Gold Backed Crypto Exchange Offers Safe Haven for Crypto Investors

GOLD.IO Seeks to Develop Decentralised & Self-Regulating Community Exchange

Turbulence in the global markets is nothing new but the cryptocurrency community has faced an unprecedented 18-month period of flux.

The need for a fully decentralised, stable, self-regulated and community-led exchange that can offer investor confidence amidst a chaotic global economy has never been stronger.

Setting the Gold Standard with Crypto’s Founding Principles.

With a scalable inter-blockchain and decentralised exchange the GOLD.IO platform is not only self-regulated and led by its stakeholders, but asset linked – offering exchange investors unrivaled portfolio security.

Gold has always set the market standard and has benchmarked traditional finance for centuries, so why should the cryptocurrency market be any different?

As a commodity, it has weathered many a financial storm and continues to do so today. Aside from a little price volatility it has consistently retained its market value, and with an unstable geopolitical, crypto-economic outlook the precious metal can provide a safe port for crypto assets.

In short, a gold-linked and backed exchange offers not only security of your assets but a piece of mind – the world has been through tougher times than we face today, but gold has always survived the course.

GOLD.IO – Providing a Defensive Asset Protection to your Investments.

With a team of over 30 experienced developers, GOLD.IO has simply put a sister chain of the EOS Project which has the mission of creating a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) of smooth inter-block communications that not only eliminates persistent market influences but has the unique benefit of being backed by a commodity asset class.

Combining the proven power of gold as well as a growing community that is not only self-regulated but also stakeholder-led – GOLD.IO is also seeking to develop a fully-fledged Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) based on the founding principles of the blockchain. The DAC will serve as regulatory oversight of the exchange with all stakeholders enjoying full voting rights, a say over project development and more importantly the ability to define their profits.

Gold Backed Tokenomics Offers Trading Efficiency & High Liquidity.

With global stock volatility at best and a downward trajectory at worse – according to Goldman Sachs the markets are gripped with a fear of what may come in the coming year, a gold-linked exchange, with inherently high liquidity can part-mitigate investor risk.

With no independent or fair exchange yet to provide what GOLD.IO can, the benefits of the platform as a market leader are clear but the real magic comes with the EOISO blockchain system itself – it eliminates third-party manipulation and offers a unique architecture to ensure users remain the custodian of their gold. Join The Power of GOLD!

Join the Gold Renaissance Today!

For all media and industry queries, please contact us via our website or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you!

To find out more about us please visit our website – as leaders in the decentralised exchange space we want to work with you!

URA marketing, BNB

Blockchain Community Returns to Its Founding Principles with Revolutionary New Smart Contract Investment Platform

With global cryptocurrency investors hit by a near 18-month period of industry turmoil – the community requirement for a stable investment platform that can mitigate market volatility has become ever more important.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded on global exchanges and even more coming to sector every quarter – the success rates of new ICO’s remains low against established currency platforms and with ICO funds often held in situ for 1-3 months until publicly traded, investor risk remains high.

What is needed is a Platform that can Reduce Investor Risk & Boost Confidence.

Introducing – The only blockchain venture of its kind offering a fully automated, independent and secure 100% divestment option.

Based on Etherium and with strict adherence to the founding principles of Blockchain – namely a deregulated global economy free from state manipulation, has already provoked the market with a Market Capitalisation of 630 ETH and 200 investors in 7 days.

Founded in December 2018 and based on a proven mathematical algorithm, the platform excludes the possibility of price manipulation and allows for both token overflow and price collapse scenarios. In short, offers private funders a true rarity – stakeholder and trading stability in an unstable market whilst maximising token utilisation.

Modelling to Innovate.

In a word our platform offers investor contract protection with open-coded and transparent smart contracts – underpinning this is a winning combination of both market and mathematical modelling.

The platform also offers investors a range of benefits including lifelong dividends as well as cash-outs to an ETH wallet at any time, flexibility as well as token price growth with dividend payouts on each transaction. operates an honest refusal of ownership and secures your transaction through the latest crypto technology.

No investor deposits are taken or transferred to the platform operator, and users are free to leave the platform at any stage. With all smart contracts immune to the developer and third-party manipulation, any contract that imitates a token is given a ‘Withdrawal from Ownership’ status offering the investor a piece of mind.

