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CryptoProfile Announces New Platform Set to Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Industry

22nd of January, 2019, Singapore – In present times even among genuine ICOs, over 80 percent are likely to fail. Some fail because of poor technical execution of the idea, while others are based on business models that are doomed to fail. It is also common to find many utalising the same idea which indicates some lack of originality in the industry. In a growing cryptocurrency industry, this presents a problem for backers who are afraid of backing cryptocurrency startups and genuine startups that lack adequate financing to become successful.

CryptoProfile tackles this conundrum by developing a platform where legitimate token generation events have an opportunity of pitching to contributors in a risk adverse environment. CryptoProfile does due diligence on behalf of the backers on the platforms to ensure that they participate only in the ICOs with the highest likelihood of success.

How does the Due Diligence System Work?

Before CryptoProfile accepts an ICO to be listed, proper due diligence has to be done. The due diligence considers the viability of the business with regard to the ability to address legitimate problems and the saturation of the market it targets. The team behind it will be reviewed to ensure that the members are legitimate. Other aspects reviewed include the technical soundness of the project, the utility of the coin and adherence to regulations.

Any ICO projects that want to be listed on the CryptoProfile platform will be required to pay $100k for marketing. In exchange, CP tokens of the same value will be allocated to the startup and locked in an escrow account for six months or until the native tokens of the startup are listed on an exchange. The startup will then be required to allocate 10 percent of their tokens to CryptoProfile.

CryptoProfile will distribute the 10 percent received through an airdrop to CP token holders to stimulate interest in the community for the startup. As a result, those who hold CP tokens will be rewarded by receiving airdrop tokens every time an ICO startup is implemented into the platform. If the CP token holders like the startup, they can further support the project through the CryptoProfile platform.

There are two benefits of this airdrop system. They include:

Discovery of Cryptocurrency Gems –The due diligence conducted by the CryptoProfile team before onboarding an ICO startup ensures that only the best ICOs will be listed on the platform. This provides a more effective way of uncovering cryptocurrency gems. This saves the backers from losses from scams or ill-conceived ideas.

Startups get Capital and Exposure – The approach provides legitimate cryptocurrency startups with an opportunity to raise the capital they require to develop their platforms. They also get an opportunity to market themselves to the contributors who are holders of CP tokens.

CryptoProfile’s Unique Selling Point

The most endearing feature of CryptoProfile is the adoption of a Novel Economic Model that is a viable improvement over the blind trial and error approach that has been used. Instead, the platform creates a consolidated airdrop platform where token sale projects can pitch to potential contributors. On the other hand, backers are protected from scams that identify the true startup gems in the cryptocurrency market. The airdrop system provides financial incentives for CP token holders to market the ICOs listed on the platform.

CryptoProfile is a viable platform that will make token sale contribution safer for those who want to participate while giving genuine startups an opportunity to raise funds from their ideas. Join the revolution by getting involved in the Presale or main token sale.

The Presale runs from January 1st to 31st while the token generation event is to start from February 1st until the soft cap or hard cap is achieved. Participants will be rewarded with early bird discounts within the pre-sale period.

Exshell Exchange and MUXE have given full support and funded CryptoProfile. The founder of MUXE, a Real Estate Blockchain Platform is Jaimy de Vries. The founders of Exshell are ex Huobi vice CTO Raymond Shen, and CMO Hugo Hu.

In just a few months, the platform will be launched, and CP holders will be at the forefront of receiving airdrops from the best cryptocurrency startups in the market. Don’t be left out. Support the token sale and become a top contributor.

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Napston Launches 100% Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform based on Proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks Technology

Cryptocurrency trading is all set to become safe and profitable like never before, with the recent launch of a fully automated crypto trading platform by Napston. This groundbreaking trading platform is based on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks that has been programmed to accurately predict the market by utilizing the processing power from thousands of independent sources.

