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CryptoProfile Announces New Platform Set to Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Industry

22nd of January, 2019, Singapore – In present times even among genuine ICOs, over 80 percent are likely to fail. Some fail because of poor technical execution of the idea, while others are based on business models that are doomed to fail. It is also common to find many utalising the same idea which indicates some lack of originality in the industry. In a growing cryptocurrency industry, this presents a problem for backers who are afraid of backing cryptocurrency startups and genuine startups that lack adequate financing to become successful.

CryptoProfile tackles this conundrum by developing a platform where legitimate token generation events have an opportunity of pitching to contributors in a risk adverse environment. CryptoProfile does due diligence on behalf of the backers on the platforms to ensure that they participate only in the ICOs with the highest likelihood of success.

How does the Due Diligence System Work?

Before CryptoProfile accepts an ICO to be listed, proper due diligence has to be done. The due diligence considers the viability of the business with regard to the ability to address legitimate problems and the saturation of the market it targets. The team behind it will be reviewed to ensure that the members are legitimate. Other aspects reviewed include the technical soundness of the project, the utility of the coin and adherence to regulations.

Any ICO projects that want to be listed on the CryptoProfile platform will be required to pay $100k for marketing. In exchange, CP tokens of the same value will be allocated to the startup and locked in an escrow account for six months or until the native tokens of the startup are listed on an exchange. The startup will then be required to allocate 10 percent of their tokens to CryptoProfile.

CryptoProfile will distribute the 10 percent received through an airdrop to CP token holders to stimulate interest in the community for the startup. As a result, those who hold CP tokens will be rewarded by receiving airdrop tokens every time an ICO startup is implemented into the platform. If the CP token holders like the startup, they can further support the project through the CryptoProfile platform.

There are two benefits of this airdrop system. They include:

Discovery of Cryptocurrency Gems –The due diligence conducted by the CryptoProfile team before onboarding an ICO startup ensures that only the best ICOs will be listed on the platform. This provides a more effective way of uncovering cryptocurrency gems. This saves the backers from losses from scams or ill-conceived ideas.

Startups get Capital and Exposure – The approach provides legitimate cryptocurrency startups with an opportunity to raise the capital they require to develop their platforms. They also get an opportunity to market themselves to the contributors who are holders of CP tokens.

CryptoProfile’s Unique Selling Point

The most endearing feature of CryptoProfile is the adoption of a Novel Economic Model that is a viable improvement over the blind trial and error approach that has been used. Instead, the platform creates a consolidated airdrop platform where token sale projects can pitch to potential contributors. On the other hand, backers are protected from scams that identify the true startup gems in the cryptocurrency market. The airdrop system provides financial incentives for CP token holders to market the ICOs listed on the platform.

CryptoProfile is a viable platform that will make token sale contribution safer for those who want to participate while giving genuine startups an opportunity to raise funds from their ideas. Join the revolution by getting involved in the Presale or main token sale.

The Presale runs from January 1st to 31st while the token generation event is to start from February 1st until the soft cap or hard cap is achieved. Participants will be rewarded with early bird discounts within the pre-sale period.

Exshell Exchange and MUXE have given full support and funded CryptoProfile. The founder of MUXE, a Real Estate Blockchain Platform is Jaimy de Vries. The founders of Exshell are ex Huobi vice CTO Raymond Shen, and CMO Hugo Hu.

In just a few months, the platform will be launched, and CP holders will be at the forefront of receiving airdrops from the best cryptocurrency startups in the market. Don’t be left out. Support the token sale and become a top contributor.

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Blockchain Community Returns to Its Founding Principles with Revolutionary New Smart Contract Investment Platform

With global cryptocurrency investors hit by a near 18-month period of industry turmoil – the community requirement for a stable investment platform that can mitigate market volatility has become ever more important.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded on global exchanges and even more coming to sector every quarter – the success rates of new ICO’s remains low against established currency platforms and with ICO funds often held in situ for 1-3 months until publicly traded, investor risk remains high.

What is needed is a Platform that can Reduce Investor Risk & Boost Confidence.