Following the BTC lead, we are a community- led project whose sole aim is to provide a stable, innovative and secure platform to maximise your crypto investment and market assets.

For all media and industry queries, please contact us at or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you!

About Ura.Market: To find out more about us, please visit our website or read our manifesto.

Splitt, BNB

Emerging Cloud Server Cryptocurrency Mining Service Splitt Experiences Rapid Growth, Attracts Ten Thousand Investors in Less than Three Months

Recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service, Splitt is now making the heads turn in the global crypto community. Designed to make cryptocurrency mining user-friendly and safe for all, Splitt has secured an investment of well over $5 million from more than ten thousand investors over the last three months.

November 10, 2018

Splitt, a recently launched cryptocurrency mining service equipped with a cloud server, is now taking giant strides towards becoming a highly preferred choice amongst the crypt mining enthusiasts around the world. Following its mega launch in August, Splitt has done well to secure close to one hundred thousand users and ten thousand investors in less than three months. Official sources have revealed that the company has already received an investment of more than five million for further development of the business.

As a result of drastic increase in the number of miners, bitcoin mining has become extremely competitive these days. Along with this growing competition, the bitcoin network has increased the difficulty level of solving the puzzles. As a result, it has become necessary now for the miners to up their game to stay in the race.

The crypto cloud of Splitt meets these challenges by offering mining services with ASIC integrated chips. This is considered to be the latest breakthrough in crypto mining because it is faster compared to the traditional GPU and CPU mining, and consumes less power. Splitt cloud mining requires no specialized hardware as it utilizes shared processing power from data centres.

Thousands of users have recommended Splitt as their crypto mining alternative because of the following features.

  • Flexible multi-algorithm cloud mining
  • No pool fees, no waiting for equipment and no system crashes
  • Hashpower is purchased and is retained for the whole contract duration.
  • Dedicated to transparency and discloses everything to the public
  • The company can be located easily and its representatives attend a number of events regularly
  • Mining a number of different cryptocurrencies from scrypt and proof of work algorithm coins as well as ASIC and GPU mining
  • Three-tier affiliate program and a lucrative bonus system

All Splitt users also have the opportunity to boost their mining contracts every week by winning Splitt Points. Moreover, the company is currently looking for a name for their Mascot and the winner coming up with the same will receive one thousand Splitt Points.

As part of the company’s global expansion plan, Splitt has recently opened a fully operational office in Thailand. The office is headed by Certified Bitcoin Professional Mr. Taradon Kriwichet, who is available alongside his team on a daily basis to help the visitors. Interestingly, a high percentage of investors that have contributed to Splitt are from Thailand. Investors from Ghana, Italy, Germany, and Russia have also contributed generously.

“We are happy to let you know that we have received an investment of more than $5 Million to grow our business. We have been unstoppable in the recent months, with more than 95k users and 10k investors,” said a senior spokesperson from Splitt. “Now, we also have a fully operational office in Thailand and much more is expected in the near future.”

As a rapidly growing industry player, Splitt takes part in a number crypto conferences and forums all over the world. In the recent months, the company actively participated in three key industry events and the next one is coming up soon. In October, Splitt representatives conducted a successful workshop and networking conference in Ghana.

Splitt has an ambitious future plan that includes opening a Splitt Cafe in Thailand in January, 2019. To cater a rapidly expanding pool of users, the company has recently fine-tuned their web presence. The Facebook Fan page of Splitt has also been rebranded. More latest news and updates about Splitt is available at

Mentioned below are the upcoming summits to be attended by Splitt

  • Ghana Summit No. 2 – 24 November 2018 – Miklin Hotel Conference Room (Contact John Kaakyire – 0249791008)
  • star2 Italy’s First-Ever Summit (with special Italian translator for Speaker CBP Taradon) – 01 December 2018 – Savoy Excelsior Palace Hotel – Contact Mr. Alex Vicini – 3296752612)
  • star2 Thailand Summit No. 4 – 16 December 2018 – Viva Garden Hotel (Contact Mr. Taradon Kriwichet –

To stay up-to-date with all latest developments, Splitt users are encouraged to subscribe to the company’s Telegram Group at

The company requests all their customers to take part in an event survey by visiting the link

To find out more about Splitt, please visit

About Splitt: Splitt offers a user-friendly alternative to cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs as well as cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining. The company’s priority is to offer a standardized, highly reliable, and high-performance cloud computing environment in all of the fifteen cities they serve at present.

