Marks.Space – your crypto-virtual land

We are using the internet on daily basis, often on our smart phones but time to time on our desktops as well. Now, an innovative idea led to the creation of Marks.Space which is an alternative to any browser. The most unique feature is that on one hand it is very independent as it has its own domain and on the other hand, they are united by a common transaction system bound by the blockchain technology. Marks.Space is an open source platform for the creation of 3D or VR (Virtual Reality) spaces and objects. There is no need of any special equipment or tech-savy gadget, a simple desktop, laptop or Macbook is all that is needed to create a VR store, office, home or any business or entertainment.

People found the main problem of VR (Virtual Realities) was that it needed VR-glasses, controllers, headsets and a comfortable and safe location to use these gadgets. Marks.Space gives an easy tool to the world to use the phenomenon of VR projects without any heavy cost or liability. All the projects created on this domain will be easily accessible from ordinary (non hi-fi tech-savy ) gadgets like PCs, laptops, and even smart phones. Currently, Marks.Space provides for creation of a residential, shared and business VR spaces which are filled with custom elements of furniture, interior designs, appliances and what not! Right now, the development team is adding an option to make it possible for users to create their own 3D objects and applications.

The Marks.Space Platforms consists of cities that run on rules of a community, company or a person. They can create their own cities and the number of cities is unlimited. In one city, you can only have one district, one district can have – one block, one block consists of 260 units and one unit carries one box. So, one city has 35 districts, one district has 35 blocks, one block has 260 units and finally, one unit has 25 boxes. A district can have its own exclusive owner who establishes his own rules and regulations, likewise for a block. A unit has its own education, shopping complex and businesses.

The token of Marks.Space would be MRK. The hard cap is of 35,000,000 USD. The second round of the token sale has started from the 23rd January, 2018 and ended on 7th February, 2018. The third round ends on the 14th February, 2018. Currently, we are running on the 4th round which ends on the 21st February, 2018.