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DasCoin set to SkyRocket after launching on Public Exchanges

DasCoin, the global blockchain technology solutions provider, looks set to skyrocket after listing on three public cryptocurrency exchanges following its public event, DasCoin: The Evolution of Money at the O2 Arena, London attracting more than 3,000 crypto enthusiasts.

CoinFalcon (https://coinfalcon.com) is one of the first exchanges to list DasCoin, along with BTC-Alpha and EUBX. The CoinFalcon listing, which appeared live on April 27 2018, includes trading pairs DasCoin (DASC) with BTC, ETH and Euro Trading and is part of the overall plan by DasCoin, branded The Currency of Trust, to bring crypto-currency to the mainstream. Across the three new exchanges, traders will be able to buy and sell DasCoin with USD, Euro, BTC and ETH.

DasCoin, founded in 2016 by visionary Michael Mathias, draws on the strengths of both traditional currencies  and emerging digital currencies while addressing their weaknesses. Its super-fast blockchain has capacity to process up to 100,000 transactions per second and it is built upon Graphene technology and BitShares, a peer-to-peer, decentralized, distributed ledger which has been in use since the early days of cryptocurrency and is used by three of the top 10 Blockchains in the world.

The new exchange listing represents a milestone in the company’s history and is the first in a series of announcements to be made by the company. Forthcoming announcements are set to include further exchange listings, (which could include HitBTC). Up p to 10  new ICO partners, some of whom made presentations at the recent event in London,  are set to utilize DasCoin blockchain. Meanwhile, NetLeaders, DasCoin’s decentralized marketing community, is gaining rapidly in popularity and has authenticated the DasCoin proposition in more than 100  countries worldwide, including Poland, UK, Nigeria, Germany and Philippines.

There has been growing interest in the DasCoin blockchain-powered ecosystem, with its vision to lay down  a global bedrock of trust that unlocks prosperity for everyone. By eliminating the problems of traditional money and adapting trust to the digital age, the team at DasCoin feels this will create a better system for holding and exchanging value and could be the best long-term currency hold as well as one of the biggest gainers in 2018.

The products offered by DasCoin include blockchain-services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, banks, governments and enterprises. DasCoin uses a consortium blockchain to make it faster, more efficient and more secure;

  • Transactions confirmed in just six seconds
  • Network of users authenticated by banking standard KYC procedures
  • Through DasPay, DasCoin to be accepted in millions of merchants worldwide
  • Balanced by a responsive, transparent, system of governance
  • Smart-chip enabled hardware wallet makes DasCoin the most secure digital currency

On April , 2018, DasCoin released its codebase onto Github to ensure that every piece of information in its’ blockchain can be shared or queried, making DasCoin’s blockchain fully transparent.

Additionally, DasCoin are not “mined” like those of Bitcoin and other “proof-of-work” coins. Instead DasCoin utilizes a “minting process” which results in a significant reduction in energy consumption, as well as a more equitable distribution of value.

Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, said: “Public trading is a significant milestone in the DasCoin story, and listing on these initial exchanges is a testament to the interest in our unique blockchain solutions model. It fulfils the promise of a huge amount of work by DasCoin and continues to build upon the launch of our proprietary blockchain in March last year.

Mathias continued: “We are pleased to be partnering with three exchanges, some established and other new innovative market entrants as we continue on this journey.  We look forward to announcing many more as we continue to expand our blockchain alliance.”

It’s a time-tested stock market strategy – snapping up stocks in the hope of earning quick gains once the stocks start trading, so now could be a good time to buy DasCoin. Crypto-currencies have attracted a lot of interest of late with  more than $400 billion of tradable crypto-assets and ICOs raising more than $13bn for blockchain-related start-ups. The first 90 days of launch often sees the biggest gains.

More information on exchanges and trading DasCoin (DASC) can be found at:

BTC Alpha – https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/

Coin Falcon – https://coinfalcon.com/

European Blockchain Exchange (EUBX) – https://eubx.io/


Website: https://dascoin.com/

News: https://dascoin.com/news/

Email: pr@tokenads.net


Lescovex Announces the Launch of its Trading Platform for the Exchange and Creation of Digital Assets

Lescovex is a platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets. A tool that, through Ethereum’s smart contracts technology, simplifies the process of tokenizing any good or digital asset. At the same time, the platform offers an online market where all kinds of digital goods can be exchanged: Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and Commodities.

