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The Next-Gen Blockchain-Based Game CryptoBots: Idle launched Their Pre-Sale!

Hello world from CryptoBots Team!

In the past few months, we have been working hard to deliver you CryptoBots: Idle – the next-gen of investing games, which based on Blockchain technology. We have designed unique balance of idle mechanics and fascinating gameplay, realised in CryptoBots Universe. The new product offers you first-class investment opportunities and great gaming pleasure!

How does game work?

Each player will have their own base with bots on CryptoBots Planet. These bots will produce fuel for future flights and getting different resources, including Ether for the main goal – to find the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization! They are like ants, cooperatively working to collect fuel for rockets and sending it to fly over the air and get Ether! But be careful, some of them can steal resources and make profit for own base.

CryptoBots is a product of Playneta – a gaming studio of 50 employees that successfully released more than 5 products. Playneta is the team of like-minded crypto-loving people with significant experience in blockchain technology and online games. CryptoBots, right now, is the one of the best crypto investing game in the world, but we don’t want to stop. We wanted to upgrade and release a game that is all about leadership, thriving strategies and the ultimate feeling of winning. We believe that this is an ideal moment to presale our brand new game.


CryptoBots: Idle presale started on July, 19th until August, 6th. This presale is the exclusive opportunity to purchase unique limited edition items with a great discount. You won’t be able to buy bots with such key figures and custom artwork after this presale.

Our goal during this presale is to make an opportunity for every player to make their purchases as profitable as possible! To make this possible we’ve created two types of items: for active players to get game progress benefits and for investors – to bring monetary rewards.

After the game launch the profit will be shared generously:

  • 50% is going to players
  • 45% to investors
  • and the only 5% to our team

Take a look, 50% is going to players, because we love them and very lavish for them!

Our passion is make diverse CryptoBots Universe. To make this dream come true we will give every player an opportunity to transfer their assets from CryptoBots to CryptoBots: Idle.

Everything described above is just the beginning. Here is a sneak peek of some upcoming features:

  • PvE against Bosses
  • Idle Heroes with the special abilities
  • Base upgrades

We believe with your enthusiasm, our passion and experience merged with the latest technologies, we will create the most fascinating strategy game ever.

CryptoBots: Idle presale will end on August, 6th and we need your feedback. Get in touch and become a part of the biggest blockchain gaming team!

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Peur: A Reliable Solution to E-commerce Problems Launches their Token Event

 Peur, a decentralized e-commerce platform announces impending token event. Peur is a marketplace which provides a wide-array of products at lower costs with quality assurance.

13th April 2018. Perth, Australia: In the era of digitalization, none of the forum is prevented from adopting the e-commerce measures and all the sectors are leading towards the virtual marketplaces and payment gateways. But one question raised by users creates hindrance in the path of e-commerce shaping new economic trends. It is the safety and security of the e-commerce platforms. To resolve this issue, Peur, an Ethereum blockchain-enabled decentralized platform that facilitates the trusted marketplaces and payment gateways, came into picture.

What Exactly Is Peur?

Peur is not just a platform which acts as a marketplace but a cryptocurrency which can be paid for various transactions on digital platforms. Peur marketplace provides a wide range of products at lower costs with assured quality. Peur seems to provide benefits to all the market players i.e. customers, merchants, service providers etc. The 100% reliable, transparent and fast processing of transactions is guaranteed by Peur developers.

Even, users can get the benefit of exchanging either their fiat currency or cryptocurrencies using mobile devices. Peur wallets which are encrypted through Finger Scanners, Google Authenticator, and Barcode are another attribute of it.

The trend of e-commerce platforms is increasing nowadays and people are enthralled to use this for transactions. The long authorization processes, unreliable processing systems, and high operating costs are the major concerns of both the customers and retailers faced commonly on e-commerce platforms. To overcome all the flaws, Peur as a decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based platform is created which address the issues of the clients.

It is marketplace which offers extensive and ample products. In fact, Peur has launched its own currency to enable the payments in a reliable and faster manner. It appears to be the biggest advantage for all the market sections as the platform is facilitated by smart contracts which ensure its transparency and stability.

Peur community is among the best ecosystems for token holders where they can participate in other projects launched by Peur and get engaged in trading of products, voting as well as usage of services offered at the platform.

Pre-Sale Event Launch

Token Generation Event, commonly known as ‘TGE’ is an event which allows participants to acquire cryptocurrency tokens, which can act as a digital asset that enables the selling of equity funds in a public mode. It enables the companies to raise the money for the project and achieve the full potential of the cryptocurrency. Watch it here!

