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Silicon Valley Elite Duran Liu Uses Atlas Protocol to Break Blockchain’s Marketing Value

“There must be a marvelous business model, like the one of internet search advertising, that will be born during the wave of blockchain revolution” this is one of the most impressive statements from Duran during the interview.

Duran Liu is the co-founder of Atlas Protocol, the head of Nebulas Labs, and a former senior engineer of Google Headquarter. During his tenure at Google, he led multiple machine learning application projects at Google Play and Cloud Firebase. He was also a senior engineer at Free Wheel and helped produce the earliest mobile video advertising products. Additionally, he worked in IBM as a software engineer at the development lab. Duran graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The fast development of blockchain has attracted more and more Internet veterans to join this industry. After the era of “getting super rich overnight” is gone, Duran still decided to stay in the industry. What has been his experience in blockchain?

A Utopian Experiment

In 2009, Duran Liu was still a Software Engineer in IBM China Development Lab and first got to experience Bitcoin because of his curiosity towards new technology. At the time, the general belief towards Bitcoin is that after ten years–either bitcoin will become very popular, or it will be worthless. Duran only took part in this “Utopian Experiment” as a participant, but he did not realize the value of this new technology at the time.

Just like the plot in the drama “The Big Bang Theory”, Duran received some free Bitcoins through community, and also tried to mine Bitcoin on his personal computer. But because the computer that had stored the information of his wallet was formatted, he lost what could have became a huge fortune in later days.

“Even though a few years afterwards, when I heard about the steep rise and fall in the price of Bitcoin, I still believed that blockchain was a big bubble, until 2017.” Duran said.

It was the time when smart contract ICOs became popular in the blockchain industry. On the one hand, the price of Bitcoin kept climbing up and started to fork, media coverage was everywhere. On the other hand, blockchain project teams started to present their technology work and build up their communities. The discussion about blockchain technology and digital currency got more and more popular in Google.

“Nebulas was one of the earliest teams from China to present blockchain technology at the Google headquarter in Silicon Valley. It was my first time getting to know the core concept of Nebulas–Nebulas Rank, after having seen a technology introduction post from Nebulas in Google’s internal forum. I thought the Nebulas Rank sounds similar to Google’s famous PageRank searching algorithm, which was interesting.” Therefore Duran decided to reach out to the Nebulas team.

Right then Nebulas co-founder Hitters Xu was having a discussion  about innovation of blockchain with Professor Shoucheng Zhang from Danhua Capital at the coffee shop by Stanford University’s golf course. After having listened to their discussion, Duran highly agreed with Nebulas’ technology concepts. The internet is an information network. PageRank algorithm indexes and ranks information, while blockchain  is a value network that can do similar work. Nebulas Rank offered a measuring standard of blockchain’s multi-dimensional values.

Why Join Blockchain?

“When you see a space shuttle, don’t ask what seat you will get, just jump into it.” Duran said , “This is what Google’s early employees all agreed.” It is no surprise that he was amazed by blockchain’s fast development. In less than ten years, the whole digital currency market has already reached multi-billion dollar of worth, earlier this year its value even surpassed Google’s market value.

When hearing Hitters Xu’s speech in Stanford University, Duran was very excited. He could see the opportunities and challenges in blockchain. It was at that time that he decided to go all in on blockchain in the coming five to ten years.

Google and Facebook were both interested in blockchain and have established a dedicated department for this technology. However, for a public chain project, technology, community, and token are all required. Big publicly listed companies, like Google, face a lot of constraints in the newly developed blockchain market and are not flexible enough to get into communities and tokens. They can only get involved from the technology perspective, and therefore they will have a limited scope of success in this new sector.

The seven years spent in Google were more like another college experience for Duran: living condition was self-sufficient there, and it was a purely technology community. “You could just focus on technology and do not worry about anything else in Google. But maybe because I spent too much time there, I felt a little bit of disconnection from outside world” Duran said.

When Duran realized the opportunity was very precious and exciting, he decided that it was time to leave Google.