Hong Kong, November 26, 2018

Napston is pleased to announce that their new, fully automated cryptocurrency trading platform has recently gone live. Built around the company’s proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks, Napston creates an opportunity even for the inexperienced crypto enthusiasts to earn a decent passive interest on their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.

Since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, over three hundred different cryptocurrencies have been launched. As a result of the extreme volatility of the crypto market, trading of cryptocurrencies has emerged as a lucrative alternative for the traders around the world. However, this can be an extremely complex and risky proposition without a trustworthy trading platform.

Napston entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013, long before it became mainstream. Over the last five years, the company has been through all the uncertainties and fluctuations of this evolving market. During this phase, Napston was serving only the larger corporate and high net worth individual customers, helping them properly structure and trade their cryptocurrency portfolios. They have spent a high percentage of profits to build the proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks technology. This advanced technology has now formed the foundation of Napston’s automated crypto trading platform.

A DANN is a network of nodes, just like neural networks in the human brain. They are programmed to predict the market with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy, however, depends entirely on the processing power available. This problem has been addressed by utilizing the computing power generated by a large and highly distributed network of computers.

Some of the most lucrative trading benefits offered by Napston are

  • Up to 1.5% per business day without actually doing any trades
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Referral incentives over 20%, up to 10 levels
  • Get started in 30 seconds
  • Full transparency and detailed reporting
  • State-of-the-art security across the platform
  • Full compliance

Napston is currently offering three attractive trading packages that can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Generous referral commissions are also up for grabs. Mentioned below are the three packages at a glance.

  • Starter: Minimum $100 in Bitcoin, 1% per day, for 150 days, 3 level referral system
  • Advanced: Minimum $1000 in Bitcoin, 1.25 % per day, for 150 days, 5 level referral system
  • Expert: Minimum $5000 in Bitcoin, 1.50 % per day, for 150 days, 10 level referral system

“Our just launched trading platform is only about helping you earn the profit on your otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum without breaking a sweat yourself, “ said a senior spokesperson from Napston. “We believe there’s serious demand for that and the customers who have already joined us prove that vision.”

To find out more, please visit

About Napston: Napston is a just launched cryptocurrency trading platform built on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks. This 100% automated platform is dedicated to helping individuals earn a decent passive interest from their dormant Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings with minimum skill and effort. Napston currently offers three trading packages, offering 1.5% per day and over 20% referral incentives.

Contact: Alex Kenney


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How to Submit ICO for listing ?

BitcoinNewsBoards provide ICO Listing services, such as Upcoming ICO, Ongoing ICO and many more. The question here is How to Submit ICO for listing. Yes, things are very simple we just needed to navigate to the menu, need to hit the Submit ICO button here.

Why ICO listing in BitcoinNewsBoards?

When you think of submitting your ICO for Listing we consider top cryptocurrency website, Listing sites other cryptocurrency media. Many websites provide the paid listing and few websites will list for free. When considering to the power prospect, who will search for best ICO to invest, we have to make sure that we have listed our ICO In a perfect website. Which in turns gets us more value by attracting the ICO investors and the brand of our ICO. Bitcoin news board will definitely a good platform for your website.

How to Submit ICO for listing?

Clicking the Submit ICO button on the menu will direct you to the Information filling page where you need to fill required and the essential information for Submit ICO for listing such as ICO Title, the tagline of your project, description,
White paper link and much more information about your ICO project. Just not ICO there are other services like ICO calendar, ICO Press releases form you can try filling out.

Promotions are the part of creating a brand and growing business. care full research on the Submit ICO for listing website which hosts genuine news and updates are always preferred first. So here the bitcoin news board offer you the most perfect for your ICO product/project. Happy listing.

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KaratGold Coin (KBC) Gets Enlisted on HitBTC Following One the Biggest ICO’s ever in History

KaratGold Coin (KBC), a game changing cryptocurrency representing cryptonized gold that can be transferred cost efficiently, securely and in real-time across borders, is now listed in HitBTC. A venture from KaratBars International, KaratGold Coin has recently completed a highly successful ICO that secured investments worth over one hundred million USD.