Thanks to its strategic alliance with Kantox, a company specializing in Forex, Lescovex users will have the possibility to exchange all digital assets with more than 10 fiat coins such as EUR, USD, MXN, JPY or KRW.

The main advantage of this innovative model that combines the creation of tokens and their trading is that the tokens have direct access to a large exchange market, positively affecting the value and liquidity of any token created in Lescovex platform.

Lescovex ICO going LIVE!

The distribution of the Lescovex tokens [LCX] will be made from March 1 to April 19 and will consist of phases where different bonus will be offered.

Participants will be able to take part of the LCX token sale where a maximum of 5 million LCX will be distributed among all its crowdfunders. The first phase of the crowdsales will have the benefit of a 20% bonus discount on its 0.01 ETH official token sales price.

In order to participate in the LCX tokens distribution, contributors only should register in Lescovex and  send their ETH contribution to the address shown in lescovex.com

Lescovex platform features and benefits

With the aim of creating the largest new generation exchange supported by a solid community, Lescovex will distribute its profits among the entire community that supports the exchange by acquiring the official token of the platform [LCX]. Therefore, investors who have LCX tokens will receive 50% of the fees from all the trading volume generated in the exchange.

The main objective of the platform is to simplify the process of creating tokens and smart contracts to facilitate the adoption of the emerging blockchain technology in the fintech sector of companies, SMEs and producers of raw materials.

Thanks to Lescovex, any type of company will be able to build loyalty by creating and distributing digital tokens among its clients or users from a simple and intuitive interface. At the same time, companies will be able to create smart contracts for the management of their products and financial agreements, as well as the management of transparent governance over their digital assets.

In Lescovex, users can create financial products capable of transforming any resource or raw material into a digital good supported by a smart contract, whose value can be easily exchanged in the futures market built on the blockchain. And, through its complete ecosystem of smart contracts, companies, startups or small producers will be able to distribute their digital assets in various forms of collective financing such as ICO Public Offerings, Crowdfundings, or Equity Crowdfundings.

Currently, the project can be tested in an alpha development phase where some of the main contracts are already shown as well as the digital assets exchange panel.

Lescovex.com has initiated the regulatory processes of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) whose license will allow it to offer numerous financial products related to the issuance of digital assets. It is undoubtedly an advantage that opens up a universe of possibilities for business in the cryptoeconomy sector, while it provides security and confidence to its customers.

Lescovex presents a near future where any value can be digitized and traded in a simple and intuitive exchange accessible to the public worldwide. A new paradigm shift where SMEs and small producers of raw materials can access markets and sell their goods directly to their potential consumers without having to go through the long chains of intermediaries that make their production more expensive.

This scenario has the potential to reach a huge audience that has not yet become familiar with blockchain technology and even less with the creation of its first digital token.



Company name: Lescovex

Company site: https://www.lescovex.com/

Company contacts: Oscar Parera

Company email: media@lescovex.com


TE-FOOD – enters the blockchain as expansion

Eat to live or live to eat? One can never get it right, after all, you only live once. Food is our basic needs for survival and it can be one of our hobbies as well – well, for a foodie. TE-Food, the world’s largest publicly accessible farm-to-table food traceability system is ow moving to the hype of cryptocurrency and blockchain system. Isn’t that a tad of happiness? TE-Food improves food safety and builds trust between the food supply chain companies, consumers and the authorities which are in the loop of the food community. Being first implemented in Vietnam, TE-Food tracks the food items throughout the whole food supply chain (be it the farm, slaughterhouse, wholesaler, retailer). It has over 6000+ business customers, tracks thousands of farm and poultry animals and now, it will be extended to tracking fruits and vegetables as well.

One of the greatest benefits is that despite using top-notch technologies, it is the cheapest solution available without the need to use any special equipment. TE-Food traces 12,000 pigs , 200,000 chickens and 2,500,000 eggs on a daily basis. As said earlier, it plans to extend its traceability into cattle, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood and animal antibiotics soon. It aims to reduce the high number of effects of epidemics and food frauds in emerging countries globally and to educate people through incentivizing conscious consumer behavior.

TE-Food provides a mobile application which is role based. Roles here are farms, slaughterhouse, wholesalers etc. They have their own logistics transactions where they will update the sending and receiving of transports; food and safety information – which will provide weights and vaccination information etc; an identification tool management and finally an authority tool. TE-Food takes a step further into blockchain because the data provided must not be modified. The data is a common property of all participants and must be made public and democratic.

