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BORA, ENP GAMES, UNIT5, and WISEPEER Partner to Accelerate the Development of Blockchain-Based Services

BORA’s development of blockchain-based services accelerates with the collaboration of companies such as ENP Games, UNIT5, and WISEPEERBORA works with Klaytn, Kakao’s block-chain project, to expand their blockchain ecosystemBORA’s CEO states, “We’ve been focusing on technology development and partnerships, and we’ll be introducing a variety of real-world services applied with blockchain technology this year.”

On January 18th, blockchain-based digital content platform BORA (CEO Lee Seung-hee) announced that a collaborative project applying blockchain technology to partner services is on track.

BORA has been working with various companies to integrate blockchain technology with their services and has ramped up development efforts to move forward with each release.

ENP Games, the company that operates game portal PUPU Games, is currently developing a new DApp release with BORA called “Wall Break Puzzle: Ball-Bader,” provided through Google Play. In the new blockchain-based version, users will be able to purchase items using BORA tokens and earn BORA tokens as compensation for winning games in battle mode.

UNIT5, winner of two gold medals at the 2017 Google Play IndieGames Festival and “Best Casual” category at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, is also looking at new markets through use of the BORA platform. UNIT5 is working with BORA to launch a new service and casual lineup in 2019 called Cubie Adventure. Through their partnership, the company will add rewards, achievements, and ranked battle services. Users will also be able to purchase and collect items using BORA tokens. In the future, UNIT5 plans to release a new genre of games in cooperation with BORA that expand the current capabilities of blockchain technology.

WISEPEER, famous for music streaming service Monkey 3 Music, is currently developing a new streaming service called ‘Momople’ which utilizes BORA’s blockchain technology. WISEPEER will implement functions that link playlists with BORA tokens. This feature will allow users to send BORA tokens through community activities to friends along with their own playlists. Receiving users can enjoy the playlists according to the conditions set by the tokens.

Through partnerships, BORA is actively working to expand technical capabilities and develop a strong, blockchain-based digital content ecosystem. As part of these efforts, BORA has recently signed an official partnership with Klaytn, Kakao’s blockchain project, and is working closely with their team in areas such as service operation and technical development. In addition, the two companies will continue to work together to maximize the capabilities of their platforms, and it is expected that more DApps will follow in the wake of Klaytn’s Ethereum-based BORA services.

BORA CEO Lee Seung-hee said, “So far, BORA has focused on developing technologies for building blockchain ecosystems and partnerships with companies in various fields that can utilize them… With full-scale collaboration with our partners, we will introduce real-world services applied with blockchain technology to the market this year.”

To learn more about BORA, please visit the links below:

BORA Lagoon testnet 


Theft at Coincheck – $543m Cryptocurrencies stolen

Coincheck was founded in 2012 by a company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is a blockchain network where it allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins 24/7 be it a weekend or midnight. One of the distinct feature is that it allows users to enable SMS and two-factor authentication provided by Google Apps. But this Platform created the biggest blunder in the history of Cryptocurrencies. It has lost somewhat $543 million USD worth of virtual assets to a hacking attack on its network. This is the second theft of a Tokyo based company after MtGox being the first to having $400 million stolen from its network in 2014.

Hackers has broken into the network in Friday during noon but the breach was not discovered until late night, nearly eight and a half hours later. Mr Yusuke Otsuka, the Company’s Chief Operating officer says that they know where the funds went and are currently tracing it. It may be possible to recover the stolen amount. Around 260,000 customers have been affected by this theft.

Soon after the breach was discovered, Coincheck froze all deposits and withdrawals for all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. When the MtGox breach happened in 2014, it recovered 200,000 Bitcoins in an old digital wallet. Meanwhile here, at Coincheck, the stolen assets were said to be kept in a ‘hot wallet’ which is opposite to a ‘cold wallet’. A cold wallet is where funds are stored securely offline and a hot wallet is a part of exchange connected to the internet.

This affected the market value of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin dropped by 3.4% and Ripple retreated by 9.9% on Friday. We should think of cryptocurrencies as assets rather than digital cash. It can be seen that the large number of Bitcoin holders are merely investors who see this as an investing term rather than an actual wallet. We should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the recovering of this theft as Japan is a pro-crypto trading country.

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Betting on Blockchain with Dragon Inc.

Dragon Inc. is now officially ready to launch its Casino & VIP rooms blockchain-based solution after successfully raising more than USD $6 million in Pre-Token Sale funding for their project in December 2017.

Together with the USD $265 million already raised from institutional investors, and the USD $48 million raised from a closed Pre-Sale, Dragon Inc has now raised USD $320 million in capital before the Public Token Sale opens – already making this the biggest crowdsale to-date.

“With the start of 2018 we must look back at 2017 and give heartfelt thanks to our supporters, both internal and externally. Dragon would not be where we are today without the on-going sharing of knowledge and amazing support they have received to create a truly remarkable Dragon community and allow Dragon to rise across the international stage.”  says Paul Moynan, Co-Founder of Dragon Inc.