June 24, 2018

KaratBars International is pleased to announce that their gold-based cryptocurrency KaratGold Coin (KBC) has been enlisted recently in HitBTC, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The first ever cryptocurrency to tie its value to the price of gold, KaratGold Coin has recently concluded one of the most successful ICO campaigns ever with a collection of well over one hundred million US Dollars.

Gold has served as international payment as well as investment means for more than four thousand years. Though the modern-day legal currencies are no longer backed by gold, many central banks around the world still make use of gold as their currency reserve. The core idea of KaratGold Coin (KBC) revolves around providing an effective solution to the volatility and unpredictability of cryptocurrencies by utilizing the stability and reliability of gold.

The architecture of the KaratGold Coin (KBC) ecosystem is based on the safe, cost-efficient and fast Ethereum blockchain protocol and proven financial hedging strategies.  Unlike many other utility tokens, this coin has been designed to be a crypto asset backed by a certain tangible amount of gold. As a result, the long term stability of the coin is ensured by its gold collateral.

KaratGold Coin is the brainchild of Harald Seiz, a German entrepreneur and financial industry veteran. The foundation of KaratGold Coin (KBC) was built by Harald’s first product CashGold. This is a user-friendly payment system where small gold bars are represented on a specific type of paper resembling a bank note.  The ecosystem also comprises of KaratPay and the KaratGold Wallet.  The former is an online platform that facilitates the electronic registration of the CashGold. On the other hand, KaratGold Wallet allows users to buy, sell, hold and manage different cryptocurrencies along with cryptonized assets.

Some of the key benefits of KaratGold Coin are

  • Related to 24 carat gold
  • Appropriate quantities of KaratGold Coins are exchangeable into CashGold at any time
  • Facilitation of real-time payments anywhere and anytime
  • Cost-efficient
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used for the purchase of the KaratGold Coin
  • Free and borderless transfer
  • Increasing substantial number of points of acceptance
  • Low fees payable by merchants for the use of the KaratGold Coin and the KaratGold Ecosystem

“The global acceptance and recognition of gold as a safe and secure harbor will make the Coin and the CashGold one of the leading payment alternative worldwide, “ explains Harald Seiz. “Therefore, holders of Coin will not only enjoy protection against inflation and vague governments and economies, but also have the opportunity to participate in the value increase which will be achieved in the future.”

Three of Asia’s largest gold trading firms have already partnered with KaratBars International to execute several million gold transactions on a daily basis. Moreover, a high percentage of the company’s 480,000 CashGold product owners have purchased KaratGold Coin to own small amounts of 24-carat gold. KaratBars International is also in the process of opening one of the world’s earliest fully licensed cryptocurrency banks in Miami, offering an exquisite range of services for the traders, investors, investment firms, and individual consumers.

Enlistment in HitBTC is a significant step forward in this project and KaratGold Coin (KBC) is soon expected to make its way to other popular exchanges including Poloniex, Bithumb, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and many others. The coins are currently trading at one cent, and this value is just on the verge of going up by leaps and bounds as it is completely immune from the normal currency fluctuations and market swings.

To find out more about KaratGold Coin, please visit

About KaratGold Coin: KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold in the form of the so-called CashGold. A certain number of KaratGold Coins can be exchanged for the appropriate amount of CashGold at any time. It is designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.