A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued out of which only 400,000,000 will be sold in the token sale. The token sale starts on 22nd February, 2018 and early contributors get discounts upto 30%. The token is represented by TFD and 1 TFD= $0.05 USD.


BitGrail Cryptocurrency Exchange turns insolvent!

On 9th February 2018, the BitGrail cryptocurrency exchange from Italy released a public statement that it was rendered insolvent after an alleged hack of $170 million.

Read the public statement here: https://bitgrail.com/news

The BitGrail Cryptocurrency Exchange was one of the main portals for trading Nano (formerly RaiBlocks), the cryptocurrency of which 17 million units seem to have been stolen, according to BitGrail founder Francesco Firano. This prompted skepticism after the recent BitGrail activity.

The exchange blocked all withdrawals and deposits of the aforementioned digital coin in early January, as well as the Lisk and CryptoForecast tokens. Then, it announced that users’ identity would have to be verified according to AML protocols, with a potential ban on non-European users – in spite of its independence from the bank of governments.

Following these hacks, Firano asked the developers of the Nano currency to “fork” their records to restore the funds supposedly stolen from the exchange – which came as a surprise, due to the fact that many believe that cryptocurrency transaction records are and must be kept unchanged.

The devs turned down the request publicly, sharing a copy of such conversation with Firano. They said, “We now have sufficient reason to believe that Firano has been misleading the NanoCore Team and the community regarding the solvency of the BitGrail exchange for a significant period of time.”

This hack seems to be a bit more complicated. One day after the company’s announcement, the team behind Nano posted an announcement of its own, in which they claim that Francesco “The Bomber” Firano has contacted them and asked them to modify Nano’s ledger in order to cover the losses. But the Nano team claims there have been no technical issues with Nano’s underlying ledger. “The problems appear to be related to BitGrail’s software,” the announcement said.

The Nano team did not provide further specific evidence of this claim, however, and would have obvious motives for drawing attention away from any security flaws in their own technology. Firano, 31, told the Italian news site Sole24ORE that he has received multiple death threats since announcing the hack and filing a police report, which he said is now being investigated. Users on Twitter and Reddit are circulating photos of Firano, accompanied by implicit and explicit threats.


RocketICO Adopts Vitalik Buterin’s DAICO Model

It is quite obvious that changes are urgent in the ICO market. RocketICO startup goes even further taking the best of ICO model and of venture capital market that proved itself years ago. In the article below you will find out the major problems of the market and what can make it more attractive.

One of the most serious problems of crypto economy and ICOs as its dominant feature is a large number of fraudulent and simply inconsistent projects with no future. This phenomenon translates into two types of unfavorable for investors trends: the number of ICOs held far exceeds the number of worthy ideas and competent teams; small percentage of projects ready to present a finished product after finishing the fund-raising successfully.

Let’s draw an analogy with the film industry. A producer is the key figure in the movie production, but he or she draws income only from the movies with successful opening at box-offices. The producer’s success depends directly on the success of the movie, which provides the strongest motivation. Imagine if producers were receiving a fixed salary – would they be able to show the same zest for the creation of a good film then? Hardly so. Yet in the ICO market, the situation is very similar to the hypothetic scenario where producers are paid fixed amount of money. As such, untrustworthy project authors lack motivation for developing the project and presenting the finished product to their investors after a successful completion of the token sale and raising the money.

RocketICO offers a solution well-known to the real sector of the economy and widely used there, namely a round fund-raising model. This model is meant to link receiving funds for projects at the RocketICO platform to these projects’ achievements in their product development.

The advantages and efficiency of the round model are self-evident. It is the capitalization of the venture investment market, where rounds model is common practice and exceeds the ICO market capitalization substantially. In addition, there is a much lower number of unreliable and fraudulent projects in the venture market. Of course, the round system is not a magic pill, but it is a necessary step on the way to the formation and development of the industry.

How the Round Model Works

A big number of fraudulent and simply weak projects pose a problem not only to investors. When the market is full of unreliable proposals, it becomes very difficult to emphasize the uniqueness of your project and demonstrate the consistency of your ideas. This leads to the increased marketing costs. The reason the RocketICO platform was created is exactly to fulfill interesting projects in such challenging conditions.

The RocketICO platform serves as a means of the ongoing communication between investors and start-ups. It is the requirement of providing a continuous report to the community that many projects lack as a motivation factor – a factor which for investors would prove the trustworthiness of the project authors.