Introducing – The only blockchain venture of its kind offering a fully automated, independent and secure 100% divestment option.

Based on Etherium and with strict adherence to the founding principles of Blockchain – namely a deregulated global economy free from state manipulation, has already provoked the market with a Market Capitalisation of 630 ETH and 200 investors in 7 days.

Founded in December 2018 and based on a proven mathematical algorithm, the platform excludes the possibility of price manipulation and allows for both token overflow and price collapse scenarios. In short, offers private funders a true rarity – stakeholder and trading stability in an unstable market whilst maximising token utilisation.

Modelling to Innovate.

In a word our platform offers investor contract protection with open-coded and transparent smart contracts – underpinning this is a winning combination of both market and mathematical modelling.

The platform also offers investors a range of benefits including lifelong dividends as well as cash-outs to an ETH wallet at any time, flexibility as well as token price growth with dividend payouts on each transaction. operates an honest refusal of ownership and secures your transaction through the latest crypto technology.

No investor deposits are taken or transferred to the platform operator, and users are free to leave the platform at any stage. With all smart contracts immune to the developer and third-party manipulation, any contract that imitates a token is given a ‘Withdrawal from Ownership’ status offering the investor a piece of mind.

Following the BTC lead, we are a community- led project whose sole aim is to provide a stable, innovative and secure platform to maximise your crypto investment and market assets.

For all media and industry queries, please contact us at or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you!

About Ura.Market: To find out more about us, please visit our website or read our manifesto.

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Napston Launches 100% Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform based on Proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks Technology

Cryptocurrency trading is all set to become safe and profitable like never before, with the recent launch of a fully automated crypto trading platform by Napston. This groundbreaking trading platform is based on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks that has been programmed to accurately predict the market by utilizing the processing power from thousands of independent sources.

Hong Kong, November 26, 2018

Napston is pleased to announce that their new, fully automated cryptocurrency trading platform has recently gone live. Built around the company’s proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks, Napston creates an opportunity even for the inexperienced crypto enthusiasts to earn a decent passive interest on their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.

Since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, over three hundred different cryptocurrencies have been launched. As a result of the extreme volatility of the crypto market, trading of cryptocurrencies has emerged as a lucrative alternative for the traders around the world. However, this can be an extremely complex and risky proposition without a trustworthy trading platform.

Napston entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013, long before it became mainstream. Over the last five years, the company has been through all the uncertainties and fluctuations of this evolving market. During this phase, Napston was serving only the larger corporate and high net worth individual customers, helping them properly structure and trade their cryptocurrency portfolios. They have spent a high percentage of profits to build the proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks technology. This advanced technology has now formed the foundation of Napston’s automated crypto trading platform.

A DANN is a network of nodes, just like neural networks in the human brain. They are programmed to predict the market with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy, however, depends entirely on the processing power available. This problem has been addressed by utilizing the computing power generated by a large and highly distributed network of computers.

Some of the most lucrative trading benefits offered by Napston are

  • Up to 1.5% per business day without actually doing any trades
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Referral incentives over 20%, up to 10 levels
  • Get started in 30 seconds
  • Full transparency and detailed reporting
  • State-of-the-art security across the platform
  • Full compliance

Napston is currently offering three attractive trading packages that can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Generous referral commissions are also up for grabs. Mentioned below are the three packages at a glance.

  • Starter: Minimum $100 in Bitcoin, 1% per day, for 150 days, 3 level referral system
  • Advanced: Minimum $1000 in Bitcoin, 1.25 % per day, for 150 days, 5 level referral system
  • Expert: Minimum $5000 in Bitcoin, 1.50 % per day, for 150 days, 10 level referral system

“Our just launched trading platform is only about helping you earn the profit on your otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum without breaking a sweat yourself, “ said a senior spokesperson from Napston. “We believe there’s serious demand for that and the customers who have already joined us prove that vision.”

To find out more, please visit

About Napston: Napston is a just launched cryptocurrency trading platform built on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks. This 100% automated platform is dedicated to helping individuals earn a decent passive interest from their dormant Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings with minimum skill and effort. Napston currently offers three trading packages, offering 1.5% per day and over 20% referral incentives.

