Solve.Care – the crypto health office

In a world full of techno assets and gadgets, increased industrial pollution and a number of other (hypothetical, yet alluring) diseases, a person’s health is one of the most important issues to discuss and take care about. In 2017, we have seen the amazing rise in the cryptocurrency world. This gave reason to some innovative makers to create a decentralized blockchain remotely around the topic of healthcare and other benefit programs globally. This gave rise to Solve.Care. It aims to alter the way healthcare is conducted around the world and would generate value for a wide range of stakeholders composed of consumers, service providers and insurers. Solve.Care is a platform that will redefine healthcare for all the hectic and carefree individuals, insurers, employers, government agencies and every other human being around the world.

Currently, a number of facts show that the current health information technology infrastructure has been unable to deal with the increased demand by both providers and consumers of health care services. Solve.Care has become a solution to a lot of these problems and can perform the tasks of management systems at 3% of the total spend through the use of Care Administration Networks. Here, you can make the payments using your Care.Cards which are portable applications that are as same as the app stores. Care.Wallet is a tool given by Solve.Care that is an application container connected with other wallets. It is basically a data management module to organize data within the platform and from external systems in a unique and simplified manner.

The Solve.Care platform is for all types of people. Individuals and families can make appointments with a simple touch, Doctors can reduce the administrative burden and risk while delivering better care outcomes and employers can now offer great packages at a cost that does cut a hole in their pockets. The token sale of Solve.Care starts on 31st March, 2018. The token price is at $0.10 and out of 1,000,000,000 tokens, 350,000,000 would be offered for sale. the unsold tokens would be burnt and no more tokens will be issued the hard cap is at $35 million USD.