In order to turn the idea into a full-fledged business with a ready-to-distribute product, a project is required to pass five rounds on the RocketICO platform. The platform allows a project to begin collecting funds starting any round, depending on the current stage of the project development, and this is an additional nice feature of RocketICO.

The first round is an Idea. This is a starting point for the projects at the stage of the developing idea. At this round, the authors are asked to submit a whitepaper, and after doing so, they can start receiving applications from potential investors. This process allows the authors to evaluate the appeal and consistency of the idea even before the tram begins to develop a prototype – all thanks to the feedback received from investors and experts.

The second round is a Pre-Seed. It required the authors to submit a product prototype and release 10% of the total token number. A team can receive up to $150,000 for the prototype development.

The third round is a Seed. After a successful completion of the prototype, a team can start working on creating a somehow viable version of the product. This round the team can receive maximum of $500,000 to fund the first version of their product, raised from selling another batch of tokens.

The fourth round – Round A. During this round, the team develops a final fully operational version of the product and gets to work with their first clients. A budget the team can receive at this stage amounts up to $3 million.

The fifth round – Round B. The fifth and final round on the platform is applied to the projects that have already released a final operational version of the product, successfully accessed local markets and formed their community while continuing to show ambitions for further development. At this stage, a team can receive in exchange for a final batch of tokens up to $5 million which should be spent on the product’s further development, scalability and global market access.

Projects founders receive funds only after they have accomplished the goal of a current investment round. This is the investors who decide by vote whether the project will get to the next investment round. Such approach makes it possible to screen out unreliable and weak projects right away.

Investors also get a convenient filter tool – each investor can change the settings in such a way so that they receive notifications only for those projects which are at the development stage they are looking for.

The Round Model Contributes to the Market Growth

RocketICO platform aims at getting rid of fraud and weak ICO projects in the market, as well as simplifying the interaction process between projects and regulators. Additionally, a robust smart contracts constructor secures utmost transparency of all transactions and conditions on the platform.

The biggest advantage of the project is that it meets the interests of all targeting groups: the authors will have the fundraising process simplified and speeded up, investors will get access to the most promising and interesting ICOs, and experts will get a unique platform for monetizing their knowledge by providing consulting service.

Independent experts at the RocketICO platform possess experience, knowledge and resources for conducting comprehensive audit of projects. They are equipped to help potential investors to choose a truly promising project, and projects themselves – reach investors and show them the credibility of their ideas.

Another advantage of the round model is that it is of a greater attraction to large investors, whose presence is crucial for the growth of the market and its capitalization. Major investment groups and hedge funds with large capital will particularly prefer investing in ICOs with the round system.

RocketICO will become a bridge – something that crypto economy lacks at the moment – between the large investors’ capital and worthy ICO projects in the field of blockchain.

Company name: RocketICO

Company site: https://rocketico.io/

Company contacts: support@rocketico.io

+1 415-650-4376



PLAAK, a network developed to solve real world problems and empower people, gained global media attention as it raised almost USD$1M in just 10 Days of Pre-ICO Launch.

In Australia, and around the world, cryptocurrencies have become the new Gold Rush, changing the way we live and conduct business and transactional affairs. As a result, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are being announced at record rates. Some are just startups riding on a dream, others already have their infrastructure and operational facilities in place. It’s one stop shop mobile App, already in store, played a pivotal role in the success of the pre-ICO which made international headlines. It is already on a countdown of their Pre-ICO.

PLAAK is a project that began in an effort to find a solution for the perceived incompatibility of incorporating blockchain technology more cohesively into people’s everyday lives, in a constructive manner. The entire concept behind PLAAK’s decentralized and blockchain platform will be very disruptive to the freelancing marketplace, wallet exchange, investment and health sectors, and will in fact establish a new paradigm for doing business in those areas. PLAAK gives control back to the people, freeing them from efficiency-choking intermediaries, enabling lower operating costs and higher profits. A review of their Whitepaper supports these assertions.

The App will be great for Service Providers and Consumers. The PLAAK ecosystem as a whole will be great for everyone. Our enhanced features will allow users to make purchases using a debit card attached to the PLAAK wallet, just as if it were fiat money. The wallet can also be used for asset management and is not just confined to the freelance app. It is a very exciting time for it because we are creating something that hasn’t been done before. Other wallets have one problem, which is the ability to turn Digital Currency into spendable currency. We will solve that problem with the PLAAK ecosystem” said Co-Founders, Chai Shepherd and Damian Robson.