Contact: Alex Kenney


Iran backs national cryptocurrency!

Iran and its state owned cryptocurrency have been in a discussion and is likely to launch a national cryptocurrency backed up fiat currency, Rial. As soon as the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) approves its application, this national cryptocurrency will be issued to Fintech organisations for testing purposes. The new name of the cryptocurrency is not yet revealed.

The Central Bank of Iran has decided to launch the country’s own cryptocurrency along with the support of NCC and decided to list out the attributes. It appears to have similarity to the shadowy bitcoin, because transaction will occur via the Blockchain or distributed ledger technology, which stores information about all transactions across a user network. “The infrastructure is supposed to be an ecosystem for the Iranian banks.”

Why a state-owned cyrptocurrency?

The is mainly going to be used to run stress less financial payments, bank to bank settlements and  retail banking. On top of all, the new cryptocurrency will be used in a direct transfer. It will employ in a distributed and one-to-one framework for transferring without the involvement of any institute.

The purpose of the launch was the USA. With the US pulling out on of the nuclear deal, it has led to ignoring the US dollar in the country by coming up with their own domestic currency. The crypto will be thus launched to buy money or transfer from anywhere in the world and help them in sanctions. It has an idea that the speculation about United States implementation of the recently threatened sanctions is imminent and will likely occur in the future. The cryptocurrency is dubbed as a digital form of Rial. Illegal activities, including money laundering around cryptocurrency was in the past gave rise to Iranian ban. This is not the first country which has revealed its own cryptocurrency, for example even Venezuela has its own digital currency. Although the difference is that Petro is not being backed up by its country’s currency.

The government had announced in April, that they were experimenting with the digital domestic currency. The government had been very cool on cryptocurrency. Last year, Iran was looking at Bitcoin as a solution for the country being cut off from international payment networks, but in February, central bank nixed the idea, expressing distaste for cryptocurrency in general. The central bank then cracked down on institutions offering cryptocurrency services to combat capital fight.

The fiat currency is being backed up by Rial, and the ISC has stated the following attributes:

  • The national cryptocurrency of Iran is Rial-backed and has been designed by the Informatics Services Corporation based on hyper ledger Fabric Platform technology.
  • This will be issued by the Central Bank of Iran and the volume of issuance will depend on the banks decision.
  • It has been developed under the private Blockchain technology and infrastructure and thus cannot be mined.
  • The infrastructure thus created is supposed to be an ecosystem available for Iranian banks and active companies in cryptocurrencies area after being tested and reviewed.

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Bitcoin Bullish News

Technically, BTCUSD is ranging and down 0.1% in the last day. But this has been the case over the last couple of weeks. At spot price, BTC is down 75% from the 2017 peaks and combined with an expectant market, chances are Bitcoin prices could recover. The neutral stand is because despite the attempts of higher highs in the last 3 months, prices are still confined within a tight $1500 trade range with clear resistance and support. We retain a bullish outlook, thanks to the strong support trend line of the last four months.


Cryptocurrency startup Bakkt, heralded by many as the gatekeeper to wider cryptocurrency adoption, has announced that it will bring its BTC futures trading into operation from December 12, 2018, subject to regulatory approval. The Bakkt platform has investors in a feverish state because of the tangible impact it could have in opening up the market. This supports market integrity and differentiates effort from existing futures and crypto exchanges which allows margin, leverage and cash settlement. The company is being backed up by Intercontinental exchange’s proving that the Bakkt’s secure global platform will connect investors, merchants and consumers, making it easier and use digital assets.

Fidelity Custody

Fidelity investments has announced the launch of a new company dedicated to providing cryptocurrency services including custody and trade execution, The services will be available to institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices and market intermediaries. The services offered are in the 3 areas, institutional grade custody, trade execution and dedicated client service. Fidelity stated that its solution consists of vaulted cold storage and an access to control system which was described as multi-level physical and cyber. $7.2 trillion in client assets, and they have announced a new and separate company called Fidelity Digital Asset Services.