With the momentum growing across the Blockchain and gaming industry related sectors alike we find the Dragon Blockchain ecosystem becoming the entertainment token of choice. Paul, Co-Founder of Dragon Inc. says,

“While mass adoption of our platform has seen both Chris and I clocking up some serious air miles across Asia, our success is due to the constant and diligent support of our team and our advisors.”

Dragon started 2018 in truly amazing fashion, from the success of their pre-sale and early supporters to seeing its market cap surpass 500,000,000 USD to its highest point to date of 2.4 Billion USD all within the first 10 days of January. This is a true testament to the Dragon Community and the team over at Ethereum for giving Dragon the platform to rise and realise our global potential.

Dragon’s journey so far has seen its founders fostering new relationships across Southeast Asia, honoured to meet industry leaders, innovators and key players within the Blockchain and entertainment industry.

“The greatest part of our journey so far has to be meeting with skeptics and winning them over to become ambassadors for Dragon, adding to the Dragons confidence along with the 15,000 plus in our growing community”, says Chris Ahmad, CEO and Co-Founder of Dragon Inc.

January has seen regional roll out with Dragon’s strategic partnerships with well established and new to market Exchanges, the development and soon to be released Dragon wallet, and several joint venture across Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. All of these are playing key roles towards the preparation of Dragon Public Token Sale which launches on the 15th of February in time to celebrate Chinese New year and usher in good fortune and prosperity across the world.

The Dragon family is working tirelessly across US, Russia, India, Japan and Asia. This week is the start of both the world economic forum and the Crypto HQ forum taking place at Davos. Dragon ambassadors will be on hand to promote and answer questions for both events, and Dragon looks forward to supporting further growth and development of Blockchain at many more key events this year.

If you’d like to learn more about the company’s ecosystem, solution and intellectual property, please visit Dragon Inc’s website and follow all the latest updates on Dragon’s Telegram channel.

Company name: Dragon Inc.

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Huobi Global Sets to Launch Huobi Token (HT)

 Leading Global Blockchain Asset Service Provider, Huobi Global, will officially be launching Huobi Token (Token Name/Symbol: HT) on 24 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:00 AM GMT+8. 300-millions tokens will be distributed within 15-days.

HT is a point system based on blockchain distribution and management, running natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20. HT can be used in various ways, of which, the most basic use of HT is for the discount on trading fees, of up to 50 percent.

Huobi Token (HT) is not an initial coin offering (ICO). Users can only get HT by purchasing ‘Point Card’ on Huobi Pro. Point Card is Huobi’s pre-paid card for basic service charge-trading fees. 1 point = 1 USDT. For example, if you purchase the 1,000 Point Card package, is will only cost USDT 990, and you will get 1,000 HT for free. Points can be used for offsetting the trading fees.

Distribution method

Huobi Global will only be distributing and strictly limiting to a fixed total of 500-million HT, never to be increased.

Amount (HT)  Distribution
60% 300,000,000 will be given as gifts with the purchase of Point Cards on Huobi Pro, over 15 days
20% 100,000,000 will be used for user rewards and platform operations
20% 100,000,000 will be used as team incentives. Tokens are locked for 4-years and 25-million tokens will be distributed each year

Exchange For Popular Coins

Huobi Tokens (HT) can be exchanged to USDT, BTC and ETH in Huobi Pro.

Buyback method

Each quarter, Huobi Pro will use 20% of its income to buyback the Huobi Tokens in the open market. All the HT that were bought back will be allocated to Huobi Investor Protection Fund (HIPF) in a certain proportion. The HIPF is used to protect investors’ benefits and compensate for the losses by Huobi users when risks occur in the platform, to ensure market stability and protect the interests of investors.

For example if the quarterly profits of Huobi Pro is US$100-million, Huobi Pro will be using $20-million to buyback HT consecutively over a period of time.

Value of HT

With the HT you can buy different grades of VIP membership, which provides you trading different fee discount percentage accordingly, up to 50%.

In the future, HT will be available for usage on Huobi Global Platforms such as Huobi Japan, Huobi Korea, and Huobi Wallet.

Huobi Pro has released an announcement for HT, you can find more information here.


Subordinate to Huobi Global, Huobi.Pro is a secure digital asset exchange serving global traders. Huobi.Pro is devoted to exploring investment opportunities. Currently, we provide trade and investment service of nearly 10 digital assets. Our Headquarter is located in Singapore and is running by Huobi Global Team.

Huobi Global is the Leading Global Blockchain Asset Financial Service Provider. We have offered quality service for over millions of users from over 130 countries. Our independent service centers are located in many countries including Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong (China) and China Mainland.  In terms of technology platform, product branch line, security risk management system, operation and customer service, Huobi Group and its sub-brands are at a world-leading level compared with global peers.

Moreover, Huobi has developed global service with sub-brands including Huobi Korea Digital Asset Exchange, Huobi China News & Research Platform, and Huobi Wallet Digital Asset Management.

Company name: Huobi Global

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