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How does a real blockchain casino work?

No one needs to explain the way an ordinary online casino is arranged. Numbers and combinations are generated by a special algorithm which is stored on an organizer’s server and the result of a spin is a number which is generated by the RNG.

Online casino organizers assure us that it is impossible to predict the algorithm, however, casino games developers say that it is not always so.

Very often game algorithm is programmed so that it “cracks” a player`s manner of playing. Let`s imagine a player betting $100, but losing the first game. To recoup for his loss, he raises the bet to $200, wins, now he has $100 in his account, so he raises the bet again to be in the black. After a few more spins the algorithm can deduce this person`s manner of playing and on the basis of it generate the result so that the casino benefits more.

It is only one of the possible ways. There are many more variants of winnings manipulation.

Important thing is that the possibility of manipulations itself is inbuilt in the traditional online casino system because the game algorithm is stored on an organizer`s server and thus hidden from players. That is why the trust of the players in the online casino industry has been disrupted.

Blockchain Gambling

The light at the end of the tunnel appeared with the arrival of the blockchain technology, thanks to which we have the opportunity to create decentralized game platforms. One of the platforms of the kind is the FairWin company technology.

Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, the game process information was made accessible to all players, as it is recorded in the system, not on the organizer`s server. All the transactions are logged, and every player can see them.

All the bets in the FairWin system are made with the FairWin tokens called FWIN, and all game operations pass not in the Ethereum system, but in the closed data transfer channel called “FairChannel”.

Why we need FairChannel

If every bet and spin is recorded in the blockchain, you would have to wait a few seconds and even minutes for every transaction and every bet. The game would lose the lion’s share of its charm for you.

That is what FairChannel is for. In the FairWin system you make only two transactions in the Ethereum blockchain — when you begin the game and “buy” tokens and when you leave the game and withdraw your tokens. All game turns are registered in the special data transfer channel called FairChannel. That is, every player can have a look at the game algorithm and make sure that all combinations were programmed in advance and no outside interventions in the algorithm took place, so the game result is absolutely fair. In the same way, if the return-to-player (RTP) rate is 96 % the player can be convinced of it after a glance at the algorithm.

Unlike other blockchain casinos, the FairWin game platform does not only ensure the transparency and fairness of winnings, but also provides the low cost and high transaction speed of every spin.

The FairWin company also creates bright casual games for online casinos. The team is developing three slot games – Yggdrasil, Top Drop (about Colombian smugglers) and Back to the 90’s (fighting slot).

Very soon the FairWin company will launch a game demo on their Blockchain platform. It will be a slot game about the Scandinavian mythological tree – Yggdrasil. Northern people believed that Yggdrasil was the tree of life which connected different universes – the world of people, the world of Gods, the world of giants, the netherworld etc. The player has to grow this tree, collecting mana from magic symbols appearing on the reels.

The game prototype will be available for free on the official FairWin site. All players can test this game with the free test tokens TESTFWIN.

The FWIN token sale will begin on the 7th of July.

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FairWin – magic games on the Ethereum blockchain

The FairWin team has developed a decentralised gaming platform based on the Ethereum network and original games with bright graphics, interesting plots and nice animation.

Since 2008 the FairWin team has been creating games for online casinos. During this time they have deeply researched online gambling and the main problems of the industry.

Problems of the gambling industry

At the moment there is a serious crisis in the online gambling market because of distrust between players and game organizers. Organizers of online games and sports betting manipulate winnings to maximize their profit. Denials in prizes to winners also take place. The owners of online casinos can cheat players because the game process data is stored on a centralized server and hidden from the players.

The only thing that can change this situation is the blockchain technology. Thanks to it, the developers are now creating decentralized game platforms, providing transparency and fairness to winners. One of such platforms has been developed by the FairWin team.

FairWin solutions

The problem with the blockchain-based casinos is that transactions take a long time. All players know this awful feeling when your favorite game stops at the most interesting moment. FairWin has solved this problem by creating FairChannel. It is a data transmission channel which makes transactions faster.

Unlike the other blockchain platforms every spin and bet on the FairWin platform takes place not on the Ethereum system, but inside the special open data transfer channel – FairChannel. The player conducts only two transactions on the Ethereum blockchain – at the beginning and at the end of the game. All other actions are recorded inside FairChannel.

FairChannel provides the low cost and high transaction speed of every game action on the FairWin game platform.

FairWin game

The FairWin company also creates bright casual games for online casinos. The first slot game of FairWin is about a magic tree. In Scandinavian mythology, Yggdrasil is the Universe Tree. Players, by landing special symbols on the reels, will need to accumulate magic mana and grow the tree. The game prototype will be published on the project’s site. Two more games are under development right now – the “Top Drop” game about Colombian smugglers and the “Back to the 90’s” slot in the style of the 90’s fightings.

FWIN tokens

All bets in the FairWin games will be made only with the FairWin tokens called FWIN. The players will make bets and receive winnings in these tokens. Online casinos and game developers creating games on the FairWin platform will make profit in the FWIN tokens, too.

The FairWin company will start the token sale on the 7th of July, after launching the prototype of Yggdrasil. 1000 FWIN tokens will be sold for 1 USD.

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