CoinBase Custody

CoinBase Custody’s mission is to make a digital currency investment accessible to all financial institution and hedge fund in the world. It has pioneered leading crypto storage techniques and is responsible for the custody of more than $20 billion in crypto assets. The unique features include on-chain segregation of crypto assets, split, offline private keys that require a quorum of geographically distributed agents using cryptographic hardware to sign transactions. Also supports multiple layers of security.


ETF’s are exchange traded funds whose shares track the price of an underlying asset. One of the main advantage of commodity backed ETF’s is allow investors to not worry about custody of the underlying assets, as the ETF take care of the custody. A BTC ETF would create a new investable asset class for many institutional market participants.


A new crypto platform aiming to compete with Bakkt by offering regulated crypto custody solutions to retail and institutional investors. The platform is backed by TD Ameritrade, Digital Currency Group, CBOE and others. ErisX aims to capitalize on a similar niche as that of Bakkt and allows users to trade BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. Future contracts traded on this platform will be physically delivered.


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Unocoin to launch India’s first Crypto ATM

Indian Cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin which is one of the major crypto player and exchange is launching country’s first Cryptocurrency ATM (Automated teller machine) in order to support at least five Cryptocurrencies. It will set 30 machines in three Indian cities. These ATMs will apparently be placed in malls where there is adequate infrastructure to run them.

These ATMs will be the solution to the RBI ban imposed on all banks for not dealing in Cryptocurrencies. These ATMs will help people to withdraw as well as deposit the cash.

ATM Design:-

The Crypto ATM is printed with logos of five major Cryptocurrencies including, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash which indicates that it would support these five Cryptocurrencies. The ATM also has writings on it such as “instant withdrawals and deposits for your Unocoin account” written on it. Other phrases written on the machine include, “exclusive for Unocoin customers” and “credit and debit cards are not accepted”.

Working of ATM:-

To deposit Indian rupees a user need to enter his user ID and the OTP (one time password) received by him as SMS on his registered mobile number. After confirming account details and depositing funds into the machine, the user account will be updated and funds credited for use on both Unocoin and Unodax (Crypto to Crypto trading platform).

In order to withdraw Indian rupees, the user have to make a request by visiting or through Unocoin mobile app where he would specify the amount for withdrawal. A 12 digit reference number from Unocoin will then be sent to user to enter into the ATM along with the OTP sent to the user’s registered mobile number.

Users have some limit on deposits and withdrawals per transaction and per day. The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals is rupees 1,000 and must be in multiples of rupees 500.

The first machine will be set up in Bengaluru followed by Mumbai and New Delhi


Mahone partners for Cryptocurrency payment method

Mahone a wallpaper shop has announced a partnership with ecommerce platform Shopping cart Elite to accept payments in Cryptocurrency.

Mahone is the home décor and wallpaper shop it offers high-quality wallpaper, blinds, fabrics, and much more products. For nearly 50 years, Mahone has been Lynchburg’s go-to store. But now because of this partnership with Shopping Cart Elite, the payments of the products will be accepted in seven of the top Cryptocurrencies. This facility will give customers more flexibility and will make online payment much faster and easier. Mahone also provides customers with a range of payment options, reduced transaction fees, less than a penny, eliminated currency conversion fees and freedom from chargebacks.

By this Mahone is becoming one of the first retailers to accept payments in Cryptocurrency. And secondly now people from all over the world can purchase the products and make payments for it in terms of their virtual assets.

The top seven Cryptocurrency which this retailer is accepting are, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Zcoin (XZC).

This is how Mahone attempts to separate itself from its competitors through exceptional customer service and is now opening up the opportunity for its customers to use Cryptocurrency payments.

Nowadays Cryptocurrency has emerged as the most convenient, cost-effective and decentralized method of payment. Along with Bitcoin which was the first Cryptocurrency created in 2009, much other virtual currencies has also emerged. Retailers, manufacturers, customers everyone is now inclined towards the purchase or sale of Cryptocurrency and due to its easy process worldwide, everyone is going for this decentralized mode of transaction.