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Lamoneda ICO Takes Aim at Ticketing Industry to Prevent Counterfeiting via the Blockchain

The ticketing industry is a near monopoly rife with fraud, price gouging, and unscrupulous media practices. The power resides with massive consolidated corporations and not where it was meant to be: in the buyer’s hands. The 21st century promised a revolution in the event ticketing industry. From online ticket agents to scannable QR codes, technology has made tickets more accessible and exchangeable than ever. However, what was once hailed as buyer-first advancement in technology (more convenience and choices, for example) has proven to be just the opposite. Instead, the reality is one where ticket buyers are facing challenges that severely diminish their buying experience. Namely:

  • Ticket Fraud: Consumers are forced to worry about the authenticity of their tickets, as numerous supposed agents and ticketing sites have sold counterfeit tickets in what is believed to be a multibillion-dollar industry. Sadly, their experience with “legit” ticketing agents isn’t much better.
  • Instant Sellouts: Within moments of going live, tickets are completely sold out. Scalpers will then sell said tickets to desperate fans on the secondary market, often at inconceivable markups.

In addition to these issues, as with any centralized network, the industry is open to security threats (DDoS attacks, etc.). None are more guilty than the online ticketing industry’s most prominent entities: EventBrite, StubHub, and, most notably, TicketMaster. In order for event goers to safely purchase tickets at reasonable prices, the entire centralized, monopolistic industry model must be reimagined. This is what Lamoneda aims to do.

Lamoneda: the smart concert ticket revolution

Lamoneda is a decentralized, transparent blockchain network powered by its native coin (Lamoneda Coin), the Ethereum blockchain, and smart contracts. It’s goal is to provide a decentralized ecosystem of event hosting and ticketing in which all parties currently under the power of the centralized ticketing companies—event goers, concert organizers, and venues—have the power to cleanly, securely, and transparently, buy, sell, or transfer tickets to anyone within the ecosystem.

Lamoneda will effectively solve the major issues plaguing the current ticket industry: fraud, high fees, and security. By using the Lamoneda platform, all parties involved will be able to buy, sell, or transfer unforgeable tickets for low fees on a network that is not at risk of downtime.

How it Works

Lamoneda will achieve its goal of improving the ticket buying experience by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and SmartTickets. This combination will put the power back in the event goer’s hands.

  • Ethereum Blockchain: As a “decentralized” network, there will be no single point of attack and no risk of fraud. Anyone can verify the blockchain at any time. This will provide the infrastructure for fast, cryptographically secure, and infinitely scalable transactions.
  • SmartTickets: SmartTickets reduces fraud risk to zero when purchasing a ticket. Each ticket for an event (there will be a finite number) comes with a unique sequence number that makes it impossible to be sold more than once or counterfeited. Also, each ticket can be pinned to a stable price with a maximum markup value. This ensures the lowest possible pricing for members of the network.

The current concert ticketing industry is in need of disruption. The industry’s biggest names hold a monopoly over event goers, promoters, and venues that has severely diminished the ticket buying experience. Centralized networks employing outdated business models have forced consumers to pay exorbitant fees for tickets that aren’t even guaranteed to be authentic as well as suffer from the severe website performance issues that plague major sites when tickets go on sale.

Lamoneda will change all of this by creating an ecosystem where consumers can purchase secure SmartTickets on a decentralized, stable, and cryptographically secure blockchain. The present is high fees, high risk, and low performance. The future is low fees, no risk, and unrivaled performance.

Lamoneda pre-sale is now live. The future of concert ticketing begins at Buy through their website and receive 20% off today.

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Wild Crypto Launches 85,000 WILD World Cup Sweepstake

Wild Crypto (TICKER: WILD), the international lottery and casino website built upon the blockchain, has launched a sweepstake that will give away 85,000 WILD tokens throughout the World Cup.

The competition challenges the community to participate in a number of tasks to promote Wild Crypto, including activity on social media, gaining entries to a prize draw at the conclusion of the World Cup.

The more entries gained, the better the chance of sharing in the 85,000 WILD prize pool.

The sweepstake follows the launch of three new skill-based games from developer Chopsticks in the Apps. The titles – Lutty Bird, Fruit Road, and QO – have quickly become among the most popular games on the Wild Crypto platform.

Wild Crypto CEO William Trentini said: “The World Cup is always a wild ride, and we wanted to launch a competition that will really ramp up the excitement for those watching the action in Russia.