Idealist Mentality

When talking about the reason why he has joined Nebulas, Duran said that it was because he was convinced by Nebulas’ technology vision.

He expressed his willingness to go into the blockchain industry when he first met Nebulas co-founder Hitters Xu. “Hitters suggested that I should buy some crypto assets first to experiment.” Duran took the advice and bought some cryptocurrencies. He thought that if his thoughts towards blockchain were not correct and that blockchain was not the future, then the financial loss will be considered a lesson learnt. It turned out that in less than a week, the market plummeted, the cryptocurrencies that he had bought lost a significant amount of value.

It was from this moment that Duran started to truly understand blockchain. He started to read white papers and to learn programming in blockchain. He was amazed by its core technology, the spirit of geek, and passionate communities. Blockchain’s true believers do not mind the price fluctuation between digital currency and fiat money. He thinks that based on the current trends, the blockchain industry will become even stronger in the future.

After having talked to Hitters Xu, Duran deeply felt the similar idealist mentality that he shared with Nebulas’ founding team. “As a serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry, Hitters had financial freedom long time ago. But the whole team still work very hard. This is because they deeply believe in the future of blockchain technology” Duran said.

Therefore he decided to dive into blockchain without hesitation. After joining Nebulas, Duran participated in the architecture design of Nebulas version 1.0 and then led Nebulas Labs to incubate projects in Nebulas ecosystem and extend cooperation among different blockchain ecosystems. Duran has experienced the expansion of the Nebulas team from 10 employees to more than 100 employees. The lifestyle is drastically different from the time at Google, but he never regrets it.

Original Blockchain Interactive Marketing

The main idea of the Atlas Protocol (ATP) project comes from a lot of pain points in the industry that the team has experienced. For a blockchain project team, there is no effective technology platform in the market for marketing and promotion. Traditional Internet advertising channels have closed doors to digital currencies and blockchains. If no one like Atlas Protocol (ATP) does anything now, these ideas will still eventually appear in the future. But as a blockchain visionary, the Atlas Protocol team has spotted the opportunity in advance.

The Nebula Labs, along with the XGoogler Blockchain Alliance (XGBA), were able to put together a team of former Google colleagues to create the Atlas Protocol (ATP) project. As the co-founder of the project, Duran really appreciates the opportunity to create the future with the team. He believes that in the wave of blockchain revolution, there must be a wonderful business model similar to internet search advertisement.

According to Duran, the marketing needs of blockchain projects have to be addressed with blockchain solutions. This is not the same as Internet marketing. And there is no need to impose a blockchain’s mindset on an already existing Internet marketing system. The CPM/CPA of “classical” internet advertising, tracking conversion and ROI model are not directly mapped into the world of blockchain. Because there is a huge difference between the Internet and blockchain usage and applications and there is a big difference between offchain and onchain target users, even if we try to apply Internet principles to blockchain, it will hardly be effective. It is not a zero-sum game and the Atlas Protocol and the current traditional digital marketing market can co-exist.

Some people consider that the current blockchain advertising market is relatively small. Just like 8 years ago, when FreeWheel started making mobile internet advertising video products, it was also widely believed that the iPhone was too expensive, 4G was difficult to get to mainstream, and smartphone application market was too small. Therefore, we should look forward and believe in the future potential of blockchain.

Over the past year, many technology professionals from the top mobile Internet companies have decided to join the blockchain industry and to embrace the changes that the blockchain technology brings to the world. “Investing in cryptocurrencies and getting rich overnight is a very partial interpretation of the blockchain industry. Blockchains rely on technology and algorithms, it is a restructuring of social relations and redistribution of value made possible by technology.” said Duran.

For Google, the evolution of the business model from PageRank algorithm to AdWords and AdSense is natural. Similarly, from the Nebulas Rank to the Atlas Protocol will also be natural. Duran strongly believes that the Atlas Protocol is the future direction of the original blockchain interactive marketing.

“This is also the idealism that we believe. No matter how much turbulence and impatience the industry experiences, we will never forget our original vision.” Duran said at last.

