Investors of Cryptocurrency lose thousands of dollars

The value of the Bitcoin went from down to $4,353, in October 2017, to up till $13,860, in December 2017. As a result, the US largest cryptocurrency brokerage Coinbase doubled customers during the period.

However, over the course of time, several contributing factors hit cryptocurrency markets and the value of Bitcoin fell to $6,926, in March 2018, as of August 20 it was trading at $6,265. The value of the market has fallen by about 75 percent ($600 billion) since January 2018.

According to a report in the local news-paper, an investor from the UK, Pete Roberts said that he use  his savings to invest in cryptocurrency totalling $23,000 into different cryptocurrency during last winter surge, which is now worth just $4,000. He said that his ambitions of making a quick money led him to financial ruin.

Pete Roberts is not the only investor they are many more investors who have seen this fate. Asian countries like South Korea and Japan have been particularly hit as there was hardly an activity in their cryptocurrency markets before the surge. As the value of the Bitcoin was climbing up fast, thousands of people invested their savings in the digital currency to gain more profits, but failed to do so.

Kim Hyon-jeong a japan investor is believed to have invested $90,000, which she gather together from her savings, an insurance policy and a loan. Since then, the value of her investments have fallen by 90%.

Majority of these investors think and said that their ire lies with smaller digital currencies, which sold tokens through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Most of the companies failed to deliver their promises made or else there were exposed to scams, making their tokens worthless. Still there are thousands of investors who are holding their coins in the hope that the constant rise and fall will change and prices of the digital currency would rise.

Tony Yoo, a financial analyst based in Los Angeles, invested about $100,000 in cryptocurrency last year, the value of which declined by 70 percent at its lowest point. Tony Yoo is optimistic and said that many of these companies are perfecting their software and technology, roping in serious  engineers to deliver better services to investors. He is planning and willing to invest more money in digital money, as prices are extremely low now. Most of these investors had still hold on Bitcoins and are still holding as they had first invested in the technology in 2013 when it crossed $1,000. In spite of the recent fall, the value of a Bitcoin is around $6,500, which is over 500% than its price of 2013.

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Investors Can’t Get Enough of BunnyToken as Pre-Initial Sale Soars in the Cryptoworld

BunnyToken which is well into its pre-initial token has sold more than 75 million bunny tokens to more more than 5000 investors from across the globe. The token which took over the crypto world with its distinctive image and great potential for success has proven that all the hype was not just temporary excitement.

The BunnyToken project surfaced at the beginning of the year as a blockchain based payment method aime at the adult industry and quickly became one of the most popular upcoming crypto projects with large expectations from critics, experts and investors.

Unlike many ICOs which gain a big hype at the start but fail to deliver in performance BunnyToken has excelled. The company has announced 50,000 registrations on its official website so far and the number is only growing.

The payment method is designed to allow fast and secure transactions for adult industry related businesses and individuals and so far the company has secured partnerships with more than a dozen industry websites. Following the token sale it is in talks with even bigger partners who are ready to jump on the bandwagon and secure their place in the future of payment methods.

BunnyToken not only solves a great and existing problem which gives its token real-life value, it has also fascinated the cryptoworld with its concept, brand and mascots. Never has any investment projects gathered a following for its character and always exciting interaction with its viewers.

The Bunnies from the project have become an independent success and a part of the crypto culture. They have done an Irish riverdance for St. Patrick’s Day, gone viral on YouTube with their very own video clip and become stickers on chat rooms. In addition BunnyToken has united the porn industry by gathering its shiniest stars as advisors. This only goes to prove how confident this company is with its own brand which is a trait found only in the world’s largest corporations.

The BunnyToken pre-initial token sale ends on the 24th of April and will be followed by an initial token sale on the 25th of April. Interested investors can register on the website.

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Blockchain Technology Is Changing The World. Does Your Investing Strategy Embrace These Changes?

It took some time, Blockchains, first introduced through Bitcoins have finally been able to grab the attention of everyone around the world. From students, to businessmen to housewives, everyone is talking about investing in Cryptocurrencies which are the biggest users of Blockchain technology.

Invest in ICOs

New ICOs are being launched every day. And if you are taking notice, then you would know how many investors have been able to earn good returns by investing in these ICOs. Of course, adequate knowledge of the ICO you are investing in is peremptory. Insufficient research work can lead investors to putting their money on scams or ICOs that generate poor returns.

Click here to go  and get updates, information and news on ICOs. It is one of the best websites we’ve come across which provides a lot of relevant and helpful information for investors.

When you invest in ICOs, make sure you do adequate research on the following:

  • Owners of the project
  • How usable is the technology which will be launched through the project
  • Are they promising too much for too less? They may be scamming you.
  • What is the goal of the ICO?
  • Do you see prospect in the project? Invest only if you think that you support the idea behind the project.

Invest Directly in Altcoins

But ICOs aren’t the only way that you can explore the growing Cryptocurrency market. An easy way to begin investing in Blockchain technology is by picking an Altcoin which shows promising growth and then investing on it.

If you have been following news and information on digital currency, you would know that people from different walks of life have enjoyed very high returns and have even turned into millionaires through small investments in different Cryptocurrencies.

The digital coins market is undergoing a transformation. With Blockchain technology promising efficiency of new levels to different industries, a number of companies around the world have their interests in it, and as the market matures, acceptance of Altcoins is on the rise.

New Investment Opportunities are beginning to Open

In fact, people now have the opportunity of buying Bitcoin Futures Contracts through Chicago Board Options Exchange which allows them to bet on or against Bitcoin. Just a day old, Bitcoin Futures, may open new possibilities and can also provide wider acceptance of digital currencies. The Cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a lot of changes in the value of Bitcoin which is also impacting other coins in the ecosystem. But the overall trend is a positive one.

Is it a bubble or is it a new curve?

While some feel that Cryptocurrencies are overrated and it is a bubble which would soon burst, others think that it is currently going through a curve and may only grow bigger and better in the future.

Those who know the revolution Blockchain technology can bring by decentralizing many tasks, realize that digital coins are the future of money. If you are an investor or you are new to digital currencies then you will find it easy to begin here at Crypto Coin Judge. You will find lots of helpful information including reviews on exchange to register.