Contact: Gerald Snief


Jubiter / PR

Jubiter lets anyone with a credit card easily step into the world of crypto

Jubiter is proud to announce the launch of a free and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Following extensive research, investors can now buy crypto with just a credit card, put their crypto to daily use with Jubiter’s native debit card, and enjoy an enhanced sense of security every step of the way. 

What can you do with a Jubiter wallet?

With a Jubiter account you can buy up to 500 (USD, EUR, GBP) worth of Bitcoin or Litecoin. We also got rid of the sluggish identity verification process, so anyone with a credit card can easily step into the world of crypto.

Our value-added services are fully aimed at optimizing each investor’s customer experience. We implemented the most advanced security measures and we keep 97% of all cryptocurrencies in cold storage by default, so you can rest assured that your digital assets are invulnerable to malicious attacks.

Our coming-soon native debit card will enable holders to put their crypto to real-world use, whether it’s daily transactions or ATM withdrawals.

We’re all about making crypto available to all, so we encourage users to invite friends to benefit from Jubiter’s unique services through the Jubiter referral program, and enjoy privileges like better commissions.

Jubiter is incorporated in Estonia and fully regulated by the Estonian financial authority. It is a fully-licensed cryptocurrency-to-fiat currency exchange service, as well as a virtual currency wallet service. It has an SB status in FinCen and its services are available to the U.S., the E.U., and to an additional 161 countries.

We understand that our most valuable asset is you, the user. To ease your entrance to the crypto sphere, we’ve set up an exceptional customer service that is available to you via toll-free phone numbers, live chat, email or social media. Our support team is available from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM until midnight EST.


Contact: Richard Brockhume,

WBF, Bitcoin news board

New $6 million diversity and inclusion fund for the global blockchain industry

Keynote Launches a new fund to support diversity and inclusion in the development and use of blockchain technology.

Keynote is thrilled to launch a new $6 million Fund to support diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. The fund exists to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play an active role in the development and evolution of blockchain and opportunities to work and develop in blockchain are open to all regardless of age, disability, gender identity or gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic.

This year, Keynote are particularly encouraging applications to speak, volunteer and attend the World Blockchain Forum London from young people, women and people and people with disabilities as these groups are currently under-represented in the blockchain industry. These opportunities are aimed at those who will benefit most from this opportunity and who might not otherwise have the opportunity to develop their careers and knowledge within the industry. Applications to speak, volunteer or attend will be accepted on a rolling basis and will close on Friday 17 August 2018.

Keynote’s founder and CEO, Moe Levin, commented:

Digital currencies and blockchain, are intended to be democratizing and equalising and it’s really important the industry is representative of the population across globe. Diversity is the basis for collective achievement, and we therefore need more people to join the blockchain conversation. The range of perspectives and experience diversity brings is an asset to the blockchain industry.”

Over the last six years Keynote has invested $3 million into the education of young people in blockchain in marginalized and underserved populations. This Fund will now enable Keynote to continue and extend its support to ensure the blockchain industry is inviting perspectives from a diverse range of people from across the globe to activate new ideas, conversations and educative experiences

Keynote Chief of Communications, Amandah Hendricks says:

“It’s important to understand this fund exists not only to both support diversity in blockchain technologies, it’s also about bringing more people into the general cryptocurrency conversations. Awareness and good communication are key to a more diverse and inclusive environment and this will be a big focus at this year’s World Blockchain Forum in London. We are looking to support new and fresh perspectives and give a voice to everyone.”

The $6 million Fund will be officially launched at this year’s World Blockchain Forum held in the heart of London at the Old Billingsgate. Tickets are available at: and a full list of confirmed speakers and the agenda can be found here.

For expressions of interest, please contact Amandah Hendricks, Chief of Communications, at Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will close on Friday 17 August 2018.

If you would like to be a part of facilitating global change via blockchain education through a partnership with us, please contact Amy Issersohn, Chief Strategy Officer, at

About Keynote

Keynote was launched in 2012 by blockchain strategist Moe Levin. Further information and details about Keynote and the event can be found at:

The World Blockchain Forum is the world’s largest two-day blockchain conference and will feature a star-studded lineup of over 100 world class presenters including a special fireside chat with influencers who have been part of some of the largest ICOs to date. The focus is on blockchain technology; specifically investments, successful past and future icos within the industry, legal implications and regulations, and how decentralization is disrupting the banking industry.