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Ganapati Launches New ICO

Ganapati Group has announced the creation of an ICO with their subsidiary company GanaEight Coin Ltd. in Malta on Saturday, July 7th 2018. These tokens (G8C, G Eight C) can be used in online casinos.

Ganapati PLC, the parent company of Ganapati Group, is listed on the UK NEX Exchange market. It also has subsidiaries and offices in Malta, Estonia, Los Angeles and Curaçao. Ganapati’s subsidiary company in Malta has an online casino license (BtoB license) issued by the MGA. Ganapati Malta supplies unique online slot games that combine Japanese content with traditional European iGaming experience. Ganapati has become an international hit and received 4 gaming nominations within the past 2 years. These include a finalist nomination for Pikotaro’s Pineapple slot game as best casino product in the prestigious Global Gaming Awards 2018 in London. At UK’s largest casino industry event ICE Totally Gaming in 2018, the company was chosen as one of the 10 must see companies in the industry.

Malta is one of the world’s leading hubs for online casino and cryptocurrency businesses. The law allowing cryptocurrency has recently been approved thus Malta is expected to become the land of blockchain. This means that promoting cryptocurrency in this country is a major advantage. Recently, some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance have relocated their head offices to Malta as well.

The biggest feature of GanaEight Coin Ltd. token is that it can be used on its own blockchain to bet and play. It does not require GAS (transmission fee) and it’s not necessary to exchange tokens for chips. It’s likely that most online casinos will be using blockchain in the future. We are developing an online casino platform based on proprietary blockchains that blend our unique IT technology, knowledge of finance, Japanese content, casino experience, and knowledge in the online casino industry.

Pre-sales are planned to be launched in Q1 of 2019. After the announcement of this project, details will be revealed as they are decided.


Ganapati PLC
Toshitaka Nakajima

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Serenity Releases Beta Version of Blockchain Escrow on July 11th

Serenity has announced the launch of a beta version of escrow for financial markets.

This is the first system of this kind that is able to store investors’ funds on a smart contract and protect them from all sorts of fraud and risks associated with misuse of funds and unreliability of intermediaries that provide trading services on financial markets.

The release of Serenity escrow took place on 11th of July 2018. Beta version of escrow contains a publicly available smart contract, which stores customer funds. The smart contract code can be found on GitHub. At the start, customers will be able to make deposits in Ethereum. Escrow will be used by Grand Capital broker immediately after the launch of the beta version.  The company was the first to support the project and actively promoting it. The funds for the development of Serenity blockchain escrow were collected during round of ICO ended on March 7th, 2018.

According to the founder of the project Stanislav Vaneev: “Escrow, which is being created by the Serenity team, is a universal instrument that can be used for mutual settlements in any sphere of business, which expands the scope of the system and increases its attraction. Now the team is developing proprietary Serenity exchange, the beta version of which is expected this fall. The development of escrow and exchange takes place with full accordance to the roadmap which can be found on Serenity website.

Serenity team has extensive experience and knowledge of foreign exchange industry, owing to what we can anticipate that the system will become the main guarantor of trustworthiness of broker-trader relationship. Serenity developers were guided largely by the needs of Forex traders when creating the escrow. They achieved success – the project was loved by community, it was supported by both traders and an impressive number of prominent brokers and financial institutions, the names of which are published on Serenity website.

Anyone can test the escrow system. In order to do this, you will need to open a Standard trading account with Grand Capital broker, where you can trade classic currencies and single stocks CFDs. At the moment, the Deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out only in Ethereum.  You can open account and deposit funds from the Serenity Member’s Area.

Vasily Alexeev, CTO of the project: “the Beta version is just the first step in the development of the project. This milestone is very important for us, because now we can regularly show the community our progress in development of the system, launching new features and improving the whole system. I want to thank all the members of the community for their patience and belief in the project.”

Follow the progress of the exchange and escrow development on the Serenity Telegram channel and in the Roadmap section on our website. We would also like to remind that SRNT tokens can be used to pay for escrow services and partial payment for services of partner companies.