The PLAAK token account, a core component of the platform, is designed to ensure access to it’s platform. The tokens can also be used to pay the transaction fee on services made through the app, payments between participants, or during market and investment trading. It also may be the fuel for driving a secondary market via its own platform by allowing transactions using the  tokens in lieu of fiat currency, as an option.

Now is the time to consider making a move to acquire PLAAK tokens at initial offering cost, during the  Pre-ICO because It is giving 41% Pre-ICO Bonus. The Tokens will be released based on the Ethereum ERC20 functionality.

The  token Pre-ICO begins on January 15, 2018 and will end on February 28, 2018. However, Pit will officially launch their much anticipated ICO on March 1, 2018.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information visit the site.

PLAAK PTE LTD marketing@plaak.com

Company name: PLAAK

Company site: www.plaak.com

Company contacts: Damian Robson, Co-founder, +61 433 986 062, damianrobson@plaak.com

Huobi Global/bitcoinnewsboards

Huobi Global Sets to Launch Huobi Token (HT)

 Leading Global Blockchain Asset Service Provider, Huobi Global, will officially be launching Huobi Token (Token Name/Symbol: HT) on 24 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:00 AM GMT+8. 300-millions tokens will be distributed within 15-days.

HT is a point system based on blockchain distribution and management, running natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20. HT can be used in various ways, of which, the most basic use of HT is for the discount on trading fees, of up to 50 percent.

Huobi Token (HT) is not an initial coin offering (ICO). Users can only get HT by purchasing ‘Point Card’ on Huobi Pro. Point Card is Huobi’s pre-paid card for basic service charge-trading fees. 1 point = 1 USDT. For example, if you purchase the 1,000 Point Card package, is will only cost USDT 990, and you will get 1,000 HT for free. Points can be used for offsetting the trading fees.

Distribution method

Huobi Global will only be distributing and strictly limiting to a fixed total of 500-million HT, never to be increased.

Amount (HT)  Distribution
60% 300,000,000 will be given as gifts with the purchase of Point Cards on Huobi Pro, over 15 days
20% 100,000,000 will be used for user rewards and platform operations
20% 100,000,000 will be used as team incentives. Tokens are locked for 4-years and 25-million tokens will be distributed each year

Exchange For Popular Coins

Huobi Tokens (HT) can be exchanged to USDT, BTC and ETH in Huobi Pro.

Buyback method

Each quarter, Huobi Pro will use 20% of its income to buyback the Huobi Tokens in the open market. All the HT that were bought back will be allocated to Huobi Investor Protection Fund (HIPF) in a certain proportion. The HIPF is used to protect investors’ benefits and compensate for the losses by Huobi users when risks occur in the platform, to ensure market stability and protect the interests of investors.

For example if the quarterly profits of Huobi Pro is US$100-million, Huobi Pro will be using $20-million to buyback HT consecutively over a period of time.

Value of HT

With the HT you can buy different grades of VIP membership, which provides you trading different fee discount percentage accordingly, up to 50%.

In the future, HT will be available for usage on Huobi Global Platforms such as Huobi Japan, Huobi Korea, and Huobi Wallet.

Huobi Pro has released an announcement for HT, you can find more information here.


Subordinate to Huobi Global, Huobi.Pro is a secure digital asset exchange serving global traders. Huobi.Pro is devoted to exploring investment opportunities. Currently, we provide trade and investment service of nearly 10 digital assets. Our Headquarter is located in Singapore and is running by Huobi Global Team.

Huobi Global is the Leading Global Blockchain Asset Financial Service Provider. We have offered quality service for over millions of users from over 130 countries. Our independent service centers are located in many countries including Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong (China) and China Mainland.  In terms of technology platform, product branch line, security risk management system, operation and customer service, Huobi Group and its sub-brands are at a world-leading level compared with global peers.

Moreover, Huobi has developed global service with sub-brands including Huobi Korea Digital Asset Exchange, Huobi China News & Research Platform, and Huobi Wallet Digital Asset Management.

Company name: Huobi Global

Company site: https://www.huobi.pro/

Email: support@huobi.pro


Another 15 Cryptocurrencies to get your Hands in!