For media inquiries, please contact Amandah Hendricks Chief of Communications, at

Bitsta / Bitcoin news board

Odin: Redefining the Browser

Odin: The internet technology was invented in early 1980s, known by public in 1990s and used globally from the beginning of the 21st century. Internet is now connecting every single part of the world. The first online advertisement was listed on on Oct 27, 1994. From then on, internet has been creating a huge market of online advertising and brands promotion. Google, Facebook,Amazon, Twitter, all these internet giants have been benefiting from the online advertising market.

Problems come with prosperity. Too many advertisements make this market super inefficient. For advertisers, the advertising expense is quite high, but more than 50% of the expense is useless. The advertising resources are monopolized by the very few network media and they can shut the door for real value products easily. For browser users, useless information overruns, advertisements are seen everywhere and passively accepted. The fraudulent advertisements like Phishing keep on emerging that the value of the user can’t be embodied.

Odin stands out at this time. An ecological blockchain based on the advertisement industry will redefine the next era of browser. Users will control the use right for the Odin based browser and own the right to block or read advertisements. Everyone that surfs the internet will receive corresponding token rewards for reading advertisements. Bad advertisements will be screened out, which will provide a more protective network. Now you can “mine” Odin tokens by just reading advertisements as you always did before. Make use of your online time, read/block ads and earn money.

For advertisers, this market will no longer be monopolized by a few media giants. Odin will make breakthroughs in the current monopoly advertisements industry. The advertising publishing is customized, the advertising circulation process is open and transparent, and the advertisers will be well aware of the true and reliable flow of each amount of the advertising fees, which is helpful to the evaluation for the advertising cost effectiveness.

The new Odin ecological blockchain is integrating the advertising publishing smart contract with blockchain technology. It uses POC (proof of contributions) and POW (proof of work) as combined consensus algorithm to create the redefined browser, which will construct a distributed advertising industry. The value created by the contents are remolded and the delivery process of the content value can be traced. It solved another major problem in the current advertising market that the copyright can’t be guaranteed and the content value for the advertising dissemination can’t be properly assessed.

Starting from the genesis of the Odin blockchain, one or more Odin system maintenance nodes will be elected as Bookkeeping Node to count the contributions of the Odin browser nodes every other contribution accounting cycle, and the Odin equities will be allocated to the Odin browser nodes. The Odin browser nodes will broadcast the flux contribution to the network every other contribution accounting cycle. The Odin system maintenance nodes will capture the flux data broadcast by the Odin browser nodes, count the flux and distribute the advertising fees and blocking awards to the browser nodes according to the contribution ratio. The bookkeeping nodes will synchronize the contribution data of all other Odin system maintenance nodes and count the total contributions of all Odin browser nodes in the T-moment as well as distribute the Token equities of the current accounting cycle according to the contribution ratio of each browser nodes. At the same time, the advertising fees are allocated to browser users in accordance with the advertisers’ smart contracts.

The POC & POW algorithm will work together as incentives to original content creators. Their copyrights will be protected by blockchain technology so their content values are guaranteed. On the other hand, browser users are rewarded by reading and blocking advertisements. Fraudulent advertisements or advertisements with vulgar contents will be blocked, which keeps the internet clean and positive. These advertisements creators who spent huge money with low returns will start to regulate themselves as well.

The customers’ trust will be built up gradually. More and more low value advertisements will disappear and replaced by the high value advertisements instead. The advertisement placed on the Odin Chain needs to be paid by using the Odin Token. The user will receive the Odin Token reward for reading the advertisement, and the content creator will also receive the Odin Token reward fees for publishing the contents, which reflects the privilege of using the Odin Token. A positive internet atmosphere will be constructed with the motivation of Odin Tokens. A new browser ecosystem powered by the Odin ecological blockchain and Odin Tokens is then fully developed in this stage.

Applying blockchain technology into browsers is pretty creative and it’s a great innovation in advertising industry. You won’t just surf the internet for yourself, but also mine rewards for the good of the entire network! A new era of internet experience is coming!