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World’s Largest Blockchain Loyalty Program Launches in Australia

Monday, June 25, 2018, Sydney Australia – Australian blockchain company EZToken has announced the launch of its global cryptocurrency loyalty program (EZToken Rewards) in Australia. EZToken Rewards is currently the world’s biggest blockchain loyalty program, based on the size of its network. Members are rewarded with EZToken cryptocurrency rather than loyalty points for transacting with participating retailers.

Unlike loyalty points, the value of EZToken constantly changes as EZToken is actively traded on digital exchanges around the world. With real potential to become one of the most popular loyalty currencies in the world, members who earn EZToken can hold the digital currency, trade it at participating retailers or transfer to other EZToken Rewards members. EZTokens are also more efficient than traditional loyalty points, as they never expire.

Hoa Nguyen, Founder of EZToken Rewards had these words to say about the program

“I strongly believe cryptocurrencies will replace points and miles as the dominant loyalty currency around the world. Consumers want a loyalty program which provides them with value, flexibility on how they use that value and an assurance the value won’t be taken away from them via expiry. Cryptocurrencies are superior to loyalty points as they deliver to all three.”

Philip Shelper, Loyalty & Reward Co CEO also stated some of the benefits that the program can offer its users;

“Loyalty & Reward Co is proud to be providing consulting support to EZToken Rewards for their worldwide launch. We absolutely see the benefits of replacing loyalty points with cryptocurrencies and we’re confident consumers will too. It’s time for the loyalty industry to be disrupted, and EZToken Rewards are leading the way with over 80 retailers already participating in the program using the innovative EZScan© point of sale device which rewards members instantly.”

In late 2017, Loyalty & Reward Co ran a world-first blockchain loyalty research project at the University of NSW which proved rewarding members with a cryptocurrency rather than loyalty points leads to greater member engagement.

Adam Posner, CEO of The Point of Loyalty, has also provided consulting for the project, including insights from their annual Australian loyalty research study;

‘for love or money 2018’ on the opportunity for cryptocurrencies to be an alternative to loyalty points. Posner said, “Our latest ‘for love or money 2018′ research reveals that Australian loyalty program members have an appetite for cryptocurrency as a reward with 36% of members expressing an interest in being rewarded with cryptocurrency instead of points”.

EZToken Rewards have recently partnered with Surpass Business Solutions, accessing up to 3,000 new retailers in Australia to accelerate the growth of their merchant network.

EZToken Rewards generates value for members, retailers, and investors. With EZToken, members can shop at participating retailers and earn on their purchases, thereby generating more revenue for the retailers. As the popularity of EZToken increases, there’s more desire from members to acquire more, which in turn increases the demand for EZToken on trading exchanges, benefitting EZToken investors and all members holding EZToken.

To learn more about EZToken Rewards visit –
Find EZToken on Facebook –
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Check out the EZToken team on LinkedIn –
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Read up on EZToken on Medium –

About EZToken

EZToken is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is the reward currency for our blockchain loyalty program; EZToken Rewards. Ezpos Holding Pte. Ltd created 50 million EZToken and ran a four-round ICO in January 2018, selling 11.5m EZToken to raise over US$10m. Ezpos Holding has over 12,000 retailers in 19 countries currently using their EZPos Point of Sale system, and they are busy recruiting those retailers to participate in EZToken Rewards.

About EZToken Rewards

EZToken Rewards is a global rewards program which rewards members with EZToken for transacting with participating retailers, once they’ve joined the program. As the number of retailers and members within the program grows, the demand for EZToken increases. EZToken will play a central role in mainstreaming cryptocurrency adoption, by developing a large reward program base which acts as a middle layer, allowing for easy and rapid cryptocurrency transactions

About Loyalty & Reward Co

Loyalty & Reward Co are a loyalty management consulting agency which focuses exclusively on loyalty program design & execution for major companies globally. Clients include Optus, Coles Liquor, HOYTS, Sportsbet, Procter & Gamble, HCF, Amdocs, Dan Murphy’s, Macquarie and Sumo Salad.