“We’ve recently added some new content in the form of skill-based games, that further add to the Wild Crypto experience.

“With 85,000 WILD tokens up for grabs, we are encouraging everyone to get involved and spread the word.”

To enter the sweepstake and for more information, please visit:

For more information about Wild Crypto, please visit:, and join the Telegram group here.

About Wild Crypto

Wild Crypto (TICKER: WILD) is the developer of a disruptive, international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology.

It launched in early 2018 following a successful token-sale.

For more information, please visit and

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VinEstate – A Promising Real Estate Platform Applied Blockchain

VinEstate, a decentralized blockchain real estate platform is going to start its crowd-sale on Jun 15, 2018. The target object is almost focused on big investors who are interested in this potential project and willing to join in this significant project as a loyal member through investment in buying VinEstate token – VEC.

VinEstate aims to become a global decentralized real estate platform which applied blockchain and used VEC – ERC20 token as a currency unit. It empowers the real estate buyers and sellers by facilitating them with low-cost currency exchanges, enables participation in the global economy and develops the new outlook for this community by using open architecture.

VINESTATE is conceptualized for better consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies, for swift high-speed transactions of money at will and that too at little cost.

The Beauty of the VINESTATE’s platform is that to gain an advantage of the platform a user need not go in depth to understand the technical details of crypto and blockchain technology. VINESTATE is user-friendly, secure, and affordable

Key Features of VINESTATE

  • A free platform for trading cryptocurrency
  • Based on a model offers equal rights to every token owner
  • Provides an absolute secure platform for distributing the piece of real estate
  • Complete freedom for the user to sell or buy tokens without any intervention of the third party
  • Indeed a versatile token thereby giving absolute immunity to a member for transferring or purchase tokens
  • Attractive rewards for users who buy real estate in the platform and join the voting system.

With this forward-looking cutting edge, Ethereum blockchain technology VEC is aiming to strengthen the mainstay of real estate financial systems to let investors cast their net wider and delve deeper into global property markets.

VinEstate platform is planning to launch in March 2019 as the roadmap. Not stopping here, ecosystems are continuing to expand to VinHealthcare and VinEducation in 2019.

For more information, visit


Official channels :


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Horyou “Blockchain with a Purpose”: A Token for Inclusion and Sustainability

Promoting a traceable decentralized philanthropy, Horyou, the social network for social good, is introducing its HoryouToken, built on the concept of “Blockchain with a purpose”.

Horyou strongly believes in the power of technological advancements to support decentralization of philanthropy and to promote social good. Thus, it is launching HoryouToken to support and promote social and economic inclusion, enhancing a positive circle of interactions benefiting civil society, social entrepreneurs and social good doers.

Introducing Blockchain with a Purpose

HoryouToken aims to revolutionize the act of giving with its truly novel approach called Blockchain with a Purpose. “The objective of Horyou is to put blockchain on a positive trail to solve some of the most crucial challenges. We are giving a humanitarian purpose to Blockchain.” says Yonathan Parienti, founder and CEO of Horyou.

While making it possible for any willing person to support social good, HoryouToken also provides access to a traceable and intelligent philanthropic redistribution service called Proof of Impact.

HoryouToken can be used in various ways, including:

  1. To reward Horyou community members from all continents for sharing their positive news and actions on the Horyou platform
  2. To buy Spotlights (Horyou digital currency for economic inclusion) or support directly the social good actions and causes on the Horyou platform or beyond
  3. As a mode of transaction inside and outside the Horyou platform, as well as a Fintech payment solution intended to support philanthropy, through proof of impact
  4. To buy or sell products, as well as to subscribe to services and soft commodities that enhance social good within the future Horyou marketplace

An international platform connecting for good since 2013

What Horyou platform is trying to do, is to get (those) people talk to each other and to connect them to funders, I can think of nothing better” (Eric Schmidt, former Executive Chairman of Google, Horyou Village in Cannes, May 2015).