To get brushed up on the cryptocurrencies, we shall go ahead with top 30 cryptocurrencies. In the previous article, I wrote about the top 15, right? Now let’s get to know the next 15 ones. The virtual market can be like a fish market if you’re new, but why worry when we are here as a guide? We will make sure that you know your whereabouts and are on top in the list of green-fingers. (the following information is only as on 20th January, 2018 and are subject to change with the change in the market) :

  1. ICON – ICON is represented by the letters ICX as its token and the market capital of this cryptocurrency is $3,452,005,778
  2. Ethereum Classic – Ethereum has variants of its own. This is one such variety. Instead of ETH,  this is represented by ETC. There are currently 99,246,753 ETC in the market giving a market capital of $3,342,918,457
  3. Qtum – when we pronounce it, it sounds like ‘quantum’. There are 73,820,432 QTUM tokens in the world with the market capital of $2,994,806,342
  4. Lisk – Lisk is a cryptocurrency which has 117,184,396 LSK tokens making a capital of $2,882,314,278
  5. RaiBlocks – This is represented by XRB. It has a market capital of $2,513,755,626
  6. OmiseGO – this is a unique cryptocurrency with 102,042,552 OMG tokens. It has a market value of $1,974,982,568
  7. VeChain – this is represented by VEN and has a total of 277,162,633 tokens which builds up a market capital of $1,790,498,328
  8. Zcash – Zcash has 3,095,444 ZEC tokens in the world building up a market capital of $1,677,674,795
  9. Populous – much resemblance to its name, Populous is popular around the globe with 37,004,027 PPT tokens. It has raised up to $1,650,324,093 up till date.
  10. Tether – Tether is represented by USDT and has a market capital of $1,620,890,120
  11. Verge – it is represented by the symbols XVG. There are currently 14,686,323,061 XVG tokens and a market capital of $1,596,476,748
  12. Binance Coin – Binance coin has 99,014,000 BNB tokens with the market capital of $1,574,382,008
  13. Stratis – Being represented by its abbreviation of STRAT, it has 98,707,593 STRAT tokens and a market capital of $1,508,340,861
  14. Siacoin – Siacoin is represented by SC. It has raised $1,475,600,032 with only 31,396,146,174 SC tokens
  15. Bytecoin – last but not least, Bytecoin is represented by BCN. With 183,673,742,142 BCN tokens, it has raised $1,436,187,235

Now that you are aware of the top 30 cryptocurrencies, you will be sure as to use which ones where. Spread on the good news and invest in the virtual world as there is good everywhere!


DEEX – the platform which incorporates BitShare 2.0 (Graphene) as its backbone

Originally, the cryptocurrency market began the formation of its phenomenon bac in 2009 when Bitcoin appeared. Since then, the Cryptocurrency market is growing so rapidly that in various different directions that it has become difficult to predict the spot of profitability. Now, to minimize the risks of losing all the invested or to-be invested money, it is widely suggested to use the most advanced platforms for creating a decentralized exchange. Now, the said platform is the BitShares 2.0 platform (Graphene) – which has led to the creation of a decentralized exchange – DEEX.

DEEX allows the creation of a secure cryptowallet which allows the users to transfer funds with a minimum commission. As mentioned above, DEEX is a decentralized platform and these decentralized platforms provides a very high level of stability in case of any accidental failures. There is high performance upto a speed of 100,000 transactions per second which no other platform has ever achieved, it is ahead of Visa or MasterCard networks (with speed only upto 20,000 transactions per second). At DEEX, we can make investments by buying tokens from prospective companies and ensure the highest security and reliability from and of all transactions. The exchange will meet the increased demands of professional market players and friendly to amateur players.

Every company has its Initial Coin Offerings. DEEX plans to raise, through its presale, up to 3,000,000 dollars. The ICO will take place in a number of stages, the first stage being where the token for DEEX.CORE ecosystem to be distributed. DEEX.CORE is the main settlement unit which provides opportunity for income. The income generated would come from market fluctuations of other currencies as well. It is an instrument for the development of the entire ecosystem as the owners will have the right to vote for the projects.

The presale of DEEX took place from 26th October, 2017 to the 24th November, 2017 which generated tokens upto the amount of $2.5 million. This is a great news for the investors and it is a proof of DEEX integrity. The ICO starts from the 1st January,2018 till the end of February,2018 where 100,000,000 tokens (less purchased in the presale) will be open at the rate of 1 DEEX = $0.20 USD. 15% of the tokens will be reserved for the Developers Team, 7% for the Advisors and 3% for Bounty and PR.