About The Point of Loyalty

The Point of Loyalty is a customer loyalty consultancy providing loyalty research and program strategy. They commission the annual loyalty research study ‘for love or money’, now in its 6th edition. Clients include Quest Hotels Apartments, Forever New Fashion, Bed, Bath ‘n Table, Advantage Pharmacy Group, Choice Hotel Group, RSEA Safety Stores, RSL VIC and BIG4 Holiday Parks.

About Surpass Business Solutions

Since 1995, Surpass has been in the business of selling computers and laptops and in 2007, extended its range of products adding Point of Sale Solutions and CCTV Cameras with the goal of providing feature rich, easy to use, robust, but still cost-efficient Point of Sale and CCTV solutions to those in the hospitality, retail and payment processing industries. With qualified and well-trained employees, combined with many years of experience, Surpass is constantly making innovative improvements to their software and hardware products, to provide the best sales and after sales service to corporate and retail clients


Media Contact Info

Contact Name: Philip Shelper
Contact Email:
Company: EZToken
Phone: +61 414 210 601
Address: Level 6/11 York St,
Sydney, NSW, 2000


To Launch the Most Complex DApp Ethereum Enters Phase 2

Hundreds to Thousands of Transactions on Regularly

As per the local news report previously it reported that, the open-source developer community of ethereum led by developers like Vitalik Buterin, has been focusing on the major development of layer-two solution Sharding and Plasma, which combined has the potential to increase the Ethereum blockchain network to one million transactions per second.

At a panel discussion in the conference, Joseph Lubin, Co-founder of ethereum said that emphasized that in the near future, this blockchain protocol’s main chain will be utilized as a trust system and layer-two networks will mostly handle the heavy load of processing large amounts of data.

“It is moving into a space where it can serve as the layer one trust system and built into Ethereum we’ll have hundreds of thousands of transactions in the layer two systems and we’re going to see that the transaction capacity is doubled this year.”

Solutions like Plasma and Sharding will increase the security of Ethereum’s layer one protocol to securely process information in a highly efficient manner. In this Plasma operates as a multichain protocol with a network of minor blockchains while processing micropayments as a small payment channel. Simultaneously, it is expected that the integration of the two solutions to create a system wherein any decentralized application (dApp) can be deployed and operate without facing scalability issues.

Already many of the crypto and blockchain projects have employed unique off-chain systems to batch payments and only send transactions that absolutely need to be processed on the main chain. 0x, for instance, operates as a base layer for decentralized exchanges and has been processing most of the sell and buy orders on broadcasting batched transactions decentralized exchanges off-chain so that the main chain to reduce the burden on Ethereum.

Decentralized prediction market platform Augur. Joey Krug founder of Augur described as the most complicated decentralized application, has launched on the Ethereum blockchain protocol after years of development. Augur launch on the smart contract protocol of the Ethereum blockchain took longer than any project currently in existence due to the difficulty of its market on a decentralized network that relies on smart contracts to settle the information.

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Africa’s First Privacy Based Cryptocurrency

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies in 2009, the crypto space had grown and experienced a lot of changes with coins like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and DASH etc. hitting great All-Time Highs (ATH’s). Most of these cryptocurrencies seek to enhance privacy and protect the identity of the owner of each transaction. This was part of the disruption the new peer-to-peer payment system was bringing to the traditional system.

Anonymity of transactions is crucial for users and Bitcoin, the first and leading digital currency affords its users anonymous payments and transactions. However, the underlying blockchain of the digital currency functions as a public ledger, recording all the transactions but retaining that crucial anonymity. But some persons have wondered to what extent it retains its privacy.

Can We Have Some Privacy?

