at the ICO?

Beyond that, your team will need to read the whitepaper to determine its quality and the validity of the proposed project. They’ll have to check GitHub repositories to inspect the project’s code. Someone will need to have a look at how well the project is engaging with investors on social media.

Of course, if all of that seems like too much work, you could just do a surface-level amount of research, make a rating based on your initial impressions, and then suffer the fallout when you inevitably give a good rating to an obvious scam.

You Need to Choose an ICO Rating System

How will your ratings be expressed? The most popular options appear to be rating them on a scale of 1-10, or 1-5, or using letter grades. However, you could come up with your own unique rating system if you wish to stand out. Whatever you use, it’s important to make it clear and easy to understand if you want your ICO listing and rating site to be popular.

It’s also beneficial to prominently display the rating, as we live in the “too long, didn’t read” era. Many people will simply scan the ratings without reading the more detailed information. Additionally, the crypto community is international and multilingual. You may have visitors who have only limited literacy in your native language, so be sure your ratings can be understood even through a language barrier.

You Need to Stand By Your Ratings

If you’ve chosen a good team, a good set of standards, and good research procedures, you should be confident in your ratings. You shouldn’t change them based on how other sites have rated the same ICO, pressure from the ICO’s team, or a discreet payment under the table.

This means you need to own up to your mistakes, too. While most scams can be spotted with proper research, the crypto community has been rocked by a few instances of legitimate-seeming, promising projects turning out to be well-executed exit scams. When this happens, some sites are quick to rush in and change their ratings to lower than before, so they can pretend that they saw it coming all along (as long as no one has any pesky screenshots to prove them wrong).

Admitting your mistakes is an important part of growth. If you give a good rating to a project that your team couldn’t find any flaws in, and it turns out to be a scam, use this as a learning experience. Was there some area of research you had neglected that could have turned up some dirt? Did the scammers use some particularly clever ruse that you can look out for from now on?

Integrity stands for a lot in this industry. Stand by your ratings, and stand by your team. That said, also expect the best from your team. If you discover that someone is accepting payments to change their ratings or otherwise engaging in shady behavior, you are responsible for cleaning house. Even one corrupt rater on a team of dozens can tarnish your sites reputation.

Finally, You Need to Spread the Word About Your ICO Listing

There are already a lot of sites out there which list and rate ICOs. If you’re new to the field, you’ll have to work hard to establish a good reputation. The same bans that stop ICOs from being able to advertise on the major social media platforms may impact you as well. In fact, before you expend all the effort to make a rating system for ICOs, ask yourself… “What am I bringing to the field?” Do you have a special area of expertise, or a great idea for how to improve on the existing model? Then go for it! Otherwise, you may want to ask yourself if your talents might be better applied to some other aspect of the crypto industry.

To visit Cointelligence’s ongoing and upcoming ICO list click here.

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To publish your ICO click here.

Author: On Yavin is the Founder and CEO at Cointelligence, the data layer for the crypto economy. He has extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor, as well as more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Having earned the reputation of crypto expert, On continues to contribute to this industry in ways that advance cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. On uses his deep hands-on experience and knowledge of SEO, PPC, and ORM to create successful online marketing strategies for ICOs, crypto, and blockchain companies.

Company name: Cointelligence

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Pure-Diamond / Bitcoin news board

Pure Diamond Farm Singapore to Implement ICO to Fund Its Made-In-Japan Lab-Grown Diamond Business with Blockchain Technology

Singapore, 15th August 2018 – Pure Diamond Farm Singapore will be implementing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its Pure Diamond Coin by end of the year to kick-start its made-in-Japan lab-grown diamond business using blockchain technology.

Pure Diamond Farm team has succeeded in generating lab-grown diamond led by Pure Diamond Lab Co. Ltd., a production and Research & Development firm in Japan.

“Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities of lab-grown diamond have developed a technique to produce rare diamond including colour diamond such as red diamond, blue diamond, and rainbow diamond,”  said Hideyuki Abe, the president of Pure Diamond Lab Co., Ltd., the first lab-grown diamond maker in Japan.

Pure Diamond Lab Co. Ltd. will utilise blockchain technology to store and trace the data of each lab-grown diamond such as its origin, certificate, date and time of creation.

“The market scale of global jewellery diamond is about USD 80 billion. For thousands of years, it has been reigning over the social status and market value of jewellery industry. In the synthetic diamond market, world market scale of diamond for industrial use is about USD 16.2 billion,” said Chris Yang, the president of Pure Diamond Farm Singapore.

“Pure Diamond Farm Singapore will introduce its cryptocurrency, Pure Diamond Coin that is associated with its lab-grown diamond. The token connects the lab-grown diamond by blockchain and is distributed by the token. It is supported by the physical lab-grown diamond, hence unless the value of diamond declines, the token value does not depreciate,” he added.

“We aim to use Pure Diamond Coin in the real world to make transactions in the supply chain. This means Pure Diamond Coin can be distributed in the diamond market and be utilised to purchase everyday products,” he said.

Pure Diamond Farm Singapore will conduct presale for Pure Diamond Coin from 1st – 25th September 2018 followed by Phase 1 from 5th – 20th October 2018 and Phase 2 from 1st – 15th November 2018.

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