Horyou, is a platform dedicated to social good that fosters sharing of ideas, emulation and solidarity. Through technology, innovation and advocacy of social entrepreneurship, Horyou aims to spread positive interactions amongst its member organizations, individuals, social innovators and personalities.

Launched in December 2013, Horyou social network currently gathers more than 250,000 users and 1,500 organizations from more than 180 countries.

A project led by an experienced global team

With a strong experience in Finance and his thorough knowledge of the international financial markets, Yonathan Parienti is a true believer in the importance of building bridges between peoples and cultures. He has opted to set up Horyou, a social network aimed at connecting people for good. Yonathan is a regular speaker at International Forums, Philanthropic Summits, including UNESCO and the United Nations and programs. More recently, he was an invited speaker at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India and at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva, the world’s largest conference supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Horyou team are experienced professionals from various sectors, across all continents, who have decided to unite their efforts towards a common purpose: to make the world a better place.

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How does a real blockchain casino work?

No one needs to explain the way an ordinary online casino is arranged. Numbers and combinations are generated by a special algorithm which is stored on an organizer’s server and the result of a spin is a number which is generated by the RNG.

Online casino organizers assure us that it is impossible to predict the algorithm, however, casino games developers say that it is not always so.

Very often game algorithm is programmed so that it “cracks” a player`s manner of playing. Let`s imagine a player betting $100, but losing the first game. To recoup for his loss, he raises the bet to $200, wins, now he has $100 in his account, so he raises the bet again to be in the black. After a few more spins the algorithm can deduce this person`s manner of playing and on the basis of it generate the result so that the casino benefits more.

It is only one of the possible ways. There are many more variants of winnings manipulation.

Important thing is that the possibility of manipulations itself is inbuilt in the traditional online casino system because the game algorithm is stored on an organizer`s server and thus hidden from players. That is why the trust of the players in the online casino industry has been disrupted.

Blockchain Gambling

The light at the end of the tunnel appeared with the arrival of the blockchain technology, thanks to which we have the opportunity to create decentralized game platforms. One of the platforms of the kind is the FairWin company technology.

Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, the game process information was made accessible to all players, as it is recorded in the system, not on the organizer`s server. All the transactions are logged, and every player can see them.

All the bets in the FairWin system are made with the FairWin tokens called FWIN, and all game operations pass not in the Ethereum system, but in the closed data transfer channel called “FairChannel”.

Why we need FairChannel

If every bet and spin is recorded in the blockchain, you would have to wait a few seconds and even minutes for every transaction and every bet. The game would lose the lion’s share of its charm for you.

That is what FairChannel is for. In the FairWin system you make only two transactions in the Ethereum blockchain — when you begin the game and “buy” tokens and when you leave the game and withdraw your tokens. All game turns are registered in the special data transfer channel called FairChannel. That is, every player can have a look at the game algorithm and make sure that all combinations were programmed in advance and no outside interventions in the algorithm took place, so the game result is absolutely fair. In the same way, if the return-to-player (RTP) rate is 96 % the player can be convinced of it after a glance at the algorithm.

Unlike other blockchain casinos, the FairWin game platform does not only ensure the transparency and fairness of winnings, but also provides the low cost and high transaction speed of every spin.

The FairWin company also creates bright casual games for online casinos. The team is developing three slot games – Yggdrasil, Top Drop (about Colombian smugglers) and Back to the 90’s (fighting slot).

Very soon the FairWin company will launch a game demo on their Blockchain platform. It will be a slot game about the Scandinavian mythological tree – Yggdrasil. Northern people believed that Yggdrasil was the tree of life which connected different universes – the world of people, the world of Gods, the world of giants, the netherworld etc. The player has to grow this tree, collecting mana from magic symbols appearing on the reels.

The game prototype will be available for free on the official FairWin site. All players can test this game with the free test tokens TESTFWIN.

The FWIN token sale will begin on the 7th of July.