As users of cryptocurrency search for some sort of privacy in their transactions and assets, African cryptocurrency users also seek the same. Most cryptocurrencies that have claimed to be created for the African situation have however been a fallacy. These cryptocurries instead of solving the problem have milked dry the African man who is eager to move out of poverty. This scenario is similar to the one in the Fiat world where every day it is shared in the newspapers and on Tv’s the number of Aids that are sent to Africa yet African is still wallowing in poverty.

Then DITCOIN came into the space not just to solve the privacy problem alone but also to be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed for the African situation and the world beyond.


DITCOIN is a coin created on the Monero blockchain. Before we go on let’s get to know what monero blockchain is about, and why monero?

Monero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on privacy and decentralization that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and FreeBSD. Monero uses a public ledger to record transactions while new units are created through a process called mining. Monero aims to improve on existing cryptocurrency design by obscuring sender, recipient and amount of every transaction made as well as making the mining process more egalitarian.

DitCoin has been described by Pundits and CRYPTO Enthusiasts as being the “first Business-driven CryptoCurrency” that is based on “Asset and Community Building”. It is not like all of the other tokens that are available for purchase these days, due to the simple fact that they come with a 100% guarantee of being untraceable when used in a monetary transaction. Ditcoin can be used globally and comes at an extremely reduced cost of transfer on both the B2B and P2P networks.

What Makes DitCoin Unique?

(i) Uses a Different Functional Approach:
In order to stand out from the hundreds of other currencies that are currently floating around in the crypto market, Ditcoin features the added benefit of being untracable on any network. This ensures security and gives us added peace of mind.

(ii) Driven by Markets:
The final goal of Ditcoin is to penetrate the global market in a way such that it can be used for shopping, making payments and other online/offline transactions.

(iii) Security:
As with all good crypto services, Ditcoin is based on a decentralized network that allows for secure transactions and transfers.

What Is The DitPay Module?

The DitPay module can be envisioned as the world’s first “CryptoCurrency Powered e-commerce & Payment Processor”. It has been designed in a way that it can be expanded and scaled to a global level, thereby making payments using DitCoins seamless.

In addition to this, the module also gives us a platform to change the way e-commerce is done by making everything more transparent and secure. Other aspects of the DitPay module include:

(i) Serves as a Bridge:
In order to promote the integration of the Ditcoin currency with regular e-commerce platforms, the DitPay module comes with features that make integration, and transactions seamless.

(ii) Uses P2P Technology:
Peer-to-peer exchange has made a big comeback after its boom in the early 2000’s. P2P exchanges guarantee fast, secure, flexible deal-making capabilities into the hand of the user.

(iii) Efficient:
As stated earlier, DitCoin has been designed to serve as a secure means of monetary transfer. It is very cost effective and time-saving, and it remains virtually untraceable to any 3rd party viewers.

(iv) External Exchanges:

Ditcoin (DIT) is presently listed on and

Ditcion will also be listed on more exchanges as the time goes by.

*Stay with Ditcoin and Love Ditcoin.*



Chain explorer:

Telegram community/support group:

Telegram Channel:


Facebook page:


Internal trading platform:


Ditcoin supply: ~3.7 Million DIT per Year @15DIT/Block reward

Ditcoin Total supply: 37,000,000.00 DIT

Block reward: 15 DIT/Bloc for 720 blocs generated daily (based on current emission)

Trading symbol: DIT

DITCOIN has been referred to as one of the coins to watch out for in this year, as the coin has moved from 100sats to 7000sats in just the last 2 weeks. Many have called it a shill yet it is to be noted that the coin has a massive projects that it is about to be made known to the public. It is to be noted that DITCOIN is an AFRICAN coin made by Africans to solve the African problem but can be used anywhere in the world.

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Upcoming ABCC Platform Token to Embrace Bitcoin Mining Philosophy

2 July 2018 – SINGAPORE: ABCC, the world-class cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced the issuance of its platform token, ABCC Token (AT), to reward its platform members. The project guideline outlined the detailed mechanism.

Set to be issued on 9 July 2018, AT is an ERC20 Token designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform with a fixed total supply of 210 million. Its initial price will be set at $0.4 per token. API users are excluded from the early stage trading in order to maximise the benefits for individual users.