About Shopping Cart Elite:-

Shopping Cart Elite is an eCommerce solution that will completely automate your online business. This is helpful for those for companies who are dissatisfied with the limitations of their shopping cart.


Bitcoin Analysis of the Market

This week has been a comparatively a rough and a tough week for the cryptocurrencies. The total market has dropped. This accounts to around 24% down from July high of $300 billion. The digital coin No. 1 is range bound after strong movements during the previous week, waiting for fresh triggers to set it moving.

Bitcoin’s price dipped below $6500 yesterday as it fell below a key price point, which could be a sign of an imminent slide in it is value, crypto expert predicted. Yesterday, price was $6571 at its height, which dropped 2% to $6436 over 24 hours. While only a small swing the fact the dipped below a key price point known as horizontal support, could be interpreted as a sign of imminent slump in BTC’s value or “breakout to the downside”.

A breakout refers to a security price movement through historic resistance levels. Crypto expert predicted that a breakout to the downside which means the price could be on the verge of a plunge. He said “I am expecting a breakout from the downside because the horizontal support has already broken today, and the red triangles support has been broken.”

A key volatility indicator which shows the extent of bitcoins price range hit its lowest level in 21 months in September meaning the BTC’s value could be about to swing in either a upwards or downwards direction.

Bitcoin price is slowly rebounding from $6,200 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD must clear the $6,680 resistance and the 100 hourly SMA to gain bullish momentum. Last month we can see, the BTC/USD pair did move higher and broke the $6,350 and $6,550 resistance levels. The move was positive since the price broke the 38.2. Now, in the short term the odds are against the BTC. As seen clearly the price was falling before August when it entered the symmetrical triangle. This means when it enters the triangle it is likely to keep falling after the exit as well. However, for amateur investors who are just looking to accumulate BTC, short term analysis are not much of consequence as the possibilities and probablities are more complex. But, long term trends are much harder to manipulate. Even if the blockchain may soon change the analysis made on a 15min time frame, the world is highly dependent on big data.

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ZelaaCoin – Is it the Most Powerful Cryptocurrency of the Future?

A cryptocurrency started in London by a 19-year-old Indian serial entrepreneur, Sahil Arora with an aim to mainstream the spending abilities of cryptocurrencies is making its way to the top in stealth with some really strong partnerships and people on-board its ship.

While sounding like a complete too-good-to-be-true scenario, Sahil is actually making the convergence of spending his cryptocurrency globally a reality through ZelaaPay.

ZelaaPay which is a QR-code-based micropayments application for ZLC holders using which they can spend and receive ZLC at merchants and retail chains worldwide is growing rapidly with over 25000+ downloads and users statistically in just 2 weeks after its debut in the App Store.

ZelaaCoin is not just a cryptocurrency to have raised a large ICO of $100 million but is strongly and truly building a sustainable business around the industry, the Zelaa team includes renowned personalities like Bibop Gresta – Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and has some numero uno growth-hacking giants from Europe – Giacomo Arcaro, Manuel Arlotti & Giovanni Casagrande.

Sahil already has shaken hands with a lot of merchants in Las Vegas and out of the many wild things you can use ZelaaCoin for – you can certainly rent a Bugatti Veyron from Royalty Exotic Cars in Las Vegas and get a 10% discount if you pay with ZLC.

Having done such solid work even before the launch on exchanges, ZLC is placing itself at the top by promoting a decentralized future and an ecosystem which is boosted by the diverse community of ZelaaCoin from across the world and Zelaa has members from almost every part of the planet including – Africa, Europe, Asia, United Kingdom, Australia & China.

The story does not stop here but only begins as ZelaaCoin will hit public exchanges in November this year and will start trading on significant and respected exchanges out of which one such exchange – CoinFalcon has predicted and given a confident statement that ZLC will start trading at a price of $1.01 from November onwards on their platform.

While things look bright for this young gentleman’s cryptocurrency, it is only inspiring and empowering how the millennials are changing the world and for good with blockchain. ZelaaCoin will surely be a success story for the industry and will dethrone many in the top hundred race of cryptocurrencies.

Company name: ZelaaCoin

Company site:

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