It has already owned huge communities in China, Japan and South Korea, it has established an extremely efficient operating team, and hundreds of thousands of its browser miner have been sold out. Furthermore, Odin has reached a strategic cooperation based on the VPN business with the Binance star-rate project QLC, and the two sides will mutually support the functions of each other’s products. Odin has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Asian Development Investment Bank located in Southeast Asia. Monitor the future of ODIN. We are firmly optimistic about the future of Odin!

Company name: Odin

Company site:




Bitsta / Bitcoin news board

Bitsta, a Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange, Announces a Market Leading Set of New Features for its Trading Platform

Bitsta Exchange, now in the final development phase, will set a new standard when it comes to digital asset trading security and features.

Bitsta Exchange’s newly released feature set is a significant leap forward in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. With extensive development already completed, Bitsta Exchange is a modern, highly secure and fully scaleable cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange service platform designed for fast mainstream adoption around the world.

Bitsta will attract customers through enhanced proprietary and patent pending security, extensive localization, live customer service, responsiveness, trading bot support, staking program, gamification, secure storage service, live news feeds, multi-currency fiat support, user empowerment through extensive UI customization and a lot more – including a decentralized exchange.

At least fourteen digital assets/tokens will be available for trade on Bitsta at launch along with the ability to deposit and withdraw in fiat in select markets shortly thereafter. New digital assets will be added weekly.

“Hot” wallets are NEVER used.

A key Bitsta feature is a unique system where Bitsta will store all reserve currency in multi-signature cold wallets — no “hot” wallets are ever used. This is a patent pending feature available exclusively at Bitsta. Additionally, Bitsta will use a unique blockchain backed security protocol for customer withdrawals which will allow the customer to control their withdrawal information completely off-system (off Bitsta servers). All Bitsta Exchange services will be accessible via an extensively tried and tested secure web application that has already securely processed millions of dollars per day and hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions per month. There are currently more than 25 experienced developers working on the Bitsta trading platform.

Bitsta will be the go-to destination for new users who are looking to buy their first cryptocurrency coins in a secure and easy to use environment. Experienced and institutional traders will enjoy advanced features and management settings that give them optimal control over their trading experience in a highly secure environment.

Bitsta is not just an idea in a space full of unfinished ideas. It is already a working protoype with development ahead of schedule.

Bitsta will have at least 20 unique features available for our customers at launch, or shortly thereafter. Bitsta Exchange key differentiating features include:

Proprietary and Patent Pending Fund Security

Bitsta will exclusively utilize off-server aggregation of cryptocurrency. Using a proprietary and patent pending process, all deposits, reserves and withdrawals are done using hardware backed private keys. There are never any funds in “hot” wallets.

Proprietary Off-Server Transaction Security

Because an exchange requires software for its operation, another attack vector is different types of “man-in-the-middle” attacks where an exchange user is tricked into entering secure information in a place where it can be used by a thief. The end result are transactions to wallet addresses owned by someone other than the user. Through a unique proprietary system, Bitsta will have a customer controlled, off-server, method for validating all transactions.

Client and Server Side Security

Bitsta will adhere to industry best practices when it comes to securing infrastructure and data. Security features at launch will include two-factor authentication, email confirmation and a password protocol requiring that all users meet specific minimum password strength requirements. Members will have up to three account verification levels:

  • Level One: Email verified (cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency (C2C) transactions allowed)
  • Level Two: Uploaded proof of residence and identification documents and provided address information (C2C and fiat deposits allowed)
  • Level Three: Uploaded documents verified (cryptocurrency and fiat transactions, including fiat withdrawals, allowed)

Proprietary Matching Engine

The Bitsta proprietary matching engine is being built to handle well over one million completed transactions per second (over two million individual buy and sell transactions). Matching engine speed combined with extensive order types and order time frames will make Bitsta a valuable resource for traders wanting a highly capable and automated trading partner.

Extensive Order Types & Order Time Frames

Bitsta comes ready with deep customization of trades capability so anyone can build automated and custom trading rules easily. Bitsta order types will enable powerful, fine grain, trade control.

Bitsta order types are controlled by customizable time frames enabling further refinement of your trades.