Peur currency is generally denominated as ‘PURC’ tokens. The tokens derive their value from underlying assets or properties. PURC tokens are considered as cryptocurrency which can be traded and used for several kinds of investments, sending or receiving payments, and also as payroll money. PURC tokens can be stored in ERC-20 standards wallets.

The total PURC tokens in circulation will be 200,000,000. The total tokens being held for sale is 130,000,000 i.e. 65% of the total token money. However, at first;

Timeline: – It will start on the April 24th – April 30th
Number of Tokens to be Sold: –    24,000,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH=  8,000 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 1 ETH Bonus Whitelist : 5% Tokens, Bonus Pre-Sale : 10% Tokens
Accepted currencies: – BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH

Token Generation Event Disclosures

The token sale is open to general public, it is termed as ‘Crowdsale’. It is performed to get the capital for the firm’s operations and also to facilitate users to transact on digital platforms using tokens.

PURC tokens which are kept for Crowdsale is 106,000,000. The hard cap and soft cap are $25 million and $2.5 million respectively. The crowdsale will be carried out in four phases.

First Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 8th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 6,400 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.1 ETH
Bonus: – 5% Tokens

Second Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 16th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 5,440 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.05 ETH
Bonus: – 3% Tokens

Third Phase:
Timeline: – It will start on the 24th day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
TGE Base Price: – 1ETH= 4,890 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.05 ETH

Fourth Phase: 
Timeline: – It will start on the 32nd day of the day token event presale starts.
Number of Tokens to be Sold: – 26,500,000
ICO Base Price:1ETH 4,650 PURC
Minimum Investment: – 0.01 ETH

As soon as the token event ends in April, the tokens will be listed on exchange platforms within next three months.

Peur is a viable solution to all the e-commerce problems that open the fronts for increasing online retail websites. It has approached all the market players and the team is focused to provide robust as well as a flexible framework for online transactions.

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Melbourne’s Nauticus Blockchain Announces ICO And New Crypto Exchange

  • Up to 30 percent bonus for early backers of the Nauticus Coin
  • Can be traded on the new Nauticus crypto and fiat exchange at the conclusion of the ICO
  • Six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions with one coin

Melbourne fintech company Nauticus has announced its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will launch on March 31, the first stage of the company’s bold vision for six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology.

Pre-registration is now open, with early supporters rewarded with 100 free coins.

Unlike most new cryptocurrencies, ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Coins immediately on the Nauticus cryptocurrency and fiat exchange. The Coin users will be given a 50 percent discount on trading fees on the exchange, which will drive the adoption, use and price of the coin.

The exchange and payments platform is in development and due to launch mid-2018. It will initially offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR) but within 12 months the exchange will offer 300 cryptocurrencies, putting it alongside the top ten exchanges internationally. Nauticus will also expand to offer trading with 16 fiat currencies.

Around $30 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies are traded each day. This figure will only grow into the future and yet there are only 170 active cryptocurrency exchange platforms taking advantage of this explosive growth worldwide.

This will also establish a sustainable, large-scale blockchain mining center in 2019 that will provide revenue, and a sizeable amount of server capacity, to ensure ultra-fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy.

Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of a low-cost eCommerce marketplace, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payments. These new platforms will be underpinned by the Nauticus Coin, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet.

The company will also offer ‘one and done’ Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and create an ICO community, which will provide resources and services for new ICOs as well as a quality verification system. For more details please refer to the white paper on the website.

It has just launched pre-registration for its Initial Coin Offering.

The presale begins on March 18 and the ICO itself runs from March 31 to May 18, 2018.

ICO backers who register on the website now will be rewarded with 100 FREE COINS. There are many more free coins on offer through our referrals program.

The  Coin will underpin six global banking and eCommerce solutions and can be traded on the Nauticus Exchange at the end of the ICO period.

Early supporters of the Nauticus ICO will be provided a BONUS OF UP TO 30 PERCENT FREE COINS.

For more information and to read our white paper, visit this site.

For all media enquiries contact

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Company name: Nauticus

Company site:

Company contacts:

221/89 High Street Kew 3101 Vic Australia



DEEX – the platform which incorporates BitShare 2.0 (Graphene) as its backbone

Originally, the cryptocurrency market began the formation of its phenomenon bac in 2009 when Bitcoin appeared. Since then, the Cryptocurrency market is growing so rapidly that in various different directions that it has become difficult to predict the spot of profitability. Now, to minimize the risks of losing all the invested or to-be invested money, it is widely suggested to use the most advanced platforms for creating a decentralized exchange. Now, the said platform is the BitShares 2.0 platform (Graphene) – which has led to the creation of a decentralized exchange – DEEX.

