Unibright – the one in all blockchain

With the increase in developments and upgradation in technology, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not new. We expect the world to empower and slither into virtual on screen networks rather than the real world data. Unibright is a blockchain that brings forth the first ever unified framework for blockchain based business integration. Unibright aims to use blockchain for not ONLY for the purpose of exchanging cryptocurrencies but want to bring it to the next level for business professionals.

People may wonder what really does Unibright mean by making the first ever “blockchain based business integration”. Business integration basically means the implementation and optimization of IT based business processes beyond the walls of the organization of the company. In simple terms, it means put of the box ideas. Some may see the challenge of blockchain technology changing so fast that they wouldn’t know which implementation to take. But here, after business integration, the work is done by automated Smart Contracts for different blockchains. The Unibright Contract Interface (UCI) will serve as the main platform for smart contracts in various blockchains, meaning that various xyz blockchains would be connected and used through UCI.

To be part of the blockchain infrastructure (peer to peer network), one must be a part of the blockchain, meaning interacting with a blockchain node. Unibright does not reinvent anything new here, but adapts various parts of different concepts for using them in blockchain related projects. UCI is the brain and backbone of this project. It automatically implements and recognizes smart contracts as part of the Unibright ecosystem making sure that all relevant information can be found, maintained and connected.

The token sale will distribute 150 million Unibright tokens (UBT). Unibright Token is the only way of payment for additional services and only registered contracts can be published and maintained. The token sale starts on 10th April, 2018 and will last for 4 weeks, ending on 10th May, 2018 (or when all the tokens are sold, whichever comes first). The first quarter of tokens will get a 10% bonus, the second quarter will get 5% bonus and finally the remainder gets none. The tokens will be distributed as 67% for the public token sale, 9% to the investors, 6% to the team, 6% for legal purposes and 12% as cold storage liquidity reserve.