Modern User Experience (Custom UI)

The Bitsta Exchange ecosystem will include a responsive, intuitive user interface (UI) with feature-rich modules. Each user can customize their own display with various modules to create a style that maximizes their personal trading preferences. The Bitsta web application UI will feature a streamlined design for all major device types (desktop, tablet, mobile phone). A pre-beta UI demonstration is available now at

Advanced Referral Engine

A proprietary referral engine is built into Bitsta enabling extensive user incentives, personal referral links, and variety of rewards to help build the user base and quickly grow exchange liquidity.

Secure Asset Storage Services

Proprietary secure asset storage option will be available to all Bitsta users. Users will be able to safely store their digital assets with Bitsta and in that way they may choose to avoid creating their own local wallet, or print paper wallets, or purchase a hardware wallet. The Bitsta secure asset storage solution will be insured for added asset protection.


To encourage user participation, learning and general comfort in the cryptocurrency trading space, Bitsta will include gamification features to help speed the adoption of the exchange and blockchain technologies. Gamification may include daily actions that develop into habits, recognition of power users, new user invitation, one click trading, special offers, discounted fees, contests and a lot more.

Trading Bot & 3rd Party Bot Support

To assist traders, Bitsta will provide support for quick and easy 3rd party bot setup for trading within Bitsta as well build custom in-house Bitsta bots that can be accessed by Bitsta users at any time with no additional setup needed. Along with extensive Bitsta order type and order time customization, bots will enable never before seen level of trading automation.

To access Bista Exchange today, and participate in early development as well as be the first to see new updates, click on “Register” at and use invitation code: telegraph

Visit us at for complete details and to register for updates as they are released. Bitsta Exchange development is currently on schedule and final testing and launch may be ahead of schedule.

Company name: Bitsta Exchange

Company site:

Company contacts: Ved Nikolic, Tristan Tay

WBF, Bitcoin news board

Keynote Brings the ​World Blockchain Forum to London

The world’s largest blockchain conference explores the promise of blockchain technology, trends and investments.

Keynote is excited to announce the program agenda for their next endeavour, the world’s largest two-day blockchain coming to London this September. The conference will feature a star-studded lineup of over 100 world class presenters including a special fireside chat with influencers who have been part of some of the largest ICOs to date. The focus is on blockchain technology; specifically investments, successful past and future ICOs within the industry, legal implications and regulations, and how decentralization is disrupting the banking industry.

The World Blockchain Forum serves as a learning guide for, not only the technical tools of investing such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also as a stepping stone to wise investing. The conference will showcase the latest innovations in the blockchain industry, and curate conversations between the world’s leading pioneers and experts about the promise and future of blockchain.

Confirmed Speakers Include :

● David Chaum | Rise of Crypto
● Jack Gavigan | Open, Permissionless, Zero Knowledge Cryptography
● Josh Halferty | One Exchange. All of Crypto. Decentralised.
● Vanessa Grellet | Blockchain for Social Impact
● Marjan Delatinne | Ripple Solving Global Payments
● Jo Jo Hubbard | Blockchain & the Energy Transition
● Jason King | Securing the Future of Blockchain
● Sang Lee | The Tokenization of Asset Management
● Jeff Berwick | The Dollar Vigilante
● Veronica McGregor | Regulation Panel

A full list of confirmed speakers and the agenda can be found here.

As part of the World Blockchain Forum London Keynote is thrilled to announce the launch of a new $6 million fund dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. The Keynote fund will ensure people from all fields are invited to play an active role in the development and evolution of the expanding industry.

Keynote’s founder and CEO, Moe Levin, commented:

“Digital currencies and blockchain, are intended to be democratizing and equalising. Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are looking to create work opportunities in a number of fields, and it’s really important the industry is representative of the global population. Diversity is the basis for collective achievement, and we therefore need more people to join the blockchain conversation.”

Keynote is committed to providing a platform that will support and showcase diverse projects and innovations, to ensure everyone is given an equal voice and opportunity to participate and succeed.

The $6 million dollar fund will be officially launched at this year’s World Blockchain Forum in London where Keynote will share their vision for the future of the blockchain industry, how diversity and inclusion are vital to its success, and the initiatives they will be driving to support diversity and inclusion in 2018.