DEEX allows the creation of a secure cryptowallet which allows the users to transfer funds with a minimum commission. As mentioned above, DEEX is a decentralized platform and these decentralized platforms provides a very high level of stability in case of any accidental failures. There is high performance upto a speed of 100,000 transactions per second which no other platform has ever achieved, it is ahead of Visa or MasterCard networks (with speed only upto 20,000 transactions per second). At DEEX, we can make investments by buying tokens from prospective companies and ensure the highest security and reliability from and of all transactions. The exchange will meet the increased demands of professional market players and friendly to amateur players.

Every company has its Initial Coin Offerings. DEEX plans to raise, through its presale, up to 3,000,000 dollars. The ICO will take place in a number of stages, the first stage being where the token for DEEX.CORE ecosystem to be distributed. DEEX.CORE is the main settlement unit which provides opportunity for income. The income generated would come from market fluctuations of other currencies as well. It is an instrument for the development of the entire ecosystem as the owners will have the right to vote for the projects.

The presale of DEEX took place from 26th October, 2017 to the 24th November, 2017 which generated tokens upto the amount of $2.5 million. This is a great news for the investors and it is a proof of DEEX integrity. The ICO starts from the 1st January,2018 till the end of February,2018 where 100,000,000 tokens (less purchased in the presale) will be open at the rate of 1 DEEX = $0.20 USD. 15% of the tokens will be reserved for the Developers Team, 7% for the Advisors and 3% for Bounty and PR.


IQeon Pre-ICO Went Down Like a Bomb, Here Are the Reasons Why

IQeon is a gaming ecosystem enabling PvP bets on the results of the games presented on the platform and the games outside the platform. Moreover, this is one of the very few resources existing in the gaming world that allows users monetize their gaming achievements.

The IQeon team announced the additional presale of tokens due to the massive interest in the project from the side of investors. A noteworthy detail is that the official pre-ICO was closed ahead of time because of the active sale. The second round of IQN presale starts on January 8th and lasts until January 15th, 2018. The payments are accepted in ETH and BTC. The minimum transaction amount is 1 ETH and it stands for 550 IQN. Note, that the token emission is limited, 800.000 only!

The reasons why IQeon is so successful and is considered to be a very promising startup are the following:

  1. By the time the team entered their first pre-ICO, which took place in December 2017, they were ready to show the world the working product. No boasting but not many startups could afford such a high level of preparation.
  2. The gaming ecosystem is based on Ethereum Blockchain, which lets the developers introduce cryptowallets and provide the easiest way to monetize the results and achievements users get in any game.
  3. Software specialists who created IQeon gaming platform made everything possible to facilitate the gaming development worldwide. The platform provides open API and SDK and invites other game developers for cooperation. Additional welcoming benefits are small commission fee for the developing company to monetize their games integrated into the platform. Also, they receive small revenue from every bet made by the participants on the results of games.
  4. The price for IQN, the token, is expected to grow together with the increasing number of users and game developers placing their products on the platform. The Blockchain technology provides the complete anonymity for IQN holders and protects the cryptocurrency against theft, fraud and other types of forgery. The IQeon cryptowallet will also act as the exchanging means to let users trade IQN for other cryptocurrencies and even fiat it.

And finally, the most important reason why the IQeon project soared so high is the skillful managers who have successfully nourished multiple projects.

IQeon Senior Figures and Advisors

The CEO of IQeon project is Vadim Dovguchits who managed to draw over $ 2 mln investments to this startup. CSO of IQeon is Igor Podlesny. He has more than 18 years of experience in nourishing fintech solutions, launching startups and promoting IT services. Alexandr Paramonov is the CLO of the project, working more than 10 years in the sphere of online-gambling, startup, and Blockchain-projects legal rights. The position of the financial consultant of IQeon is occupied by Alexandr Samoilo. Alexandr is also the financial director of ABA Marketing institutional investment company. IQeon team has a strong advising team. A world-known business consultant and mining expert, Richard Dilendorf and the experience financial consultant Genadijs Dola are among them.

Company name: IQeon

Company site:

Company cotacts: Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn, Estonia, Harju maakond, 10115