ABCC adopts a mechanism called “Trade Contribution + Simultaneous Release” to issue its AT, i.e. 50% of the total AT supply will be rewarded to users, while the remaining 50% are saved for the platform, team and investors. Out of the 50% for users, 40% will be used to reward users who trade on ABCC via the Trade-to-Mine (ToM) mechanism. Users will mine AT via trading activities and receive AT as rewards in proportion to their trading fee.

AT Release and Trading

Inspired by Bitcoin Mining, AT mining rules follow a half-life decay pattern. There are six half-life periods in total with each period being 120 days. Within each half-life period, each “block” will be generated every six hours, while the same amount of AT will be released for each block within the same half-life period. In the first 120 days after mining activity starts, 87,500 AT within one block will be released every six hours.

Following common practices of the financial industry, AT will start trading on the platform two to three weeks after the mining activation, when its circulation reaches 5-8% of the total supply to stabilise price and avoid manipulation.

Mining Referral Program

ABCC has launched its Referral Program a week ago. It will be upgraded to Mining Referral Program after mining activation. All users who participate in the Mining Referral Program will enjoy additional rewards as follows:

  • Earn 20% of rewards received by invited friends who ToM on ABCC;
  • Earn 10% of rewards received by friends of friends who ToM on ABCC;
  • Friends who have been invited will receive extra 10% rewards when they ToM on ABCC.

ABCC embraces the Bitcoin mining philosophy and applies this to its AT mining rules. Taking into consideration that Binance Coin was issued at $0.1553 and valued at $14.16 at the time of writing, AT has a long but bright way to go.

In the lead up to the AT issuance, ABCC is recruiting 2,000 Genesis Miners who will enjoy exclusive rights to mine the first few blocks when ToM starts. Registration is still open via

ABCC is founded by Calvin Cheng, a technology and media magnate, and other co-founders

with a broad range of experience and track record in Internet, financial services, and

management consulting. Its advisor team includes Dr. Michael Frendo, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta, Zhang Lei, the CEO of Yee and YeeCall, Forrest Chen,  CEO & founder of NewsDog, and Weixing Chen, Chairman of the Board at Funcity Holding and Funcity Capital, founder of Kuadi Dache.

Read more about at

For more information, visit ABCC’s official website at and other official social media handles at:

Twitter: @ABCC_Exchange

Facebook: ABCC Exchange



Telegram EN:

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About Company

ABCC is a world-class cryptocurrency exchange, aiming to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience. It embraces the philosophy of blockchain —open, frictionless and participatory. ABCC was founded by Calvin Cheng, a technology and media magnate, and other co-founders with a broad range of experience and track record at some of the most successful Internet, financial services and management consulting firms. The advisor team includes Dr. Michael Frendo, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta, Zhang Lei, the CEO of Yee and YeeCall, Forrest Chen,  CEO & founder of NewsDog, and Weixing Chen, Chairman of the Board at Funcity Holding and Funcity Capital, founder of Kuaidi Dache. It was also invested by Funcity Capital, Dream Seeker Capital and BlockOrigin.

For media and press inquiries, please contact:

Ms Xini Wei


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Vertex Launches First Vetted ICO Token Aftermarket

Anyone who saw how ICO markets rose in spectacular fashion during 2017, knows that a significant number of projects were set up to fail from the beginning. They raised funds nonetheless and many people were left holding useless tokens. Roughly about half of ICOs launched in 2017, have already failed, and that is without considering the scams. This is one of the fundamental problems in the space now, and Vertex has decided to provide a first of its kind solution: a vetted ICO token aftermarket.