The World Blockchain Forum London runs from 3-5 September 2018 and tickets are available at

About Keynote
Keynote was launched in 2012 by blockchain strategist Moe Levin. Further information and details about Keynote and the event can be found at:

For media inquiries, please contact Amandah Hendricks Chief of Communications, at

Splitt / Bitcoin news board

Splitt Introduces Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Server for More Profitable and Safe Crypto Mining

Splitt, a recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service, is now making crypto mining user-friendly and safe like never before. Available currently in fifteen cities around the world, Splitt’s Cryptocurrency Cloud Server is steadily gaining popularity amongst the amateurs as well as experts looking to mine cryptocurrencies on a larger scale.

August 7, 2018

The global crypto mining space is currently abuzz with the launch of a new cloud server cryptocurrency mining service named Splitt. Developed taking the future of cryptocurrency mining into account, this service introduces an all new approach to carry out cryptocurrency mining at home without any hassles whatsoever.  With its highly sophisticated Cryptocurrency Cloud Server, Splitt prioritizes on offering a standardized, high-performance cloud computing environment in all fifteen cities they are serving at present.

Over the last decade or so, Bitcoin mining has become extremely popular amongst the crypto enthusiasts around the world. The process involves solving complex mathematical calculations via computers to receive a block in the blockchain and Bitcoins. However, due to the recent increase in the number of miners, Bitcoin mining has become extremely competitive. Responding to this situation, the Bitcoin network has increased the difficulty level of their puzzles.

The changing landscape of bitcoin mining demands optimized mining techniques to ensure profitability. Splitt offers mining services with ASIC integrated chips that are faster compared to GPU and CPU mining, and consume less power. Their cloud mining service requires no hardware, and utilizes shared processing power from data centers. Unlike the traditional mining techniques that require constant maintenance, Splitt makes mining cost-effective, more efficient and flexible for the miners.

Some of the most important features of Splitt include

  • Better Pricing: Users need not wait for their equipment or deal with issues such as pool fees and system crashes. Hash power once purchased is retained for the entire duration of the contract.
  • Transparency and Service Delivery: Splitt follows the highest level of transparency and ethical standards, and discloses everything to the public. The company is easy to locate and their staffs regularly attend a number of events.
  • Mining Different Coins Simultaneously: Users can mine different coins with their purchased hash power. Allocation of hash power between the coins is completely flexible and simple to choose.
  • Three-tier Affiliate System: Users can earn commission for deposits of their downline up to the third level
  • Bonus System: Depending on the turnover of their first line, users are offered bonuses up to 10 BTC.

Splitt users have the option to choose from three different mining contracts with different rates of interests as mentioned below.

  • Dynamic Cloud Mining: 2.64% daily, hourly, 0.001 BTC minimum deposit, and 25BTC maximum deposit
  • Bare Metal Simplified:5% daily, every twelve hours, 0.025 BTC minimum deposit, and 50 BTC maximum deposit
  • ASIC Mining 4.7%: 4.7% daily, daily, 0. 5 BTC minimum deposit, and 500 BTC maximum deposit

In order to enhance the user experience of their customers, Splitt has recently launched their mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play. This useful Android app allows the Splitt users to continue cryptocurrency mining on the go.

To download the Splitt mobile app, please visit

It also has a flagship Telegram channel to help users broadcast their messages to a larger audience. More about this Telegram channel can be found at

It is the result of months of hard work by a twelve member international team led by its CEO Patel Nguyen. A self-made man who has worked his way up from the bottom, Mr. Nguyen is currently one of the most admired experts in the South Asian cryptocurrency fraternity. The company’s CTO Mr. Kim Lee is a Bitcoin mining expert who was actively involved in identifying certain deficiencies in the process that were later addressed with the founding of Splitt.

“Flexible multi-algorithm cloud mining and alternatives to mining Bitcoin are just a few reasons to use Splitt’s services,” says Mr. Patel Nguyen. “We understand that mining of Bitcoin is difficult due to competition and the complexity of cryptocurrency algorithms. Minimal hardware, equipment, less consumption of electricity as well as easier travel and movement are some of the benefits you can expect while using Splitt.”

To find out more about Splitt, please visit

About Splitt: It  offers a user-friendly alternative to cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs as well as cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining. The company’s priority is to offer a standardized, highly reliable, and high-performance cloud computing environment in all of the fifteen cities they serve at present.

Contact: Gerald Snief