Vertex Ecosystem Advantages for ICOs

A six-step vetting mechanism that filters 97% of the ICOs out there is the first pillar on which the Vertex aftermarket relies on. Some of the most prominent business people and investors in the world, will evaluate ICO projects to select a handful of promising projects. Once the vetting process is over, these ICOs will move through the Vertex ecosystem, in which they will find:

  • A pool of users that have gone through a KYC process that can buy their tokens and help jump-start their projects.
  • Investment from Vertex at an early stage. Vertex will buy vetted tokens to sell to its user base on the Vertex aftermarket at a preferential rate.
  • The seal of approval that getting investment from leading business people and investors bestows upon a project

How Users Benefit from the Vertex Ecosystem

The users, who are at the center of the Vertex ecosystem, will also derive many advantages from participating in this vetted ICO token aftermarket. The advantages that users get from using the aftermarket, are at the result of that first of its kind solution that Vertex has designed to select and fund only the strongest projects in the space:

  • The vetting system filters out scams.
  • It also filters out projects that are less likely to succeed.
  • Vetting brings the strongest projects to the after market at preferential prices. This is an advantage that no other project brings.
  • Additionally, Vertex will give its users the option of buying into projects that are now being sold to private investors only.
  • Vertex will also guarantee to give all its users a fair chance of buying any kind of token it offers on the aftermarket platform.

A Dynamic System Underpinned by its Own Currency

All the token purchases on the Vertex platform will be done using the VTEX token. ICOs that Vertex buys into will also have to take VTEX tokens as part of the purchase. VTEX therefore underpins the whole ecosystem, connecting ICOs and users directly. VTEX usage will close the ecosystem completely and allow it to develop further. Vertex plans to introduce more services that users and ICOs can both gain access to with VTEX tokens.

Vertex: A Comprehensive Solution

This makes Vertex the most comprehensive solution in ICO markets, and one that can lift them up to a level in which business concepts develop into fully fledged, profitable projects in the cryptocurrency space. ICOs will benefit from access to funds, expertise and an ever-growing pool of users to boost their project and deploy their businesses. Users will benefit from access to carefully vetted projects at preferential prices. The markets will benefit from higher standards when it comes to selecting the strongest projects, which will raise success rates across the board and lift the markets above the currently high rates of failure.

For more details and a more comprehensive explanation about how Vertex will implement its solution, check out our website.

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Join our Telegram group and ask our team members about the project directly.

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Soundeon Music Platform Signs a Strategic Partnership with V-ROX Music Festival

TALLINN, Estonia, June 26, 2018: Blockchain music platform Soundeon will collaborate with V-ROX Music Festival on developing new tools and systems for helping independent musicians to better navigate the global music market and earn autonomously.

The project is currently in the development stages with the prospect of being released in time for V-ROX (Vladivostok Rocks) Music Festival held annually in Vladivostok, Russia. A Russian version of SXSW organized by one of Russia’s most popular rock stars – Ilya Lagutenko.

“We have joined efforts with Soundeon to develop a new blockchain-based strategy that will make it possible for independent musicians to maximize their earning potential,” said Lagutenko. “In addition, we also hope to bring the attention of innovative and creative global investors to the V-Rox festival and the city of Vladivostok itself,” he added.

Once a struggling musician himself, he understands the obstacles regular musicians continuously face. Starting his career in the Far East city of Vladivostock in the 1980s, a time and place he describes as not very “rock and roll,” Lagutenko had to navigate his way to the international music stage on his own. The struggle hasn’t ended, as he continuously has to overcome new challenges in order to maintain a complete creative and financial control of his work.

“For nearly three decades now, I’ve had to thread my own way through the complexities of the music business and find new directions for my band and other music ventures to take without relying on managers, producers or record labels,” Lagutenko says. “I think Soundeon’s blockchain platform offers effective solutions to the obstacles that independent artists face today and will allow them to have maximum control of their finances without the involvement of useless middlemen,” he added.

About Soundeon OÜ:

Soundeon is a pioneering, fan-centric, decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From song creation and copyright to resale of both existing and future music royalties, to live event ticket sales. Utilizing the patent-pending Creative Smart Contract™, Soundeon promotes transparency, fairness and trust in the music industry. Soundeon is also the first blockchain-based platform to vertically integrate the recorded rights music and live event ticketing industries.

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